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BJJ Flow Chart

BJJ Flow Chart

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Published by dough8665

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Published by: dough8665 on Dec 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principles & Concepts-
keep arms and legs near your core-
position before submission-
always stay in control-
hip control is fundamental to BJJArmbar fundamentals1.
keep your hips close to opponent’s shoulder
pull opponent close to you with your heels3.
pinch opponent’s arm with your legs
point opponent’s thumb toward the ceiling
 Opponent in your guard-
opponent stands
back sweep1.
grab opponents heels2.
unlock feet and slide legs down his hips3.
push knees together4.
lift hips, pushing opponent, and pull oppon
ent’s heels
slide to mount Mount -
opponent pushes on your chest / extends arms
arm bar1.
posture up2.
put right arm under his left arm and on his chest 3.
put left arm over his right arm and on top of your right hand on his chest 4.
push down on his chest, lifting yourself 5.
in one move stand to your feet and swing left foot over his head6.
grab his outside (left) arm with both hands7.
squeeze your heels into his side and lean back, keeping your hips as closeto him as possible8.
keep heels pulled in and squeeze knees together9.
lean back with arm and lift hipsIn opponents headlock -
on ground1.
RULE: always stay on your side
do not go to your back 2.
use bottom arm to grab opponent’s bottom arm behind his tricep
(prevent punches)3.
put sharp part of top
forearm into opponent’s neck (prevent headbutts)
create frame by grabbing top
arm’s wrist with bottom arm’s hand
scoot hips close to opponent’s hips and attempt to hook opponent’s leg
with your foot 

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