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Geronimo 031128

Geronimo 031128

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Published by Jeff Troth

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Published by: Jeff Troth on Dec 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November 28, 2003Vol. I No. 3Task Force 1-501st PIR, FOB Salerno, Afghanistan 
Task Force 1-501st PIRengineers helped build astronger relationship be-tween the Americans atFOB Salerno and the neigh-boring town of Khowst.The Headquarters Com-pany soldiers used their skillsto ensure a prayer site wasfree of mines. Around20,000 Muslims were ex-pected at the site Tuesdayto celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, atime for pray and to eatsnack food after Ramadan,a month of daylight fasting.The Afghanistan MilitiaForce requested assistancefrom TF 1-501, in hopesof stopping any attempt bythe anti-coalition militia todisrupt the celebration inorder to show that the newgovernment and militarycould not protect its ownpeople.“We went to clear the areabecause of their festival,”said Spc. AntonioRodriguez, Engineer pla-toon. “It was a good mis-sion to me, we used the minedetectors a lot, plus we gotto help the Afghans.”The engineers used fourteams to clear the area. Thefirst team member walkedthe site, which was largerthan three football fields,and swept it with an AN/ PSS-12 mine detector.When a metal object wasdetected in the ground thearea was marked with redspray paint.This brought into play thesecond member of the team,who using a probe and theirhands cleared away the dirtto expose what had set off the detector. The majority of the hits turned out to be nailsor aluminum – no mineswere found.“Since we didn’t haveEOD with us, the plan wasto blow any mines we foundin place,” Rodriguez said.The sappers were not theonly ones that put them-selves in harm’s way to en-sure a peaceful celebration.While the engineers werebusy clearing the area, sol-diers from 2nd Platoon,Company C and 1st Pla-toon, Detachment D pulledsecurity around the site.“They did a good jobkeeping the people awayfrom us, we were able to doour job without worrying
Sappers ensure safe celebration
Story and Photos by Staff Sgt. Jeff Troth
Gunner Spc. Ramone Rodriguez and Pfc. Bryce Standley,both Company C, guard against an anti-coalition militia attack.Spc. Ernesto Rojas sweeps for mines while Spc. Antonio Rodriguez probes a possible contact.
See MINES page 3
The GeronimoNovember 28, 2003
This is an unofficial Army newsletter, authorized under the provisionsof AR 360-1, and published by the 1/501st PIR Public Affairs Office. Edito-rial views and opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of theDepartment of the Army or the 1/501st PIR. All submissions to
are subject to editing.The Geronimo can also be found at:
.Questions or comments should be directed to: 1/501st Public AffairsOffice. DNVT 318-580-3067.Battalion CommanderLt. Col. Harry C. Glenn IIIEditorStaff Sgt. Jeff Troth
News briefsThe World
Laundry Days
Laundry drop off procedures have changed. Soldiersare no longer authorized to drop off their own laundry.Due to the increased number of personnel on FOB Sal-erno laundry will be dropped off with your unit supplythe day prior to your unit's day, which is listed below.SaturdayFSC and Attached UnitsSundayHQ CompanyMondayCompany ATuesdayCompany BWednesdayCompany CThursdayDetachment D and Battery E
Free Books
Books and magazines are available for your readingenjoyment at the Hard Rock Cafe. Once finished withthem bring them back so that others may read them.If you have any books or magazines you are throughwith, instead of throwing them away, recycle them at theHard Rock Cafe. Help out your fellow task force sol-diers.
Defense Bill
President Bush signed a $401.3 billion defense bill,which includes a 4.15% pay rise.
Debris hits space station
The U.S.-Russian crew of the international space sta-tion heard what sounded like a "tin can" being crushedagainst the outer hull, but Russian space officials saidthe men were safe and there were no immediate signs of damage.
Tiger pops question
Tiger Woods and his Swedish girlfriend, ElinNordegren, are engaged. He proposed while in Fancourt,South Africa for the President's Cup.
Dolphins feast on Cowboys
Jay Fiedler and Chris Chambers connect for threetouchdown passes and Fiedler ran for another, leadingthe Miami Dolphins to 40-21 victory over the DallasCowboys Thursday.
The GeronimoNovember 28, 2003
Story and photo byStaff Sgt. Sharon McBrideU.S. Army Alaska PAO
— Thechildren of Ursa Minor are as busyas elves doing up care packages forsoldiers of the 1-501 Airborne Task Force, which recently departed forAfghanistan.As a part of the “Adopt-A-Platoon” program that originated atthe school, students are creating giftbags, goodies, personal letters andpoems and other items that will bringthe small comforts of home a littlecloser to the soldiers while they arein Central Asia.“The goal is to send somethingover every one to one-and-half months for the duration of theirdeployment,” said Lori Patin, FamilySchool Services coordinator.Out of 250 students whoattend Ursa Minor, 40parents are now in CentralAsia participating in Opera-tion Enduring Freedom.And so far, the program hasbeen a great success, notonly for the troops but forthe children and spouseswho have been left behind.“It’s turned into a greatway to talk about the deploy-ment in a positive way, and toassure (the children) that theirparents are being taken careof,” said Patin.Because of the program,more spouses of deployedtroops have begun volun-teering at the school.“Some spouses that haven’t beeninvolved with volunteering at theschool before are now coming inevery day,” said Patin. “It’s makingthe time go by faster for them.”Dionne Jones, wife of Sgt.Edward Jones, is one of them.“This is our first deployment, but
Always onmy mind
Angela Arroyo along with other children of UrsaMinor Elementary School make Christmas cardsfor TF 1-501st PIR soldiers in Afghanistan.
this is why he joined the military,”said Jones, adding that she doesn’tmind volunteering at the schoolbecause three of their five kidsattend Ursa Minor.“Besides going to college andtaking care of the kids, it helps topass the time,” she said.about getting shot by theenemy,” Rodriguez said.For the infantrymen thismission was different thanothers the Task Force hadalready done.“This was a request fromthe AMF, they set the loca-tion, the time and the route,”briefed Company C Com-mander Capt. JasonCondrey, to his troops be-fore they rolled out the gate.“Assume that the missionhas already been compro-mised.”This put the soldiers on aheightened sense of aware-ness for the drive throughKhowst and on location.Luckily nothing occurredand once the engineers com-pleted their job, Condreyhanded off the cleared areato the AMF, who guardedit until the Eid-al-Fitr cel-ebration.“The mission was an ab-solute success, there wereno incidents and we clearedtheir prayer site for the fes-tival,” Condrey said. “Itshows that we are here tohelp the people and to pro-vide a safe and secure areafor them.”
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Spc. JesseEnos,HeadquartersCompany (onladder) andPfc. AaronJackson,Detachment D,put thefinishingtouches on theGeronimocrest, whichadorns thefront of theTask Force 1-501st PIRTacticalOperationsCenter.
Photo by Staff Sgt. Jeff Troth

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