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Effect of Navamsa

Effect of Navamsa

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Published by home555

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Published by: home555 on Dec 10, 2011
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Effects Of Navamsa
By yenbeeyes(Published in Astro Vision – E magazine from Feb 2008 issue)
Kalyana Varma in his Saravali has devoted 5 chapters for Lost Horoscopy. Lost horoscopymeans that when the time of birth or time of conception is not available, one can trace the lostbirth details through horary method-this is how he begins the ‘Lost Horoscopy’ chapter. UnderChapter 51 he gives the effect of Navamsa Varga and lists out the details of complexion,disposition and appearance for a Native. If a person’s qualities are known, one’s horoscopecan be reconstructed by matching his physical appearance, mental disposition and the likewith the descriptions given by Kalyana Varma in Chapters 48 to 52. The chapter begins withthe verse: ‘A native's complexion, disposition and appearance can be deduced based on the risingNavamsa at birth. The effects being stated infra will depend on the stronger of the two, viz.the Moon's Navamsa dispositor and the Navamsa Lagna Lord.’ In the concluding part on Lost Horoscopy he also states that ‘Lost horoscopic rules asexpanded by Yavana, Bhadasana etc are ambiguous in some parts. So he has asked us to useour judgment before arriving at the result.’ Learned astrologers have stated that the relevant rules can be exchanged for horoscopesknown as well.Hence with a view to familiarize the readers and students of Astrology, I have tabulated theeffects of results of all the 108 Navamsas and presented it here.
How to read this table?
Each Nakshatra is divided into 4 padas and the pada has a characteristic of the sign of thezodiac which starts from Mesha. If you take 3 nakshatras you get 12 padas (3 x 4) which canbe equated to the 12 rasis.However each rasi has been assigned only 2¼ Nakshatras or 9 padas only. So counting fromMesha the 9
sign falls in Dhanus. So the next Nakshatra pada should automatically start fromMakara. Count 9 signs from Makara to end up in Kanya. The next Nakshatra pada should startfrom Thula. Similarly counting from Thula the 9
sign falls in Mithuna and naturally the nextNakshatra pada will begin from Karka. So the order of beginning is Mesha, Makara, Thula andKarka which tallies with the basic principle laid down in scriptures.Based on this principle let us find out from the table the characteristics of a person born inMakar Lagna. Makar Lana at birth rises at 8
54’ in Uttarashada Nakshatra 4
pada. UptoDhanur rasi counting from Aries 9 rasis are completed. So 9 multiplied by 9(padas for eachrasi) 81 padas are over. Add 3 padas in Uttarashada (as the first pada of Uttarashada hasN.Balasubramanian(yenbeeyes)402, Monalisa CHSSector-19AiroliNavi Mumbai-400708Ph: 022-3250 8444Mob: 0 93221 30383Email: yenbeeyes@gmail.com
already been included in Dhanus) we get the pada number as 84. Now locate this number inthe table and read the effects column shown against it.
Following are the effects of births in theNavamsas of various Lagnas.
The native will have a face, resembling that of a he-goat, with nose andshoulders not being very prominent. He will have a fierce voice, uglyappearance and narrow eyes. His body will be thin, but free fromdefects.
The native will be dark in complexion, will have broad shoulders andlong arms. small forehead, strong collar bones, sharp sight andprominent face and nose. He will be an affable speaker and will possessweak legs.
The native will suffer loss of hair, be fair in complexion, will haveirregular (defective) arms, charming eyes and nose, will be a scholar indirect poetic ability and will have weak thighs.
The native will have an erratic sight, be irascible, short-nosed,wandering-natured, will have rough legs and coarse hair, be bereft of co-born and emaciated.
The native will be fierce and will have eyes, resembling that of asupreme elephant, a fat nose, thick eye brows, wide fore face, fat bodyand coarse hair.
The native will be dark in complexion, soft in disposition, will have eyes,akin to that of a deer, be tall in stature, will have irregular (defective)stomach and hands, be a eunuch, be timid and garrulous.
The native will have complexion akin to green sprout, be fickle-minded,will possess white eyes, will marry an unchaste lady, be malicious andwill have a broad physique.
The native will have a face, akin to that of a monkey, be a goodspeaker, will have an afflicted and tawny body, will suffer from secretdiseases, be torturous, be a liar, be fond of friends and be fierce.
The native will be tall, emaciated, wandering, will have defective foreface and ears, will have a face, akin to that of a horse, will possessmany names and be crooked.
The native will have an even and dark coloured physique, be hard-hearted, will perform obsequies in the beginning and ending parts of hislife, be base, will indulge in unnatural acts and will have crooked sight.
The native will be endowed with majestic looks, be indolent, will have abent body, be not very intelligent, will indulge in hostile acts and be agreat liar.
The native will be erratic in sight, be fierce, will have a short nose, bewandering natured, will have coarse legs and hair will have soft limbs,be beautiful, will have broad eyes and big limbs, be interested, inSacrifices etc. and will have stiff legs and hands.
The native will be short in stature, will be wandering natured, be easilyirritable, will have eyes, akin to that of a he-goat, be tawny incomplexion, be poor and will steal others' wealth.
The native will be vicious, will have a well-elevated nose, will appear,like a giant ox, will have crooked hair, be sportive, will have largeshoulders and hips.
The native will have beautiful eyes and hair, be firm, be endowed with afair complexioned physique, will speak sweetly, be pre-eminent, be fondof amusements, be emaciated and skillful.
The native will be interested in females, who lost their sons, will havesomewhat elevated nose and prominent eyes, will possess a strong
physique, will hate his own men and will have stout feet and exquisitehair.
The native will have eyes, akin to that of a tiger and charming teeth, beunconquerable, will possess a full-blown nose, will work sparingly, willhave curly and bluish hair and sharp nails and be garrulous.
The native will be honourable, will not be very strong, be timid, given toanger, will possess an even and charming body, be a rogue (or cheat),will gather money, be famous, will have a thin lower body and willprattle.
The native will have hair on the shoulders, will possess charming anddark eyes and an elevated nose, be akin to green (Durva) grass incomplexion and will possess thin legs and thin hands.
The native will have a pot-like head, will do dirty acts, be fond of torturous deeds, will have depressed nose, will speak much, will workmuch and will lead in strife and quarrels.
The native will be fair in complexion, will possess blood-red eyes,charming nose and even physique be very intelligent, will have a longface and dark eye-brows and be a skillful speaker.
The native will possess charming eye brows and forehead, be lustful,will possess a physique with the splendour of a blue lotus, will be broad-chested and white teethed, be soft in speech and will have attractivehair.
The native will have a broad face, strong chest and big head, be wicked,cunning and will possess charming and friendly looks.
The native will possess eyes with the hue of honey, be garrulous, willpossess a broad fore face, even body and charming lips, be a rogue, befickle-minded and be strong.
Mithuna 25
The native will possess a copper coloured physique, copper red andprominent eyes and a broad chest, be skillful in teaching and arts andbe jocular in disposition.
The native will be dark in complexion, be great, intelligent, soft indisposition, sweet in speech, will have a broad and tall physique andlarge and black eyes and will be an expert in arts.
The native will have round and dark coloured eyes and charming body,be successful, very intelligent and be fond of sexual cohabitation, poetryand worldly knowledge.
The native will have a clean, charming and fair coloured physique,beautiful hair, broad belly, impressive face, prominent eyes, thin bodyand thin shoulders.
Karka 29
The native will be blood red in complexion, be fierce in quarrels, will likefine arts, will possess face and eyes, akin to that of a cat, will be welldisposed to sacrifice for others and will have weak knees and shanks.
The native will be fair in complexion, will possess beautiful eyes, be aneloquent speaker, will have a soft body, akin to that of a female, beintelligent be a sparing and light worker and be indolent.
The native will be black in complexion, will have pressed eyebrows, begraceful in appearance, will have charming eyes and nose, becourageous, liberal, will perform acts prescribed for superior caste-menand be crafty.
The native will possess voice akin to the sound of bell, crooked, orstooping face, allied eyebrows and very long arms, be interested inworship, be bereft of dutifulness, will injure others and be not veryintelligent.
Karka 33
The native will have a long and broad physique, charming eyes andgreat courage, be fair in complexion, be a good speaker and will possessbeautiful nose and big teeth.
The native will have scattered hair, big body and sinewy knees, will bedisposed to protect others' families and will be akin to a crow inappearance.

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