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Published by alanbwilliams
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Published by: alanbwilliams on Dec 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Alter of Fear
The more you learn about how badly you are enslaved the more you simply want to be free of it. A lotof people are beginning to become aware of it and starting to do what they can to stop it. Yet the age of enlightenment and freedom for all seems ever further away than ever. For some this enslavementbecomes too much for them and they decide to take on the Just US system and fight the obscene lawsthat have been put in place to oppress humanity. For many that do the level of injustice and methods orcoercion to sign documents if far beyond their comprehension to deal with. In many cases people areforced to sign off on a Promise to Appear which solidifies their contract with the crown thinking thatthey will get justice is in a court room.Many go to court out of fear of not having their say to defend themselves and of the consequences of not doing so. Failing to appear in court comes with some severe penalties in some countries. Yetshowing up in court only solidifies the contract you have entered with the crown even more. If yourefuse to make a plea they enter a plea for you and things move along. The testimony of Police Officersis considered to be absolute as an Officer of the Court would never lie as they are under Oath. The sameemployer of the Police Officer is the same employer of the Judge and in the end things are decidedbefore they even begin. Yes it is totally rigged and unfair and the judges along with their minions makemillions of dollars every year from people ending up in their court system. The ruling class is always paidextremely well and cared for by the system to ensure the survival of the parasites over the many.
There are so many meaningless unfair laws out there, millions of laws making it inconceivable foranyone to know them all. Yet if you break just one of them, you are fined, thrown in jail or worse for it.So what is going on here? What is the driving force behind enslaving humanity to the point of destruction of earth and all life? Well simply put it is fear. It is fear that is driving this entire system. Itis fear that feeds continuously and parasitically on people who are in fear and all that gives life to itscompanion, fiction.In truth if you know who you are you are intruth then generally you have little if anyproblems dealing with the Just Us SYSTEM, inmy observations. Part of the problem of courseis many do not know who they are and simplyoperate out of a perspective of fear, whichcauses stress on the harmony you are trying tocreate for yourself and others. Now this is justa theory of mine and I don
t know if it is true;however in a way it probably is. The purposeof the entire SYSTEM is to create anenvironment completely opposite to the nature of creation and the Law of One in that it is all fearbased. When you go against the SYSTEM such as not paying taxes or refusing to enter a contract withthem, what they do is make you put everything you have of 
up on their alter for sacrifice. Themore that you value the more fear that comes to you about losing it all, this includes your freedom andin some cases your life.If you know who you are you won
t flinch from your position, those who show that they do not knowwho they are treated as slaves and moved to the point of Judgement or rather sacrifice. The Judgementis a form of sacrifice in that it is the ultimate stage of not knowing who you are in that you allow yourself to be judged by another man created equal to you. Of course they are relentless, unfair and justwanting to perform endless tricks including breaking their own rules to get you to the point of  judgement, for then it releases all kinds of energy for them in the form of mammon. All those bondsthat were created through your signature now get converted into real money and ends up somewhere Iam sure.So of course the benefits to the slave owners in doing all this are simply enormous and yet there isnothing that benefits the slave out of all this is there? Well perhaps there is. By making you puteverything of who you are on the line and seeing if you will remain true to idea that you havecommitted no crime and have done nothing wrong and that the outcome of whatever they decide hasno meaning to you as you are not a fictional entity such as a person, but One with all of creation andthus love, it becomes incredibly difficult for them to find any fear within you to teach you about. TheAltar of Fear as I put it is there to deal with those who have attachments to fiction based ideals and thusfear. If you are caught up in the illusions they project into the world then you are of that world and actaccordingly. I have no problem putting my life and property on the altar as I have no property and arepart of all that exists. My life, be it here or anywhere I still exist as love. But in being love I care not
what the outcome of a judgement would be in that I don
t judge and am not part of the world of fiction.I have just as much right as the judge does to determine what the outcome of a fiction should be as weare equal, so in free will I let him/her decide and I decide, but I decide by my actions and statementsexpressing who I am fully and in truth. So I really don
t care what they decide so long as they don
t harmme. Love seeks harmony it does not seek conflict or harm so although they might judge by what harmcan they do to love? They can
t and won
t harm love because love is the fabric of all that exists and theyknow it.So the Altar is there really to act as a check in many ways to knowing who you are. The problem we arefacing is that fear and thus fiction has so completely overwhelmed us that many people don
t even giveit a moment of thought that fiction they believe to be true is perhaps not true. They see the injustice,but swallow the poison and think it is just the system and nothing
do is going to change it. Which inmany ways is probably true, but it doesn
t mean that you have to keep in harmony with it to the point of destruction of earth and thus humanity. At some point something has to give or we die. We are fastapproaching that time perhaps.Believe me the people doing this enslavement stuff are doing it in the belief that fiction is truth and truthis fiction or they would not be doing it. They operateout of fear and project that fear as this system. Theyact as parasites because they have no connection tolove in the way love is nurturing. They see everythingas having value and thus a thing. It is their will andtheir law that matters to them to create the order tosecure their future and not the slaves. Many areinvolved in worshiping Satan and doing rituals basedupon worship of deities, which is another form of giving their power away and being slaves. They give totheir Gods so they will have power over humanity. Many Rock Stars worship Satan in their songs or theidea of a social hierarchy that is not based on Oneness for sure. Interestingly Gregorian Chant, Mastersof Chant produces beautiful music, but dress up in nice robes you might see at a ritual sacrifice and kindof look like grim reapers if their hoods are up. As long as they get more than what the slaves get theyfeel that they are being rewarded for their worship and it continues.However there are two sets of laws, one for them and one for the rest of the slaves that are not part of the worshiping control group. No they are not ever brought to account for their deeds, but are kept incheck as not to harm the SYSTEM that lays the golden egg either. Darkness will always try and hide itself in light. Yet darkness creates the dependency and false light for people to believe in. Many peopleautomatically think we would have anarchy if we did not have law and a justice system to deal withpeople, who break the laws. It is simply not true as when people are truly free, love and appreciation of all life is the natural order that holds things together. They have to use enormous amounts of energy tomake this system work and it is still crumbling under the force of love.

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