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Startup Essentials Customer Story

Startup Essentials Customer Story



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Published by Stewart Townsend
Learn how Every City Scaled their offering from Day 1 using Startup Essentials
Learn how Every City Scaled their offering from Day 1 using Startup Essentials

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Published by: Stewart Townsend on Oct 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Customer Success Story
Success at a glance
EveryCity Ltd. provides what the British callbespoke or customized managed hostingservices for Web 2.0 startups, digital agencies,corporate and e-commerce clients. EveryCity'sfocus is on providing customers with scalablehigh-bandwidth solutions on manageddedicated servers, coupled with lots of hands-on support and advice.“Our clients are creating all sorts of amazingapplications, systems, and sites, and withoutthe correct hosting infrastructure behindthem, they can fall down,” says DuncanMalcolm, the commercial director of EveryCity.“It’s our belief that service providers need toremove themselves from their fixed-servicemodels and concentrate on being much moreadaptable to the clients’ needs.”Sun Microsystems became an important partof EveryCity’s strategy once the companybegan looking for an IT solutions providerthat could support it over the long haul. SaysMalcolm: “We decided to go for Sun for a lotof reasons. We liked how well-thought-outeverything is: looking at the Sun products, allof the features and functionality make sense.”EveryCity has purchased a number of Sun Fire™X2100 M2 servers. Along with appreciating theserver's power and performance, EveryCity'sTechnical Director Alasdair Lumsden says helikes the attention to detail. For example, thecase doesn’t have any sharp edges; the drivecaddy comes included with the server; andthe servers always come with the same chipsrather than a selection of the cheapest onesavailable at the time. In addition, Sun FireX2100 M2 servers have four network ports,and, says Lumsden, “We have no problemusing all of them.”Lumsden is also very keen on the ILOM featurein the Sun Fire X2100 M2 servers. It enablesEveryCity engineers to actively manage andmonitor the servers independently of theoperating system. “Our guys can respondto client problems immediately, no matterwhere they are. That’s a huge asset for us,because it saves us the time and resourcesspent driving around from site to site. It’salso better for the environment, which isimportant to us,” says Lumsden.Through the Sun Startup Essentials™ program,EveryCity was able to obtain a 30 percentdiscount on the cost of the Sun Fire X2100M2 servers, but that was hardly the bestpart of the program. As Malcolm explains,“The Startup Essentials program is likeeverything else Sun builds—well-planned.”The Startup Essentials program is designedspecifically to help startups hit the groundrunning with features including free emailtechnical support and community-basedforums and events designed to answerquestions on topics and technologiesmost common for startup companies.
Business Issues
Install powerful, energy-efficient serversBuild scalable platforms atan affordable priceMake connections with companiesthat need help building andexploiting Web 2.0 technologies
Leveraging the Sun Startup Essentialsprogram, EveryCity migrated from anenvironment that was composed primarilyof Dell servers to a scalable, energy-efficient, and affordable Sun platform.
Business Results
Secured 30% savings on Sun FireX2100 M2 servers by joining SunStartup Essentials programConnected with potential customersand business partners at SunStartup Essentials eventsReduced reaction time to customercomplaints 100% by using Sun’sIntegrated Lights Out Management(ILOM) server feature
Sun Fire X2100 M2 ServerSolaris Operating SystemSun Startup Essentials
URL Reference
Sun Startup Essentials™ Program Powers Fast-Growing Managed HostingService Provider
Every City Ltd.
EveryCity Ltd. provides a range of managed hosting servicesincluding specific offerings to Web 2.0 startup companies anddigital agencies. The London-based company positions itself as a specialist in delivering custom-made managed hostingsolutions along with scalable high bandwidth solutions onmanaged dedicated servers.

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