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Hair Care2

Hair Care2

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Published by beautybeingteam

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Published by: beautybeingteam on Dec 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.
Collection 2
Want to know the 15 secrets supermodels and makeup artistsare trying to keep to themselves? Discover 
 their best secrets here.
Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.
Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.
Chlorine Damaged Hair Treatment
As humans, our hair is generally made from the same kind of stuff as our nails. You might think that, given this, the term “tough as nails” could apply to your hair, but actually, hair can be prettyfragile. Too much wind, too much sun, too much washing, and too much styling, not enoughwashing, and not enough brushing are just examples of ways that hair can get damaged. Chlorinedamaged hair is one of the worst kinds of damaged hair. Luckily, it’s possible to prevent some of the havoc that harsh chlorine can wreak on your hair so that you won’t have to go to the salon for damaged hair treatment.
Your Hair, the Swimming Pool, and You
 Swimming might be one of the best ways to tone the body and keep fit, but unless you have a personal, Olympic-sized pool filled with pure spring water infused with lavender oil or something, expect to get some nasty, chlorine damaged hair at a public swimming pool after youtake the plunge. After all, the best way to disinfect pool water and give it that nice, clear bluecolor is to put chlorine in it. Chlorine might ensure that you won’t be swimming in green slime, but it’s still a pretty harsh chemical, and it can really do a number on a person’s skin and hair. – especially your hair.
Chlorine Damaged Hair
 Chlorine might kill off bacteria really effectively, but in high concentrations, it’s actually a bitcorrosive, and it can also strip hair of its protective oils. This makes your hair much moreabsorbent and prone to breakage and split ends. Without the oils that keep hair nourished and protected, hair can become really dull-looking and unmanageable.If you have curly or wavy hair, having chlorine damaged hair can mean that you could be facinga really bad case of the frizzies. If you have light-colored hair, watch out: the chlorine can makeheavy metals –like iron, copper, and manganese- in the water stick to your hair and leave it witha sickly, greenish color.Exposing your crowning glory to this kind of nastiness just once can be pretty bad for your hair,and if you’re on the swim team or swim regularly for exercise, you could be looking at someseriously chlorine damaged hair.

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