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Divine Law and Nature

Divine Law and Nature

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Published by Kali_EL

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Published by: Kali_EL on Dec 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Divine Law and  Nature's Law arerelativeand Supreme. ....
 Divine Law and Nature's Law arerelative and Supreme.
The CommonLaws that govern Civilization are derived from a study of these laws. Most of theimportant documents of theWorld, Treaties, Agreements and legitimateContracts and Covenants are written in theSpirit of Divine Law for the purpose of 
 governing the mental.
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This Page contains
Constitutions, Treaties,Agreements, Church Bullas, Contracts, and other importantNational and International Documents andCorrespondences. Most were written in the Spirit of 
preserving principled government, with emphasis on theprotection of Substantive Rights, Birthrights, and basicHuman Rights and Principles for All. However, manydishonorable and disingenuous men have violated theseNoble and Ancient Principles, which are also embodiedwithin the Constitution for the United States of America.Many people mistakenly think these Rights Preservations
do not apply to them! …. Says Who?
The governed arestill, and always have been, the source where delegatedgovernmental authority is derived. The preservation andprotection of the Peo
 ples’ Rights are
why governmentexists.
If and when Government Officials fail to uphold andsupport the Constitution, upon which they have takentheir Official Oaths to uphold and support, then theyare in violation of law; have abandoned their fiduciaryduties;
have 'quit’ their jobs;
and thereupon possessno lawful authority.
 All government officials,including local Policemen andFiremen in the Cities and Burroughs, musttake an Official Oath on the Constitution. If the natural people and citizens lackknowledge, they will often fail to recognize
when an ―Ordinance‖ or ―Statute‖, passed by
politicians, violates
the ―
Supreme Law of 
No Ordinances or Statutes, orLaws of any of the several States, cancontradict or violate the Supreme Law of TheLand (See Article VI) and be held as
U.S. RepublicConstitution
includesDeclaration OfIndependnce
 . . 
Treaty Of Peace &Friendship
Physical, mental and spiritualoppression
has taken such a negating toll onthe misinformed and miseducated masses,that many have become apathetic, and appearnot to care
showing a lack of interest in theirown welfare or that of their progeny..
A misinformed, and miseducated
peopleare limited in knowledge to protecttheir Substantive Rights. Naivety subjectsthem, and their children, to multiple abusesagainst their Rights. They can, and sometimesdo, complain. More often then not, they getinvolved with self-serving associations thatrarely produce solutions. If one does not knowthe nature or cause of their condition orproblem, one is not likely to find or effectuatesolutions.
Many others,
who remain civicallyinactive,
are even more unlikely and unableto solve their social and politicalproblems. They often remain stagnated, whilewaiting for someone else to 'fix'their condition. Consequently, this passive
 ‗state of mind‘ deems it
almost impossible forthem to protect or defend themselves from
 ‗colorable‘ acts of ‗colorable
Knowledge redeems, andimproves the capacity of any active naturalperson or citizen to better serve manand mankind. Enforcing the Constitutionis a civic duty, responsibility, and progressiveaction. Supporting principles of Justice is theduty of all civilized People. This lendsencouragement and support to a civilizedworld.

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