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Job Application Packet - Progar

Job Application Packet - Progar

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Published by Josh Progar

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Published by: Josh Progar on Dec 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leslie Mateer
 Joshua P. Progar
Analysis of Cover Letters and Resumes
September 26, 2011The purpose of this memo is to provide a background and therefore an understanding about my decisions when writing my resumes and cover letters to the Michael Baker Corporation and Gannett Fleming, Inc. This memo is separated into jobdescription, audience analysis and rhetorical analysis sections. The job description section will include the job descriptionand requirements for each employment opportunity. With audience analysis, I will provide background information oneach of the companies. Finally, the rhetorical analysis section will describe how each resume and cover letter has beenmodified to tailor to a specific company and/or employment opportunity and why these modifications have been made.
The Michael Baker CorporationThe employment opportunity that the Michael Baker Corporation is looking for is an architectural design associate. This job is looking for an experienced architectural designer who demonstrates problem-solving, organizational skills and a thorough understanding of construction documents. Additionally, the position is looking for a candidate whose essentialresponsibilities include CAD/BIM supervision, direction and training in computer software for all disciplines (architectural,structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.), the ability to contribute in the evaluation of software/hardware upgrades and remaincurrent with new technologies and CAD/BIM standards.Requirements for this job include at least a two year associate degree although a four year bachelor degree is preferred. Additional requirements include 8-10 years of related experience or the equivalent combination of education and work experience, demonstrated proficiency/expertise with AutoCAD 2010, Revit Architecture 2010, Google Sketch up and othercomputer programs. They prefer to have someone with experience in CAD/BIM supervision and experience, BIM energy modeling, Revit MEP and 3D rendering software. This job would be a full time, 40 hours a week position in which traveland weekend work will be expected. The ideal candidates for this job shows expertise with innovative architectural design,cutting edge design technologies and the ability to manage, train and ultimately communicate with personnel effectively.Gannett Fleming, Inc.Gannett Fleming is searching for a highly motivated individual to add to their growth construction management team. The job opportunity is for an entry level assistant construction manager in their corporate headquarters office. Theresponsibilities that are listed with this position include the ability to provide assistance to construction management project managers, monitor and report on construction productivity, assist in response to requests for information, clarifications andinterpretations of the contract documents. Additionally, assistant construction managers at Gannett Fleming are expected to
be able to review construction contractors’ requests for payment, establish and maintain a professional working relationship
 with owners, contractors and regulatory agencies.Qualifications for this position require at least a four year bachelors degree in Civil engineering, construction management (architectural engineering at Penn State), or equivalent. They would like an engineer in training (EIT) with constructionmanagement experience in various aspects of the construction industry. A candidate should be proficient with basicconstruction management software and the Microsoft office programs. This position would be a full time, 40 hours a week position with travel and overtime work required. The ideal candidate for this position understands the constructionindustry, has had experience with entry level responsibilities listed and is highly motivated to move up their corporate ladder.
The Michael Baker CorporationThe Michael Baker Corporation, headquartered in Moon Township, PA outside of Pittsburgh, is a globally successfulpremiere engineering firm that also focuses on architecture. Currently, Michael Baker is ranked in the top 50 in multipleEngineering News Record (ENR) & industry categories. They are considered the largest engineering firm and the 5
largest architectural firm in the greater Western Pennsylvania region. Michael Baker Corporation has 90 U.S. and internationaloffices, achieved revenue of $499.4 million in 2010, and employ 2,800 people. The company is best known for theirinnovative and sustainable design solutions in the aviation, defense, environmental, geospatial information technologies andhomeland security markets.Michael Baker Corporation is annually ranked in the top 10% of the 500 largest engineering firms in the nation. Their vision and business statement consists of being the firm of choice in the selected market by adding value through innovativeand sustainable solutions for infrastructure and the environment. They recognize that their firm is only as good as theirpeople and create a company culture based on people, whether that is their employees or their clients.Gannett Fleming, Inc.Gannett Fleming, Inc. is a leader in global planning, design, and construction management firm based out of Camp Hill, PA.
Gannett Fleming is consistently ranked among the nation’s most prestigious engineering firms. In 2011, they ranked in the
 top 25 firms in ENR rankings in multiple civil, mass transit & water resources categories. They are a global firm with 60offices worldwide and currently employ 2,000 people. They service a wide variety of clients in multiple areas focusing on water resources, bridges & dams, highway/transit, wastewater facilities construction.Gannett Fleming strives to be a driving force in improving communities and sustaining our environment through anuncompromising commitment to growth, innovation, ethics and technical excellence. Gannett Fleming also maintains a people first corporate culture. Their core values are to provide excellent service to their clients and recognize that theirpeople are their greatest asset.
ResumesI decided to use a less traditional, flashier resume layout for each because it is not similar to other resumes and stands out  while keeping a professional appearance. While traditional resumes are expected to have large amounts of white space, Ihave packed information onto mine as I have been instructed by advisors and professors in my industry as the standard. I wrote both of my objective statements similarly, indicating the desire for the specific position with the company the resume isdirected towards.In my resume to the Michael Baker Corporation, I felt that my technical skills developed from my education and work experience was the most important asset when applying for this more technologically advanced design associate position. Imodified the order of the resume to focus on my technical skills first and followed by highlighting my building informationalmodeling (BIM) experience both in the academic and professional world. I moved my technical skills above my work experience and limited my technical skills to software that is relevant to what they are requiring of their position. Eventhough it is an architectural design position, I focused more on specific qualities within the technological side of the job which they prefer.I made sure to include experience that directly is in-line with their requirements and preferences. I tried to use the sameaction words as the requirements in the job description and relatively in the same order. Within my internship at AlexanderBuilding Construction I focused more on the technological experiences I gained and less on the entry level constructionmanagement skills that I have developed. The next section of my resume is my architectural design experience that Imodified to express my use of advanced technology and independent design opportunities within an experiencedarchitecture team. Finally, I included my service, activities and interests to show them the personal side of me which is a priority to this company.
 With respect to the Gannett Fleming resume, I felt that my technological skills were less important and this job was looking for someone who is experienced with entry level responsibilities in construction management. I kept my education sectionthe same as there was really no advantages or disadvantages to modifying the content of this section. I did rearrange my technical skills section by moving it below my work experience section. For my work experience, I kept my internships inreverse chronological order as I did in the first resume but drastically changed the content to tailor to Gannett Fleming.In my Alexander Building Construction internship, which is a construction management internship where I performed therequired responsibilities, I focused on the entry level project engineer (or associate construction manager) responsibilitiesthat they are seeking. The technological side of this internship is almost non-existent except for a few items at the bottom of the job description. In this section I again tried to use similar action verbs for continuity from the job description to theresume.Since my architectural internship carries little weight for this job, I used appropriate language to try to convey communication, responsibility and competency in contract documents. Beneath my work experience, I have my technicalskills that have been totally rearranged for the programs that this job would require to be proficient at. I again located my services, activities and interests at the end to give the resume a personality. Gannett Fleming seems to be a little less peopleoriented but I felt it was appropriate to keep some information about myself outside of the professional world.Cover LettersLike the resumes, both cover letters maintain the same formats and contain slightly different information depending on thecompany and job description. For each cover letter I wrote my introduction paragraph in a manner that identified exactly 
 what job opportunity I’m applying to. I gave them information on how I found this job description and a 
little about why Itook the time to apply to it. Through research on both companies and their visions/beliefs, I created a two sentencecombination that shows I know a little about their company markets and corporate cultures. At the end of the introductionparagraph, I provided why I felt that my skills would be beneficial to their company based on their prestigious reputationsand innovative design solutions.My cover letter to the Michael Baker Corporation, like my resume, emphasized the technological skill set that is expectedfor their architectural design associate position. I discuss both my education and work experience in terms of the BIMprocesses and technologies I have expertise in. I focused on my real world professional work experience as I feel it is viewed in a higher regard.Continuing from my efforts on the resume, I used the cover letter to expand upon my experiences that were directly in-line with what the job description asked for. The business development and contractual language opportunities that Iexperienced at Alexander are emphasized in great detail as they specifically have these items in their preferred qualifications.I focused my experiences in the architectural design world to the technologies I used there but spoke briefly about thisinternship as it does not give me advantageous material to promote my candidacy for the position. After work experience, I wrote a paragraph about my academic experiences here at Penn State as it is the top school in thenation for this particular field. Through the explanation of two major classes that I have taken here, I hope to convey that Ihave been taught and even been molded into a candidate that their company would ideally hire. I tried to focus the letter onmy experiences in the technological advanced processes from which I have been immersed for the last five years. Finally, Ireferenced my resume and explained that I will be in contact with human resources to set up an interview. I let the company know that I will be in contact with them and give them my preferred contact information.The cover letter to Gannett Fleming begins with a very similar introduction paragraph which identifies the position I amlooking to apply for and how I learn about this job opportunity. I showed that I have research the company by identifying  what their company is highly regarded for and then describe how my interests and skill mesh with their company vision andcorporate culture. Unlike the Michael Baker Corporation, I have worked with Gannett Fleming in the past and revealed thisin the second paragraph. I explain that I have worked with and coordinated with their design professional and they havebeen impressive in their professional demeanor and work.For this position, my work experience is more important than my educational experiences. Like my resume, I flip my focusto the entry level construction management responsibilities instead of the technological side of the industry. I used the entiresecond paragraph to list my responsibilities and experiences based on their requirements from the job description. Sincemy architectural experience is irrelevant here I do not mention anything about the architectural design internship and

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