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Psychology Lessons

Psychology Lessons

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Published by Yo Devera

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Published by: Yo Devera on Dec 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reviewer PsychologyPsychology –
the study of behaviors and mental processes.
Behaviors -
refers to observable actions or responses in both humans and animals.
Mental Processes –
refers to a wide range of complex mental processes such as thinking,dreaming and etc..
Goals of Psychology
Describing The Way organisms behave
Explaining the Causes Of Behavior
Predicting How organisms will behave
Controlling an Organism’s behaviorDifferent Approaches in Understanding Behavior
Biological Approach -
focuses on how our genes, hormones and nervous systeminteract with our environments to influence learning, personality, memory, motivationand etc..
Cognitive Approach –
examines how we process, store, and use information and how itinfluences what we attend to perceive, learn, remember, believe and feel.
Behavioral Approach -
how organisms learn new behaviors or modify existingones..
Psychoanalytic Approach –
stresses the influence of unconscious fears, desires,motivations and the development of personality traits.
Humanistic Approach / Personal Disposition–
emphasizes the each individual hasgreat freedom in directing his or her future, a large capacity for personal growth, aconsiderable amount or intrinsic worth, and enormous potential for fulfillment.
Cross Cultural Approach –
examines the influence of cultural and ethnic similaritiesand differences on the psychological and social functioning of a culture’s members
Evolutionary Approach –
studies how evolutionary ideas, such as adaptation andnatural selection, explain human behaviors and mental processes.
Eclectic Approach –
Using the Seven Different Approaches.
3 Factors Changing a Person
Personal DispositionHistorical Approaches to Psychology
Structuralism (Elements of the Mind) – Wilhelm Wundt
build the first psychology labin 1879 in Leipzig, Germany.-
Structuralism -
the study of the most basic elements, primarily sensationsand perceptions that make up our conscious mental experiences.-
Introspection –
method of exploring conscious mental processes by lookinginwards and being aware of one’s sensation and perception/
Functionalism (Functions Of the Mind) – William James
is the first author to publisha psychology book.-The Study of the functions rather than the structure or consciousness.-Focuses on goals, purposes and functions of the mind.

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