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Miracle Fruit Plant Growing Tips

Miracle Fruit Plant Growing Tips

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Published by Jay Price
Courtesy of MiracleFruitHut
Courtesy of MiracleFruitHut

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Published by: Jay Price on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Grow Miracle Fruit Plant(Please take time to read carefully in order to get good plant)
It isvery importantthat you open your package immediately soaked all part of the plant inwater.
(It is normal that some leaves rot and may fall out(30%). Just remove these from the plant.Our Recommended Steps (I already provided big plastic bag) Picture 2
Remove the plant carefully from the box And Take out of the plastic bag.2.
Immediately put the plants root and leave into water for half hour to get fresh after long trip. 
( If youhave vitamin B1 root starter and/or anti mold powder please mix with the water, picture 1).
Plant in an 8” pot or suitable pot and then
water one more time
. Completely cover the plant with aplastic cover.
You Must Tied the bag closely
.(Picture 2)(This is the most Important Process, must do immediately!!!)*4.
There is no need to water anymore if it still wet or moist. Keep an eye on the soil to make sure itdoesn’t dry out (
normally it will not dry out if you seal the bag well but its best to check aroundthe 15
Place the plant in
indirect sunlight
(50% sun ) or morning sun, not to put in dark place, the plantneeds light to grow.6.
60-90 days or more
or after it grows 2-3 new strong leaves or new roots, then take it outplastic early in the morning or late evening, give water, then put theplant
in less sunlight than thefirst ,give full water daily when outside the bag,in order for the plant to adjust theirenvironment condition (for two week),
The plant will grow better outside your house in filter sunarea or under big tree.(
must keep in the bag about 60-90 days
or more to make sure the plant renew itself 
.)(If there any
or black leaf just take it off or spray the mold off and return back to the bag, those moldcan not harm the plant, but take out the bag early will harm the plant)
(You can make sure by sending me your plant photo in plastic bag, I will confirmed that it is right or wrong)Note: For those who got the tall(30”-45”) plant I provided 2 bags in the box. Please connectthe bag together (as the picture) with no hole no air flow. But if you could not connect 2 bagtogether just cover only the top part is fine. But to cover all with pot is better and no need much care.
No.7(MUST DO) 60-90 daysor more is amust,water20days/timeno need toopen thebag andspray water
(MUST DO) Keep inplastic bag60-90 daysor more 
1.cover all is the best way-2. If can’t connect the bag then=Question1.
How do I know that my plant is growing well and ready to take out of the bag?A. You can watch for young small leaves they should come up after 30-60 days.B. The roots should create new white small roots after 30-60 days as well. how should I know that?B.1 By open the bag and up side down the pot to see it.(
Don’t do often as it may damage the roots
).A B
 B.1 Condition after 30-60 Daysstill must kept in the bag for stronger.2.
How do I know that the soil is not dry in the bag?A.
Open the bag and use your finger, dip into the soil about 1-2”inches as the surface will dry quicker.B.
By watch the surface of the soil or see the soil inside the pot by upside down the pot. (Like pictureQuestion1 Pic. B)C.
Normally the soil will not so dry during 1 month, not to over water.3.
How do I know that the bag covers the plant property.A.
If you see the water evaporating inside, that means that inside is still very moist.(see pictures below)Moistened Well
Not Moistened

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