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Question Bank

Question Bank

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Published by Ankur Singh

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Published by: Ankur Singh on Dec 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Topic 1DS. Name the type of bugs which can be related with coding of a program?Ans – It can be syntax error and a syntactical errors.AS. Being a tester what will be your role in software development. What can be bestrequired from a software tester?Ans –
To find the bugs
To find the bugs and find them as early as possible
To find the bugs, find them as early as possible and make sure they get fixed.
Required from a good software tester 
Must be explorer 
Must be a troubleshooter 
Must be relentless, keeps on trying
Must be creative, perfectionists
Must have a good judgment
Must be tactful and diplomaticDL.Define the term software bug. If there is a bug what can be possible causes for it.Also discuss its role over cost of software project?Ans – Anything which makes a software to behave abnormally then required are calledas bugs its major causes can be1.SW doesn’t do something the specification says it should do.2.SW does something the specification says it shouldn’t do.3.SW does something the specification doesn’t mention.4.SW doesn’t do something the specification doesn’t mention but should.5.SW is difficult to understand, hard to use, slow, or – in the tester’s eyes – will beviewed by the end user as just plain not right.The bug can have following impacts over the cost of software project
Found early might cost next to nothing or very low
If found until the software is coded and tested might be manageable.
If customer finds it, then it can be thousands or even millions of dollars.LA. For developing a software for hospital compare the implementation of softwareimplementation models Big-Band model, Code-and-Fix model, and waterfall model?Ans -
The Waterfall Model
consists of the following main steps:
1. Requirements Analysis.2. System Design and Program Design.3. Coding.4. Testing.
Disadvantages of the Waterfall Model:
You can not think out all the detailed requirements and goals at the beginning of most projects. Sometime you have to go further and then you can get moreinformation to do the job. The model does not accommodate this natural uncertaintyvery well.1.The Waterfall Model does not tell how to transfer from one stage to another.2. Practically, there are a few project which always follow the sequential steps thatthe model proposes.
Developing a system using the
Waterfall Model 
does not yield a working versionof the system until late in the process.The Code-And-Fix Model
Team falls in it automatically when they don’t want to use something else.2.Starts with a rough idea, dose some simple design and then proceeds into a longrepeating cycle of coding, testing and fixing bugs. And finally product is released.3.Least overhead for planning and documenting, results can be shownimmediately.The Big-Bang Model
1.Very little planning, scheduling and formal development process.2.Maximum time for developing the software and writing the code.3.There is one starting point but release date is flexible.Topic 2DS. Sometimes we can’t make it sure that a software can be completely tested. Whatcan be the reasons?Ans -
number of possible inputs is very large. –The number of possible outputs is very large. –The number of paths through the software is very large. –The software specification is subjective. You might say that a bug is in theeye of the beholder.AS.Taking two numbers as Inputs for additions give examples when it can be accurateresults and when it can be more précised?Ans – the more result is same as actual output that will be accurate, if that is not asrequired in actual output then it will be précised output. The following situations canoccur with output1.It can be neither accurate nor précised2.It can be précised, but not accurate3.It is accurate, but not précised4.It can be accurate and précisedDL.Define the terms verification, validation, quality, reliability, testing and qualityassurance in general and what relevance they can have with software project?Ans –
Verification is the process confirming that something software meets itsspecification.Validation is the process confirming that it meets the user's requirements.
Quality and Reliability

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