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Pushing Hindus Into a Corner

Pushing Hindus Into a Corner

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Published by wsingh
Pushing Hindus Into a Corner
Pushing Hindus Into a Corner

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Published by: wsingh on Oct 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pushing Hindus into a corner 
Tarun Vija
One Diwali the highly revered monk of Hindus, Swami Jayendra Saraswati, was arrested whileperforming puja. The secular world celebrated it as a victory of law and constitutional propriety.When nothing was proved, all the chargesheets turned bunkum, the Supreme Court gave averdict favouring the swami's release on bail, but no one retracted the strong, often abusivewords used for the Hindu monk. It was met with silence as if nothing important had happened.One Krishna Janmashtami night, another ochre-robed reformist monk, Swami Lakshmanananda,was murdered along with an aged Hindu nun, Ma Bhaktimoyee, in his ashram. Secularists tried todirect and guide the entire investigation till the arrested murderers confessed that swami's workamong tribals made prosylitisation difficult and hence they took the violent way.The media linked the violence post-Lakshmanananda's murder to various Hindu organisationsand completely ignored the brutal killing of the sanyasi and the lady monk.This Diwali, Hindus were labelled as 'terrorists'.There is a university in Delhi which gets a large amount of Saudi grants, and which thought itappropriate to honour a Muslim painter whose nudes of Hindu gods and goddesses and Mother India were opposed by Hindus, with a Doctor of Philosophy degree, honoris causa. The sameuniversity's vice chancellor, in a display of public affection for those students arrested for treasonby a Congress government, declared that he will fund their 'struggle' as they are his 'children' andthey would be considered innocent till proved guilty.The secular world applauded his decision as bold and highly moral.A Hindu sadhvi has been arrested for her alleged involvement in the Malegaon blasts. But not asingle Hindu organisation came out in her support saying she remains a member of the globalHindu fraternity and would be considered innocent till proved guilty and hence shall provide all thefinancial assistance to her.I was thinking, suppose I start a 'support Pragya fund' how any Hindu saints and ashrams andmutts and leaders would come out in support? Doesn't she deserve help and support till provedinnocent?Unlike the sweet little students of the university's vice chancellor, who were arrested from thearea of the Batla House encounter, Pragya was in Surat, giving a religious discourse when theMalegaon blasts occurred in September. Her bike had been sold years before. No one said theblasts were organised to make Hindu law applicable or turn the nation into a Hindu state. No onehad quoted Hindu scriptures to justify what would be termed as a ghastly act, inhuman and un-Hindu.Yet, there was a virtual celebration in the so-called secular camp, they were over-joyous as if theyhave reached the moon. Got it, they said, what we were saying for years! The usual suspectswere on our TV screens, delightedly giving interviews and the media lapped up crispydescriptions like Hindu terror, Hindu bomb, Saffron terrorism. When they quote the Quran,seculars cry don't label them Islamic terrorists, but Hindus being Hindus must be termed as Hinduterrorists to keep a 'balance'. So those who insult the memory of a martyred police officer showtheir glee over having succeeded in bringing the term 'Hindu terrorism' in vogue. What greater shield could an Islamic terrorist have wished for!
They were itching for this day and they have got it.Last year too the 2006 Malegaon blasts were blamed on Hindus. Later the agencies proved theywere done by SIMI. This year, Union ministers were demanding the ban on SIMI be lifted in spiteof truckloads of evidence of the organisation's involvement in deadly blasts and waging war against the State, the most heinous crime in any part of the world. And the investigations,gathering of proof and the hard, difficult investigation, were done by government agencies.The same honourable members of the Union cabinet demanded banning Hindu organisations, inspite of having no evidence of their involvement in violent activities or working against the IndianState. Those who ignore the Supreme Court's verdict on a terrorist who was accused waging war against the State, demand that Hindu organisations be banned for their patriotism. Once theydrove out the tricolour folks from the Kashmir Valley, now they assassinate their morale in the restof the country.For the sake of Muslim vote-bank, SIMI had to be helped and Hindu organisations needed to beshown as being involved in anti-national activities. The balancing had to be achieved, like the U CBanerjee Commission. Much before the honourable commission could start work on Godhra,leaders were declaring during the Bihar election campaign -- many of whom loved to be seen withan Osama look-alike -- that the Godhra train inferno was a creation of Hindus so that they couldget a chance to pounce on Muslims.So much for their secular credentials!This time, too, they had tremendous amount of pressure to nurse their vote-banks. Elections areright here, campaigning has begun, chances look very bleak seeing the public mood, and votersseem already restless with high prices, growing inflation and an insecure atmosphere. Hence acommunal divide would help. If such considerations can be credited as having instigated the'creation' of a Hindu or 'Saffron' terrorism, would it be a far-fetched conclusion?The intelligent people who could create a Bhindranwale, or a Raj Thackeray , to 'defeat' one or the other political opponent, could also be trusted to repeat the feat elsewhere.So, this time, the police version is not to be distrusted or questioned. The first suspicion aboutpolice action is reserved for the Batla House fraternity. Hindu monks do not deserve it.The term 'Hindu terrorism' looks so attractive to secularists. Proof, evidence, and final acquittalmay take year. But the articles, front page edits, condemnations, further isolation, and corneringof the saffron side, would help someone. That's enough for today.That this way may turn more dangerous tomorrow is not understood by the perpetrators of thesecular pogrom of words against the Hindu Right. Every nation has a soul and a colour. India'ssoul is Hindu civilisation and the colour is saffron. Samuel Huntington described America as aLatin Christian nation, and it doesn't make her any less to give other communities second-classcitizenship.It may be the first time in its four hundred years of democratic history that a Black might be swornin as President, who would take oath on the Bible. Who would demand that it's an unhealthytradition, as non-Christians also built America? Traditions, colours and the inner core are alwayssacred and nations preserve them at all costs. If the same elements are humiliated and turnedinto icons of shame, nothing remains except a dead, meaningless smoke of rootless words.India's Hinduness is that essential element to define this nation. We can't be explained throughSaudis, Marx or Bethlehem. Or through Arabic or Latin or Persian. India is explained by theGanga, Krishna, Ram and Gandhi. By Kumbh Mela, Sanskrit chanting, lighting of the lamp,Namaste, the Vedas, Guru Nanak's teachings, Guru Gobind Singh's valour, Buddha's global

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