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Following The Equator

Following The Equator

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Published by grandmapolly
I've given you the two classic Twains. This and those that follow are just for unbridled fun.
I've given you the two classic Twains. This and those that follow are just for unbridled fun.

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Published by: grandmapolly on Dec 10, 2011
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FOLLOWING THE EQUATORA JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLDBYMARK TWAINSAMUEL L. CLEMENSHARTFORD, CONNECTICUTTHIS BOOKIs affectionately inscribed toMY YOUNG FRIENDHARRY ROGERSWITH RECOGNITIONOF WHAT HE IS, AND APPREHENSION OF WHAT HE MAY BECOMEUNLESS HE FORM HIMSELF A LITTLE MORE CLOSELYUPON THE MODEL OFTHE AUTHOR.THE PUDD'NHEAD MAXIMS.THESE WISDOMS ARE FOR THE LURING OF YOUTH TOWARDHIGH MORAL ALTITUDES. THE AUTHOR DID NOTGATHER THEM FROM PRACTICE, BUT FROMOBSERVATION. TO BE GOOD IS NOBLE;BUT TO SHOW OTHERS HOWTO BE GOOD IS NOBLERAND NO TROUBLE.CONTENTSCHAPTER I.The Party--Across America to Vancouver--On Board the Warrimo--SteamerChairs--The Captain--Going Home under a Cloud--A Gritty Purser--TheBrightest Passenger--Remedy for Bad Habits--The Doctor and the Lumbago--A Moral Pauper--Limited Smoking--Remittance-men.CHAPTER II.Change of Costume--Fish, Snake, and Boomerang Stories--Tests of Memory--A Brahmin Expert--General Grant's Memory--A Delicately Improper TaleCHAPTER III.Honolulu--Reminiscences of the Sandwich Islands--King Liholiho and HisRoyal Equipment--The Tabu--The Population of the Island--A Kanaka Diver--Cholera at Honolulu--Honolulu; Past and Present--The Leper ColonyCHAPTER IV.Leaving Honolulu--Flying-fish--Approaching the Equator--Why the Ship Went
Slow--The Front Yard of the Ship--Crossing the Equator--Horse Billiardsor Shovel Board--The Waterbury Watch--Washing Decks--Ship Painters--TheGreat Meridian--The Loss of a Day--A Babe without a BirthdayCHAPTER V.A lesson in Pronunciation--Reverence for Robert Burns--The SouthernCross--Troublesome Constellations--Victoria for a Name--Islands on theMap--Alofa and Fortuna--Recruiting for the Queensland Plantations--Captain Warren's NoteBook--Recruiting not thoroughly PopularCHAPTER VI.Missionaries Obstruct Business--The Sugar Planter and the Kanaka--ThePlanter's View--Civilizing the Kanaka--The Missionary's View--The Result--Repentant Kanakas--Wrinkles--The Death Rate in QueenslandCHAPTER VII.The Fiji Islands--Suva--The Ship from Duluth--Going Ashore--Midwinter inFiji--Seeing the Governor--Why Fiji was Ceded to England--Old timeFijians--Convicts among the Fijians--A Case Where Marriage was a Failure--Immortality with LimitationsCHAPTER VIII.A Wilderness of Islands--Two Men without a Country--A Naturalist from NewZealand--The Fauna of Australasia--Animals, Insects, and Birds--TheOrnithorhynchus--Poetry and PlagiarismCHAPTER IX.Close to Australia--Porpoises at Night--Entrance to Sydney Harbor--TheLoss of the Duncan Dunbar--The Harbor--The City of Sydney--Spring-time inAustralia--The Climate--Information for Travelers--The Size of Australia--A Dust-Storm and Hot WindCHAPTER X.The Discovery of Australia--Transportation of Convicts--Discipline--English Laws, Ancient and Modern--Flogging Prisoners to Death--ArrivalofSettlers--New South Wales Corps--Rum Currency--Intemperance Everywhere--$100,000 for One Gallon of Rum--Development of the Country--ImmenseResourcesCHAPTER XI.Hospitality of English-speaking People--Writers and their Gratitude--Mr.Gane and the Panegyrics--Population of Sydney An English City withAmerican Trimming--"Squatters"--Palaces and Sheep Kingdoms--Wool andMutton--Australians and Americans--Costermonger Pronunciation--England is"Home"--Table Talk--English and Colonial Audiences 124CHAPTER XII.Mr. X., a Missionary--Why Christianity Makes Slow Progress in India--ALarge Dream--Hindoo Miracles and Legends--Sampson and Hanuman--The
Sandstone Ridge--Where are the Gates?CHAPTER XIII.Public Works in Australasia--Botanical Garden of Sydney--Four SpecialSocialties--The Government House--A Governor and His Functions--TheAdmiralty House--The Tour of the Harbor--Shark Fishing--Cecil Rhodes'Shark and his First Fortune--Free Board for Sharks.CHAPTER XIV.Bad Health--To Melbourne by Rail--Maps Defective--The Colony of Victoria--A Round-trip Ticket from Sydney--Change Cars, from Wide to NarrowGauge, a Peculiarity at Albury--Customs-fences--"My Word"--The BlueMountains--Rabbit Piles--Government R. R. Restaurants--Duchesses forWaiters--"Sheep-dip"--Railroad Coffee--Things Seen and Not SeenCHAPTER XV.Wagga-Wagga--The Tichborne Claimant--A Stock Mystery--The Plan of theRomance--The Realization--The Henry Bascom Mystery--Bascom Hall--TheAuthor's Death and FuneralCHAPTER XVI.Melbourne and its Attractions--The Melbourne Cup Races--Cup Day--GreatCrowds--Clothes Regardless of Cost--The Australian Larrikin--Is He Dead?--Australian Hospitality--Melbourne Wool-brokers--The Museums--ThePalaces--The Origin of MelbourneCHAPTER XVII.The British Empire--Its Exports and Imports--The Trade of Australia--ToAdelaide--Broken Hill Silver Mine--A Roundabout road--The Scrub and itsPossibilities for the Novelist--The Aboriginal Tracker--A Test Case--HowDoes One Cow-Track Differ from Another?CHAPTER XVIII.The Gum Trees--Unsociable Trees--Gorse and Broom--A universal Defect--AnAdventurer--Wanted L200, got L20,000,000--A Vast Land Scheme--TheSmash-up--The Corpse Got Up and Danced--A Unique Business by One Man--Buying the Kangaroo Skin--The Approach to Adelaide--Everything Comes toHim who Waits--A Healthy Religious Atmosphere--What is the Matter withtheSpecter?CHAPTER XIX.The Botanical Gardens--Contributions from all Countries--TheZoological Gardens of Adelaide--The Laughing Jackass--The Dingo--AMisnamed Province--Telegraphing from Melbourne to San Francisco--A Maniafor Holidays--The Temperature--The Death Rate--Celebration of theReading of the Proclamation of 1836--Some old Settlers at theCommemoration--Their Staying Powers--The Intelligence of the Aboriginal--The Antiquity of the Boomerang

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