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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Windows to the Past: 1970-1979
Adult Enrichment Project

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan, 2011.
Windows to the Past: 1970-1979
Adult Enrichment Project

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan, 2011.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Dec 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Windows to the Past
Girls Scouts was ounded in 1912 by Juliette GordonLow. In 1911, Juliette met Sir Robert Baden-Powell,who introduced her to the Boy Scout and Girl Guidemovement. Juliette brought the movement backto the United States and started the rst troop onMarch 12, 1912. The Windows to the Past program willlet your troop experience some o the activities thatGirl Scouts did during the decade we are working on.Girls need to complete our activities to earn the1970 – 1979 lapel pin that can be purchased at thecouncil shop.
1970 – 1979
What was going on in Girl Scouts during the 1970’s?
1970The 30 millionth member o GSUSA is registered.1971Girl Scouts o the USA adopts new wording or the Girl Scout Law to refect greater socialawareness:I will do my best:- to be honest- to be air- to help where I am needed- to be cheerul- to be riendly and considerate- to be a sister to every Girl Scout- to respect authority- to use resources wisely- to protect and improve the world around me- to show respect or mysel and others through mywords and actions.Eight new Cadette Challenges are introduced. 1972 Accident insurance or Girl Scouts is introduced and included as a benet o membership.
Runways, a publication describing national Wider Opportunities or older girls, debuts.Runways is renamed Wider Ops in the late 1980’s
The chaotic events o the 60’s, including war and social change, seemed destined to continue in the 70’s. Major trendsincluded a growing disillusionment o government, advances in civil rights, increased infuence o the women’s movement,a heightened concern or the environment, and increased space exploration. Many o the “radical” ideas o the 60’s gained wider acceptance in the new decade, and were mainstreamed into American lie and culture. Amid war, social realignment and presidential impeachment proceedings, American culture fourished. Indeed, the events o the times were refected in --and became the inspiration or-- much o the music, literature, entertainment, and even ashion o the decade.To learn more about the history o Girl Scouts visit www.girlscouts.org.
1973A portrait o Juliette Low is presented to the National Gallery inWashington, D.C. Brownie Girl Scout membership is extended to6-year-olds.Brownie B’s are introduced. 
magazine begins publication or Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts. 1974 A bust o Juliette Low is placed in Georgia’s Hall o Fame.1975 Girl Scouts sell more than 123 million boxes o Girl Scout cookies.The World Association o Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting adopts the Thinking Day symbol.The GSUSA National Council arms that Girl Scout membership will continue to be openonly to girls.Dr. Gloria D. Scott becomes the rst Arican-American president o Girl Scouts o the USA.1976 More than 150 Girl Scouts, aged 14-17, are delegates to the National Convention.The Edith Macy National Center celebrates its 50th anniversary.1977 Worlds to Explore: Handbook or Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts is published.The Five Worlds o Interest in Girl Scouting are introduced. They are: the World o Well-Being, the World o People, the World o Today and Tomorrow, the World o Arts, and theWorld o Outdoors.A national conerence or Senior Girl Scouts is held in Indianapolis. Its theme is “GirlScouting Makes the Dierence,” and its subject is the inner city.The Junior Aide patch and Bridge to Juniors are introduced.Lady Olave Baden-Powell dies, and her autobiography,
 A Window On My Heart 
, is printed. 1978 A new Girl Scout Treoil design is introduced to present acontemporary image. Because o requests rom adult members,the traditional treoil pin is continued so that members mayindividually choose which treoil design they preer to wear. 
From Dreams to Reality 
, a career exploration project or Cadette andSenior Girl Scouts, is published. The activity book and deck o 95 careercards are developed to help Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts explore andpractice skills and abilities. Girl Scout resources or girls and their leaderspointed out the many options now available or women.

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