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is your church batf approved

is your church batf approved



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Published by Konrad

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Published by: Konrad on Oct 27, 2008
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Is Your Church
BATF Approved?
A Review of the Government Assault
on the Waco Branch Davidians
\u00a9 2005 by: Peter Kershaw
\u201cThen they came for the dangerous cult groups, but
I didn't belong to a dangerous cult group, so I said

The Waco debacle in 1993, involving David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, the Bureau Of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is one of the most
disturbing chapters in the whole of American history. There are valuable lessons to be
learned \u2013 lessons whichmust be learned \u2013 should we wish to avoid future Waco incidents.
Tragically, the most important lessons have largely gone ignored, while the peripheral and
often irrelevant issues are what most people have focused their attentions on.

David Koresh received the brunt of the blame for the incident, while BATF and FBI culpability has largely been ignored, if not deliberately avoided. Controversial "cult" figures are attractive targets for public ridicule, and dead cult leaders make for especially convenient subjects of

scorn. No one is eager to defend an heretic, least of all me. Nevertheless, as the Ninth
Commandment stipulates:
"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." (Exodus 20:16)

Implicit in not being a false witness is the obligation to be a true witness. This is why before a
witness takes the stand in court he must swear an oath to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth." This is also why our criminal justice system requires that any
exculpatory evidence that is known to law enforcement, or the prosecution, be disclosed, even
where such disclosure would serve to exonerate the accused. Yet, I have often seen how the
law enforcement system has deprived the accused of justice, not only through covering up
exculpatory evidence, but even by outright fabrication of evidence and false testimony. Those
who are tasked with enforcing the law have, all too commonly, exempted themselves from
obeying the law.

The Waco incident is a case study in false witness testimony. Few events in the history of U.S.
federal law enforcement can match Waco for cover\u00adups, falsification, deception, fabrication,
manipulation, subterfuge and obfuscation. The government, having so much to lose in terms
of reputation, was chiefly responsible for instigating the blame game. It's a game they play
well, and a game they usually win; but it's not one they could routinely win without having so
many complicit participants.
Chief among their shills are the mainstream secular media. No surprise there, especially in
their treatment of David Koresh \u2013 the secular press will never pass up an opportunity to
demonize a "religious fanatic." Also eager to vilify any alleged "cult" leader are the secular
"anti\u00adcult deprogramers," as well as the Christian "heresy hunters" and Christian "counter\u00ad

However, what is surprising is the fact that the majority of Christian media outlets also joined
in the game, often repeating verbatim whatever the government told them about David
Koresh. Add to the list of players a number of Christian radio and television personalities. All
of these players, who have worked diligently to influence public opinion about Waco, violated
the Ninth Commandment, and they continue to do so to this day. Though I am in no way
supportive of David Koresh's teachings and practices, I dare not commit the same

Until the full truth is known, and the facts widely exposed about Waco, we can never hope to
learn anything useful from it; and unless we can learn something useful, there's every
likelyhood that it can and will happen again. With a desire to be a "true witness," I present
herein some exculpatory evidence on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, as well as

some disturbing evidence about the BATF and the FBI.
Waco: There's a Lot More To the Story Than You've Been Told

The deadly government assault on the Branch Davidians at Mount Carmel Center near Waco,
Texas is one of the greatest atrocities ever committed by federal agents in U.S. history. While
there are many good and honorable men and women employed by the federal government,
the Waco incident clearly demonstrates that not all of them are always so good and

The first lesson to be learned from Waco is that the American People must demand, and
achieve, a much higher degree of accountability from their public servants. Unchecked power
always results in tyranny, and tyranny inevitably results in needless death.

The BATF and FBI, and even members of the U.S. military, not only assaulted American
citizens, but at least half the Branch Davidians killed were foreign nationals, including British,
Israeli, Filipino, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian citizens. Most Americans are
oblivious to the fact that Waco proved an international public relations disaster for the feds.
Among the 82 killed were 22 minor children and 2 pre\u00adborn babies. Of the 58 adults, 32 were

Although I am frequently asked about government onslaughts on the First Amendment rights
of specific churches and religious groups, only rarely have I been asked about the
government's assault against the Branch Davidians. This appears to be because few
Christians think of the Branch Davidians as a religious group that lived in a religious
community. Rather, the Branch Davidians are usually characterized as a "dangerous cult,"
and Mount Carmel Center was a "compound."

Marginalizing the Branch Davidians as a "lunatic cult" dehumanizes them in such a way that
serves to vindicate the government's assault against them. Not surprisingly, the government
itself played a major role in popularizing the notion that the Branch Davidians were a
"dangerous cult group," and some went so far as to allege that they weren't a religious group
of any kind:

"This was not a religious group. This was a group of criminals engaged in serious
violations of Federal criminal laws. . . though they might call it religion, there is no
protection for any group that attempts or in fact does manufacture machineguns and
grenades in this country."

Ron Noble, Undersecretary of Treasury for Law Enforcement

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