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Ahmed Bahgat - Prohibition of Hadiths by Muhammad

Ahmed Bahgat - Prohibition of Hadiths by Muhammad

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Published by Smple Trth

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Published by: Smple Trth on Dec 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Restricting Shirk -
ىشُا ٤٤و
 Salam allToday is the day to demolish the shirk of Mushrik Muslim, WittyBoy (WB) and his pals fromamong the kafirs. If you are not following this lengthy discussion, then at least you should beaware of the following:- Mushrik WB is passionately defending the Man Made rubbish books of hadith which heshirks with the book of Allah; what he is doing is not unique, all Mushrikoon before him andup to this moment did and do the same, they passionately defend their shirk.- Mushrik WB replied to the hadith, from Abi Dawoud Man Made book about Muawiahdeleting the written hadith after Zaid informed him that he is not allowed to write hadith, bytelling us, Muawiah was not a Khalifah at the time. Mushrik WB knows well that if the
hadith had told us that Muawiah was the Khalifah at the time, then his associates’ big lie
about the prophet will be exposed and destroyed. Their lie is simply, the prophet later on inhis life and before his death allowed writing the hadith, which should lead to Muawiah neverdeleting the Man Made hadith that he wrote in a book. Therefore he is using the vagueness inthe hadith not to make a point for him, rather to disable a point against him for which he willhave no answer. His tactics is acceptab
le by me though, if you don’t have an answer to an
argument then try to disable or invalidate the argument. So I will give it to him this time andaccept his argument which disabled my argument using that hadith about Muawiah.Now, if I prove to WB from his own Man Made books by the Sunnis sect followers that mostof the sahaba especially the close ones to the prophet refused to write the sunnah in booksand deleted any written sunnah in their Man Made books during the prophet time and after
the prophet’s
death, then the argument of Al-Mushrikoon concerning allowing to write thehadith during the prophet later time of his life must be dead and invalid. At that pointinshaallah, WB will have no option but to submit to his Lord by stopping his shirk then work hard with the sincere Muslims to save their great religion from the sinful hands of thoseMushrikoon bound to hell.This is what this comment all about, I will refer to and translate all hadith found in the first 17pages of the following book:Book name:
ْِؼُا ٤٤و
, i.e.
Restricting Knowledge
١اـُا ٤ُا
Al-Khateeb Al-Bughdadi
 The book is divided in two main parts, the first part shows us all the hadith concerning theprophet and many of the sahaba refraining from writing hadith (sunnah), and if they alreadywrote it down, they had to delete it, or burn it, or Erased it in water.You have to know that the author of this book is not against writing hadith, otherwise hewould have not written his own book about hadith. The author of this book is anotherMushrik who disobeyed the prophet boldly and documented the hadith in a book defying theprophet command. That is why the author dedicated the second part of his Man Made book showing the opposite, i.e. the prophet and the sahaba allowed writing the hadith (sunnah).The interesting point is this, when you read the first part of the book which prohibits the
writing of the hadith, you can sense merit and integrity in the told stories; in addition to that,you should also see clear compatibility with Quran. However, when you read the second part,you should sense the opposite, i.e. sensing non sense, manipulations and incompatibility withQuran, and even incompatibility with the first part of the same book by the same author.Of course that Mushrik author concluded that the Man Made hadith should be written,otherwise he would have convicted himself and all his hadith worshipping pals in his ownbook.Today, I am going to walk you through the first part; but in the second part, I will only showyou the only evidence they presented from the Quran to support their allegation for writingthe hadith. The reason of not replying to their evidences from their hadith supporting thewriting of the hadith should be known by all who read my criticism, you al
l know that I don’t
reply to evidences presented against me from their Man Made rubbish books of hadith, on theother hand, myself as a complete hadith rejector and denier has the luxury to use such crapagainst its worshippers from among the kafirs and their fellow Mushrik Muslims; the kafirsand Mushriks will never have such luxury against me, THEY CAN ONLY USE QURANAGAINST ME.The first 17 pages in this Man Made book takes us through the time of the prophet, then itmoves to the time after his death (very early Muslims), then it moves to a later time after that,
the time of the followers of the very early Muslims. So let’s get the ball rolling:
1- The hadith from the prophet prohibiting writing the hadith:
ٝ ٚ٤ِػ ٠ِ٢٘ُا ٕإ ،١سُا ٤ؼع ٢أ ٖػ٢ٗـُا ٍهٝ ٕشوُا ٟٞع٤ ٢٘ػ اٞٌ  ٍه ْِع
ٕشوُا ش٤ؿ
٘ولا ْ
ٚذٔ٤ِك ٕشوُا ش٤ؿ ٢٘ػ ً ٖٔك
Abi Saeed Al-Khadri said that the prophet said: Do not write anything from me exceptQuran, and whoever wrote anything from me except Quran, he should Erased it.
 The above compelling proof from their own Man Made book is directly from prophetMuhammed and is repeated in this book through different chain of narrators 8 times, i.e.Mutawatir hadith (popular and is circulated orally a lot between the sahaba). We have seenalready that Ahmed Ibn Hanbal listed it in his Man Made book 5 times through 5 differentchains of narrators.---------------
2- The hadith in which Abi Saeed Al-Khadri asked permission from the prophet towrite the hadith but was refused:
ْِك ٣ذُا ًأ ٕأ ٢ُ ٕر٣ ٕأ ٚ٤ِػ ٠ِٍٞعس تٗرعا ٍه ١سُا ٤ؼع ٢أ ٖػ،٢ُ ٕر٣
.٢ُ ٕر٣ ٕأ ٠ك ١سُا ٍهٝ
Abi Saeed said: I asked permission from the prophet to write the hadith, but he did notallow me to do it.And Bukhari said it: He refused to allow me to do it.
.The above hadith is repeated 3 times through different chains of narrators, in one of thosethree times, not only Abi Saeed who asked permission from the prophet to write hadith, but
Abi Saeed and a few with him. This is how it was said:
.٘ُ ٕر٣ ٕأ ٠ك بٌُا ٢ك ٚ٤ِػ ٠ِ ٢٘ُا ٗرعا ٍه ١سُا ٤ؼع ٢أ ٖػ
Abi Saeed said: We asked the prophet to write (hadith), but he refused to allow us to doit.
 The above compelling proof from their own Man Made book is a prohibition from prophetMuhammed, it is repeated in this book through different chains of narrators 3 times. One of them was listed in Bukhari Man Made book as seen above:
And Bukhari said it: He refusedto allow me to do it
3- Abi Hurairah:
٣دأ ٘ِه ٕٞٌ ١زُا ازٛ ٓ ٍوك ٣دا ٌٗ ٖذٗٝ ٚ٤ِػ  ٠ِ  ٍٞعس ٘٤ِػ ش ٍه ش٣شٛ ٢أ ٖػ بً ٓ ٌُا ٖٓ اٞًا ٓ إ ْٌِه ٖٓ ْٓا َأ ٓ ٕٝ٣ش  بً ش٤ؿًأ ٍه ي٘ٓ ٛ٘ؼٔع
 Abi Hurairah said: The messenger of Allah entered upon us while we were writinghadith, so he said: what is that you are writing?We said: The hadith we heard from you.The prophet said: A book other than the book of Allah you want? What misguided thenations before you is not but what they wrote of books next to the book of Allah.
 Then Abu Hurairah replied:
، م ٝ ٙش٣سقٔؼٗٛا ق٣ ؼ٣ ٝد فو٤ٗٛا ق٣ ٗاس
Abu Hurairah then said: So we collected it all together and threw it in the fire.
 In another incident, it became known to the prophet that some people wrote his hadith:
٢ُا ٌُا ٙزٛ ٓ ٍه ْ ٚ٤ِػ ٠٘أٝ  ٔذك ،ش٘ٔُا ؼك ،ٚ٣د اٞً هعٗ ٕأ  ٍٞعس ؾِ ٍه ش٣شٛ ٢أ ٖػتشك ٛ٘ؼٔك  ٚ ٤ِك ٢ ٜ٘ٓ ٙ٘ػ ٕً ٖٓ .ش ٗأ ٔٗإ ،ْً ه ْٌٗأ ٢٘ـِ
 Abi Hurairah said: The messenger of Allah was informed that some people wrote hishadith, so he climbed into the stand then praised and thanked Allah and said:What are these books that you have written? Indeed, I am only a human, whoever hasof these books should bring it in.So we collected it and destroyed it.
 Can you see how the prophet told them:
ش ٗأ ٔٗإ
, i.e.
I am only a human.
Why you reckonhe might have told them so? Well, it implies to me that for a religious scripture to befollowed, it has to be from God, not from any humans.-----------
4- Zaid Ibn Thabit:
 This is the hadith about which Mushrik WB might be confused or lying, the hadith context isdirect in that Muawiah was in a position of power, nothing but a Khalifah, however because

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