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Published by dragosbalaniuc
Samael Aun Weor
Samael Aun Weor

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Published by: dragosbalaniuc on Oct 26, 2008
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The Seriousness In The Esoteric Work
Samael Aun Weor
First of all my dear brothers, it is necessary to know, that in truth, what we are looking
for, is the Inner Self-Realization of the Being.

In certain occasion I was speaking with the director of an school, whose name I will not mention, and I asked him a question. The answer of the director, that certainly is dead now, left me very sad: "No, we are not in search of the Inner Self-Realization of the Being, we are not interested in that; what we want is the force of the mind, we want to reach the unity of the life, etc., etc., etc." Well, he gave me a number of unfortunate excuses.

I ask to myself: Why should we be in this class of studies if we were not in search of the Inner Self- Realization of the Being? What would be the objective? To distract ourselves? To have fun? In the profane world there are so many ways in where one can get fun: in the theatre, in the bullfighting, etc., etc., etc.! So, before anything else, we have to be serious.

There are schools of cheap pseudo occultism and pseudo esotericism, but it is really hard to find serious people... If we were to call to the path the five millions of person which in Mexico are dedicated to the cheap pseudo esotericism and pseudo occultism, if in truth we were to call them to come to the path, if we were to put on the table, in front of them, the postulates of Gnosis; if they were taught about what the path of Self- Realization is, I am sure that most of them would run away.

Many of them are erudite in Theosophy, in pseudo Rosicrucianism, etc., etc., etc.; unfortunately, it is hard to find serious people; all of them are looking for a form of diversion, almost all of those pseudo knowers of the cheap pseudo esotericism, what really want is to pass the time, to have fun, but when in truth we put on the table the postulates of the Self-Realization and they are invited to work, then they ran away. Therefore, it is not the Self- Realization what they are looking for, but a form of diversion, that is all.

We, first of all, have to be serious people. I could not call "serious" somebody who does not care for the self-exploration of himself, somebody who is not worry for the self- knowledge of himself.

The ancients said: "Noscete Ipsum." "Man, know yourself... and you shall know the universe and the Gods." How could one know the Astral world if one does not know oneself? How in truth could one know the Universal Mind if one does not his own mind? How could one know the world of the Natural Causes, in one does not know the causes of his own psychological errors?

The Seriousness In The Esoteric Work
Samael Aun Weor

So much has been said about the Inner Worlds, but if one does not know his own inner worlds, how could one know the inner worlds of the planet Earth, solar system, galaxy and infinite?

We have to be serious! In the world of the cheap pseudo esotericism and pseudo occultism there exists so much inferior mentalism... There is a sanctuary in Venezuela in where a lady, fell in state of trance and begun "giving initiations": "this person has the fourth initiation," "this other one reached the fifth initiation," "he is already an hierophant," and incredible things like that.

We, in truth, need to be serious, very serious. Obviously, those that accepted that order of things in that Lumisial, were not serious people, it seem impossible to me that a serious person could accept that kind of nonsense.

Many want initiations: "that person is already in the fifth initiation, is a Mahatma," "a medium said to somebody that he was already in the sixth initiation and that tomorrow he would attain the seventh initiation..." All of that is lack of seriousness! How could one know the inner worlds if does not know his own inner worlds?

In the inferior mentalism there exists incredible nonsense: people who dream and that believe are awaken, and the most serious is that they daydream, dream convinced they are awaken. Those dreamers of negative kind, of medium type, those, we would say, hallucinated, project their dreams over the people and see in the people their own negative, incoherent and absurd dreams. That is the crude reality of the facts!

We want objective realities, not absurd and incoherent dreams. I could not accept dreams, I want objective realities, and that is what I wish to all of you. Those objective realities are possible when in truth the Consciousness has been objectified. But it is not possible to objectify the Consciousness if before one has not passed through the Buddhist Annihilation, word this one that scare the members of many schools.

In reality, the "annihilation," is something that bother the schools of cheap pseudo esotericism and pseudo occultism. It happens that the ego does not want to pass through any annihilation; the Ego wants to live, at any cost, does not desire the annihilation.

Obviously, my dear brothers, we have to comprehend the Doctrine of the Many. Some have said that I took the Doctrine of the Pluralized "I" from Gurdjieff, and "how can be possible that been the Avatar of Aquarius, I took it from him..."

Are mistaken, I have not taken this doctrine from Gurdjieff, nor Gurdjieff is the author of this doctrine. Gurdjieff took this doctrine from Tibet, it is a tibetan doctrine and I took this doctrine from the Egypt of the Pharaohs, I knew it in Egypt, it also knew this doctrine in many other ancient schools.

The first ones to teach it were the Avatars of Lemuria. So, Gurdjieff took it from Tibet
and I did so from Egypt; I do not believe that it can be a crime the fact that I took it from
The Seriousness In The Esoteric Work
Samael Aun Weor

Egypt, however, in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, the "I" was not known as Ego (Ego is a latin term); the pluralized "I" was called Seth, and the psychic aggregates, cited by the Tibetans (not exclusively by Mister Gurdjieff) were known as "the Red Demons of Seth."

We, the Egyptians knew (and I say "we, the Egyptians" because I am an Egyptian and this brain that I am using in order to think and to speak, has been 4.000 years under the earth) that Horus (we did not say Horus, but Aurus) was captured by the Red Demons of Seth; when we were speaking in this manner, we wanted to say, to explain to our devotees, that the Red Demons of Seth had trapped the human Consciousness.

The devotees of the High and Low Nile, understood it, and in general all of us were in fight against the Red Demons of Seth. Obviously, what I mean, is that we were fighting against the "I's" that personify a determined error and speaking in an strict Tibetan language: against the psychic aggregates that personify our errors.

In Tibet the Doctrine of the Many is the foundation of the Lamaism. There is not doubt that Mister Gurdjieff, that lived as Lama in Tibet, extracted the doctrine in order to teach it in the western world.

The Doctrine of the Many is very well known in Tibet and when is say "it is necessary to destroy the psychic aggregates that personify our errors," the Tibetans express this concept in the following manner: "The Inner Buddha must destroy the doctrine of the many within himself," that is to say, "to destroy the inhuman elements that we carry within ourselves."

There also are some fallen Boddhisattwas in Tibet, in the Himalayas. Many times the Lanus, that is to say, the disciples, have to accept patiently, the entire day, the different psychic aggregates that pass or control in successive order the body of the Lama, of the fallen Lama, the fallen Boddhisattwa.

But they have the patient to tolerate their stupidities, waiting the moment when the procession of aggregates will end and finally the Real Being of any of these Instructors- Lamas will show up, even for a moment; then they receive the teaching that they were waiting from the Being. Afterwards, the Being goes away and the "I's" continue tormenting the poor disciples.

"To end the Doctrine of the Many within oneself," is not easy, in that manner we used to think and continuous doing so the ancient Egyptians. It is necessary to kill the Red demons of Seth; within themselves is the Essence... Among the devotees of Chang and Zen, the Essence receives another name: it is called Buddhata, so you can see that this doctrine is not exclusive property of Mister Gurdjieff or somebody else; it is general.

That Buddhata or psychic material that we carry within ourselves, is important, is the Essence that is inclosed among the Red Demons of Seth, among the psyc hic aggregates. It is necessary to brake each one of those undesirable elements that we carry inside in

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