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MI0033 SET-1 & SET-2

MI0033 SET-1 & SET-2

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Published by santosh143hsv143

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Published by: santosh143hsv143 on Dec 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q1. Quality and reliability are related concepts but are fundamentallydifferent in a number of ways. Discuss them.
One of the challenges of software quality is that "everyone feels theyunderstand it.In addition to more software specific definitions given below, there areseveral applicable definitions of quality which are used in business.Software quality may be defined as conformance to explicitly statedfunctional and performance requirements, explicitly documented developmentstandards and implicit characteristics that are expected of all professionallydeveloped software.The three key points in this definition:
Software requirements are the foundations from which quality ismeasured.Lack of conformance to requirement is lack of quality.
Specified standards define a set of development criteria that guide themanagement in software engineering.If criteria are not followed lack of quality will usually result.
A set of implicit requirements often goes unmentioned, for example easeof use, maintainability etc.If software conforms to its explicit requirements but fails to meet implicitrequirements, software quality is suspected.A definition in Steve McConnell's
Code Complete
divides software intotwo pieces: internal and external quality characteristics. External qualitycharacteristics are those parts of a product that face its users, where internalquality characteristics are those that do not.
SANTOSH GOWDA.H Reg No.: 5210757283rd semester, Disha institute of management and technologyMobile No.: 9986840143
Another definition byDr. Tom De Marcosays "a product's quality is afunction of how much it changes the world for the better. This can be interpretedas meaning that user satisfaction is more important than anything in determiningsoftware quality.Another definition, coined byGerald Weinbergin
Quality SoftwareManagement: Systems Thinking 
, is "Quality is value to some person." Thisdefinition stresses that quality is inherently subjective - different people willexperience the quality of the same software very differently. One strength of thisdefinition is the questions it invites software teams to consider, such as "Who arethe people we want to value our software?" and "What will be valuable to
Software product quality
conformance torequirementsor program specification; related to Reliability
Absence of  bugs
DocumentationThe Consortium for IT Software Quality(CISQ) was launched in 2009 tostandardize the measurement of software product quality. The Consortium's goalis to bring together industry executives from Global 2000 IT organizations,system integrators, outsourcers, and package vendors to jointly address thechallenge of standardizing the measurement of IT software quality and to promotea market-based ecosystem to support its deployment.It is essential to supplement traditional testing functional, non-functional, and run-time with measures of application structural quality.
SANTOSH GOWDA.H Reg No.: 5210757283rd semester, Disha institute of management and technologyMobile No.: 9986840143
Structural quality is the quality of the application’s architecture and the degree towhich its implementation accords with software engineering best practices.Industry data demonstrate that poor application structural quality results in costand schedule overruns and creates waste in the form of rework (up to 45% of development time in some organizations). Moreover, poor structural quality isstrongly correlated with high-impact business disruptions due to corrupted data,application outages, security breaches, and performance problems. As in anyother field of engineering, an application with good structural software qualitycosts less to maintain and is easier to understand and change in response to pressing business needs.
Source code quality
A computer has no concept of "well-written"source code. However, froma human point of view source code can be written in a way that has an effect onthe effort needed to comprehend its behavior. Many source code programming styleguides, which often stress readability and usually language-specificconventions are aimed at reducing the cost of source code maintenance. Some of the issues that affect code quality include:
Ease of maintenance,testing,debugging, fixing, modification and  portability
Low resource consumption:memory,CPU
 Number of compilation or lintwarnings
Robust input validation and error handling, established bysoftware fault injectionMethods to improve the quality:
Code Inspection or software review
Documenting the code
SANTOSH GOWDA.H Reg No.: 5210757283rd semester, Disha institute of management and technologyMobile No.: 9986840143

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