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Aircraft Piracy (hijacking) and destruction of derelict airborne objects

Aircraft Piracy (hijacking) and destruction of derelict airborne objects

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Published by Teleprison.com
Document stripping NORAD of its authority to intercept hijacked aircraft. Written June of 2001
Document stripping NORAD of its authority to intercept hijacked aircraft. Written June of 2001

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Published by: Teleprison.com on Oct 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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J-3 CJCSI 3610.01ADISTRIBUTION: A, B, C, J, S 1 June 2001AIRCRAFT PIRACY (HIJACKING) AND DESTRUCTION OF DERELICTAIRBORNE OBJECTSReferences: See Enclosure D.1. Purpose. This instruction provides guidance to the Deputy Directorfor Operations (DDO), National Military Command Center (NMCC), andoperational commanders in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking) orrequest for destruction of derelict airborne objects.2. Cancellation. CJCSI 3610.01, 31 July 1997.3. Applicability. This instruction applies to the Joint Staff, Services,unified commands, and the US Element, North American AerospaceDefense Command (USELEMNORAD).4. Policy.a. Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) of Civil and Military Aircraft. Pursuantto references a and b, the Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration(FAA), has exclusive responsibility to direct law enforcement activityrelated to actual or attempted aircraft piracy (hijacking) in the “specialaircraft jurisdiction” of the United States. When requested by theAdministrator, Department of Defense will provide assistance to theselaw enforcement efforts. Pursuant to reference c, the NMCC is the focalpoint within Department of Defense for providing assistance. In theevent of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditiousmeans by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediateresponses as authorized by reference d, forward requests for DODassistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval. DOD assistance tothe FAA will be provided in accordance with reference d. Additionalguidance is provided in Enclosure A.
CJCSI 3610.01A1 June 20012b. Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) Preventive Measures for Military andMilitary Contract Aircraft. Reference c outlines general policy andauthority of military commanders to protect and secure property undertheir command. References f and g provide policy and guidance forcommanders on dealing with terrorism, and information for reducingvulnerability of DOD personnel, their family members, facilities, andmateriel to acts of terrorism. Additional guidance is provided inEnclosure B.(1) A concerted effort will be made to prevent piracy (hijacking) of military or military contract aircraft by initiating security measuresdesigned to minimize vulnerabilities and by stopping potential hijackersbefore they board the aircraft.(2) If preventive measures fail, any attempt to hijack a militaryaircraft will, if practicable, be resisted.(3) Assistance to hijacked aircraft will be rendered, as requested,by the aircraft commander, and as approved by the authority exercisingoperational control of the counter hijacking effort.c. Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects. Derelict airborne objects(for example, unmanned free balloons, moored balloons or kites,unmanned non-nuclear rockets or missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) or remotely operated vehicles (ROV)) are a potential threat topublic safety. Military personnel may, upon request, be required totrack and destroy such objects. The NMCC is the focal point for anyrequests for DOD assistance in tracking and destroying derelictairborne objects. With the exception of immediate responses asauthorized by reference d, the NMCC will forward all requests for suchassistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval. Enclosure Dprovides additional guidance.5. Definitions. Terms used in this instruction are in the Glossary.6. Responsibilities.
The DDO, NMCC, is designated as the DODcoordinating authority between the FAA and operational commanders.As such, the DDO will forward all requests or proposals for DODmilitary assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval, with theexception of immediate responses as defined by reference d. TheServices, unified commands, and USELEMNORAD are responsible forcompliance with this instruction and any other directives, laws, orinternational agreements involving aircraft piracy (hijacking) or derelictairborne object incidents. Records and logs for aircraft piracy
CJCSI 3610.01A1 June 20013(hijacking) and destruction of derelict airborne object situations will bemaintained for a minimum of 90 days to permit later reconstruction of the sequence of events. Records and logs requiring longer retention byother directives will be retained accordingly.7. Summary of Changesa. Unmanned vehicles (UAV, ROV) added to the description of possible derelict airborne objects.b. Statutory Authority for Responding to Aircraft Piracy enclosureremoved and added to reference list.c. In various places throughout the document,
wasreplaced with
 d. FAA Order 7610.4J, 3 November 1998,
Special MilitaryOperations,
was added as a reference.8. Releasability. This instruction is approved for public release;distribution is unlimited. DOD components (to include the combatantcommands), other Federal agencies, and the public may obtain copies of this instruction through the Internet from the CJCS Directives HomePage--http://www.dtic.mil/doctrine. Copies are also available throughthe Government Printing Office on the Joint Electronic Library CD-ROM.9. Effective Date. This instruction is effective upon receipt.S. A. FRY
Vice Admiral, U.S. NavyDirector, Joint StafEnclosures:A--Instructions for Use in Piracy (Hijacking) of Civil Aircraft and MilitaryAircraftB--Instructions for Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) Preventive Measures forMilitary and Military Contract AircraftC--Instructions for Destruction of Derelict Airborne ObjectsD--References

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