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Assignment 1 Organisational Behaviour 0911

Assignment 1 Organisational Behaviour 0911

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Published by Joe Hizul
My Organisational Behaviour essay on Office Politics
My Organisational Behaviour essay on Office Politics

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Published by: Joe Hizul on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Office politics are inherent in any work environment. Because office politics are prevalent,one must understand the role they play in a person’s advancement in the business world.This assignment has been done for the Organisational Behaviour subject for Asia eUniversity (AeU) MBA course, with the purpose of trying to understand and explainorganisational politics. For the purpose of completing this assignement, I had madearrangement to talk with a Senior Manager in my own organization and interview thisperson on the subject.Since the nature of the interview is sensitive, all personal information will remainconfidential. The interviewee will only be identified as Puan S.Puan S is in her late 40s and has been working with the company for almost 8 years now.She heads the placement office, and is the main communication channel between studentsand the industry.The interviewed that I arranged with her lasted for 40 minutes. I started by giving a brief explanation on the purpose of the interview. Once Puan S had given her consent for theconversation to be recorded, the interview session went without a hitch.The details of the interview are as laid out in the body text in the
Interview Finding 
in thenext page.
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INTERVIEW FINDINGDefine, from your understanding and experience, organisational (office) politics.
Office politics or organisational politics exist since time immemorial in every service,business, private and public organization. Office politics is bad , sometimes it delaysorganisations to ‘prosper and in many instances if management fails to control it, willsmother young , aspiring executives, who become disillusioned by weak , ill –conceivedand poor decisions, resulting in mistrust, managing and promoting nepotism and lack oclarity in managing towards the organisational goals. Poor management decisionsultimately results in high turnover of human resource. Office politics often is the cause omany casualties along the road to corporate goal.Office politics may be able to encourage certain individuals to become competitive, over-bearing and with the perceived concept of so- called being powerful and favoured . Thismisconstrued perception is conceived by stifling innovation and creativity or squeezingresources where its due at the expense of genuine, hardworking , productive individualswho will ultimately leave the organisation after experiencing disillusionment ,overwhelmed by negative kickbacks from upper management.Office politics thrive in an environment where management is controlled by a singleshareholder individual or a group of individuals , normally the CEO and his henchmen ,who are also the major shareholders of the company . The CEO is often surrounded byambitious managers who crave for attention and possibly promotion. Office Politicsnormally develop when a few individuals feel threatened, unsafe , insecure and soperceived the need to protect their turf by sabotaging the work of others and preventsothers from getting the limelight and recognition.
From your own working experience, please give an example of an office politicsincident that you had been involved with. Please be as elaborate as possible. Pleasestate whether you’re the instigator or recipient of this incident.
I was never an instigator in Office politics because I consider myself independent and hasthe capability to handle any project based on my own initiative and capability .My responsibility is to ensure that every student who graduates from the University ismarketable and gets a job worthy of the academic rigour that they went through from
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Diploma to Degree in the field that they have chosen to specialise in . For more thanseven years I have not failed to plan, strategise, coach , counselled and train hundredsof graduates from many fields of study for the job market , a job which entails totalcommitment to ensure a successful future for all aspiring graduates .For the past seven years I hold a record that surpasses even my own expectation allmost 100 % graduates secured jobs immediately upon completing their study, a record100% success at graduate employability . The Ministry Of Higher education hasconsidered graduate employability as crucial to the future of the economic growth of Malaysia and for this to happen someone need to be committed enough to guide studentstowards making them marketable.My unit though small in comparison to other departments , is vital to the University’sability to maintain its reputation as an institution that ensures that its graduates are not jobless upon graduation . My responsibility is to ensure that all graduates are guidedand that they are given the opportunity to complete their studies and gain employmentupon completion of studies. The consistent success of my work over the years hasdrawn various kinds of reactions from my colleagues – envy, jealousy, sceptical , andsometimes taken for granted . But one thing for sure- every manager wishes toundertake this portfolio to share in its glory, but not really knowing how demanding the joband responsibility really is . This is to the extent that my success should not be reportedto the Ministry. For three years the 100% success rate of graduates being employed uponcompletion was not reported to the Ministry by the liaison Officer , for some unknownreason or other . Only the CEO knows how crucial it is for it branding .This orchestrated failure to report the University’s success is construed as ‘ fear of being‘not required, ‘we will be queried ’, or it is unbelievable , etc, The Ministry would probeinto the programme and many other reasons was of course unfounded. The Ministry mayprobe to study why it was a success , who handles it and how can others emulate thisuniversity so that others can benefit . Whatever was the reason it boils down to beingridiculous and sheer naïve of the capability of someone who is capable of managing for the good of others. To my mind It was just a ploy by one or two individuals who areenvious of someone’s capability . Thus , the directive that it should not be reported !The simple reason is that they were not willing to see someone gets the credit ! So
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