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Impact 2011 Leading Indicators Report View

Impact 2011 Leading Indicators Report View

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Published by: United Way of Central Ohio on Dec 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GIVE. AdVocAtE. VoluntEEr. lIVE unItEd.
AdVAncInG thE common Good
impact 2011
This report was prepared in partnership with Community Research Partners.
Roberta F. Garber, Execuve DirectorEben Dowell, Senior Research Associate300 E. Broad St., Suite 490Columbus, OH 43215t: 614-224-5917 f: 614-224-8132www.communityresearchpartners.orgwww.ohioworkforcecoalion.orgwww.datasourcecolumbus.org
Community Research Partners is a nonprot research center based in Columbus that strengthens communies through data,informaon, and knowledge. Since 2000, CRP has undertaken over 230 research, evaluaon, and data projects on a wide array of issues, both within and outside of central Ohio.
Table of Contents
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StEpS towArd AchIEVInG Bold GoAlS or cEntrAl ohIo
Uned Wy o cenrl Oho hs enered no  new er n our ledersh role s lys or ouny hnge by seng nne bous 10-yer Bold Golsor dvnng he oon good.
the Bold Gols ous on he neronneed res o Eduon, inoe, Helh nd Hoe. these our res reresen he buldngbloks o  good le by ensurng h every eber o our ouny hs  quly eduon h leds o  roduve reer,enough noe o suor  ly hrough rereen, good helh, nd  se le o lve. When hey re heved n 2020,ore eole n enrl Oho wll reh her ull oenl.
w we ms A n
For ny yers, Uned Wy o cenrl Oho (UWcO) hs been ddressng he roo uses o soe o he os erssen roblesh we e n our ouny. However, gven he hngng eono envronen nd he nresng dend on helh ndhun serve genes, now s he e o eleve our eors nd ree syse-wde hnge.the Bold Gols wll enble us o heve he knd o esurble, susnble resuls h wll rove lves n our ounynd ree he lsng hnge h srenghens our ouny — nd hels ll o us, boh ody, nd oorrow, oo.
h we devee e B Gas
Over 300 voluneer exers ro he elds o busness, governen, helh nd hun serves nd eduon worked whUWcO o develo he Bold Gols.the Bold Gols re he ulnon o  orehensve se o sreges nd erorne esures ld ou n he sregrework h gudes UWcO’s work. the Bold Gols reresen  wy or us o buld on our revous work, seng ler rgesor brod-bsed hnge.UWcO’s Bold Gols suor he 10-yer gols Uned Wy Worldwde se n 2008. the rogress de hrough he Bold Gols nenrl Oho wll srenghen nd nor rogress de on  nonwde level.
h we wi Aieve e B Gas
UWcO wll use our exensve relonshs hroughou enrl Oho o hon he Bold Gols nd brng rners ogeherro ross he ouny o heve he. We wll lso use he Bold Gols s key rer or deernng rogr undngn he uure.We wll hold ourselves nd our rners ounble or hevng he Bold Gols nd wll use se, onree ers, bsed onlol, se nd ederl d o esure our rogress. We wll djus our rogrs nd rohes s needed o ensure hwe re kng he os eeve use o our resoures nd nvesens.
uie wa  cea oi Ia Aeas, ci ress, a B Gas
ImpActArEAcommunIty rESultS10-yEAr Bold GoAlS: 2010 - 2020
       E       d       u       c       A       t       I       o       n
Kndergren Rednessinrese he erenge o young hldren enerng kndergren n Frnklncouny ubl shool dsrs who sore n he o wo sreenng egores o heKndergren Redness assessen-Lery (KRa-L) ro 75.8% o 85%.Hgh Shool Grduoninrese he erenge o sudens who grdue ro hgh shool n Frnklncouny ubl shool dsrs ro 89.1% o 95%.
       I       n       c       o       m       E
Food, Sheler &Eergeny asssneEnsure h 100% o he eole who ess our ouny eergeny suorsyses reeve ood, sheler, or shor-er nnl sssne.Fnnl SblyRedue by 20% he nuber o households n Frnkln couny lvng below n noelevel h llows he o ee bs needs.
       h       E       A       l       t       h
Brrers o aessngHelh creRedue by hl he nuber o eole n Frnkln couny whou  regulr soure ohelh re.Fness & Nuroninrese he nuber o eole n he colubus merooln are who heve helhy wegh o rnk ong he o 5 orble ounes n he UnedSes.Dsser & Eergenyprerednessprere one n hree Frnkln couny resdens o resond o ouny-wdedssers nd ndvdul eergenes.
       h       o       m       E
Se NeghborhoodsRedue re by 30% n ve rory neghborhoods — Frnklnon, Kng-Lnoln,Norhlnd, Ner Souh Sde, nd Wenlnd prk.Se & Deen HousngRedue vn nd bndoned housng by one-hrd n ve rory neghborhoods —Frnklnon, Kng-Lnoln, Norhlnd, Ner Souh Sde, nd Wenlnd prk.
measig  pgess
UWcO s oed o workng wh he ouny, our ny rners nd ollborors o ke d-drven desons hhel us ogeher sy on he h o hevng our gols or enrl Oho.
Advancing the Common Good - Impact 2011
refesour ongong oen o hs eor. ths reor hs been dvded no wo seons:
2010 Impact-At-A-Glance 
Bold Goals Leading Indicators 2011
2010 Impact-At-A-Glance 
nludes d olleed n he res o Eduon, inoe, Helh, nd Hoe h douens ourrogress gns he Bold Gols over he ls yer. i kes no oun ll o UWcO’s work, nludng rogr nd nvenvesens, dvoy, voluneer nd ouny enggeen s well s ouny rnershs.the ndors resened n he
Bold Goals Leading Indicators 2011
seon o hs reor rk our sus, s  ouny,relve o eh o he nne ouny resuls dened whn Eduon, inoe, Helh nd Hoe. For eh o he nneouny resuls,  Bold Gol hs been dened s well s  se ndor o reresen rogress gns he gol. UWcOunded rogr ndors re reored s well s ulle ouny level ndors whh ore ully llusre hnges n heouny. the Bold Gol Ledng indors no only gve us noron bou he sus o our ouny ody, bu llow uso undersnd hnges we ould exe o see n our ouny oorrow. 

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