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E-Newsletter - Newsletter - ALBASEERAH.ORG - Facilitating the Opportunities for Female Du`aat by the Noble Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Baaz ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬

E-Newsletter - Newsletter - ALBASEERAH.ORG - Facilitating the Opportunities for Female Du`aat by the Noble Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Baaz ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬

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Published by Mountainofknowledge
E-Newsletter - Newsletter - ALBASEERAH.ORG - Facilitating the Opportunities for Female Du`aat by the Noble Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Baaz ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬
E-Newsletter - Newsletter - ALBASEERAH.ORG - Facilitating the Opportunities for Female Du`aat by the Noble Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Baaz ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬

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Published by: Mountainofknowledge on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Facilitating the Opportunities for Female Du`aat
By the Noble Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Baa
Inside this Issue:
Mates of Paradise Page 2
Explanation of a Women’s deficiencyin intellect and Deen Page 3
Characteristics of the Salafo womanPage 4
`Aaishah—A Role Model Page 5
Quiz Page 6
Fataawa Page 7And MORE...
was asked if there any way to facilitate theopportunities (for da’wah) for thefemale callers to Allaah
? He repliedas follows:I do not know of anything that shouldprevent this. Whenever there is a woman present who is qualified to giveda’wah to Allaah
, she should beaided and it should be requested of herto direct/provide guidance to womenbecause they are in need of femaleadvisors/guiders of their own kind. The presence of a female calleramongst women may be morebeneficial (to them) in conveying theda’wah to the path of the truth, than aman. A woman maybe too shy to tell a manabout the issues that concern her, orthere may be something that preventsher from listening to the da’wah froma man, but this is not the case whenshe is with a female caller because shemixes with her, relates to her what sheis concerned with and she is alsoaffected by a female caller more (thana man).So it is imperative upon those whohave knowledge from amongst the women to perform what is
(compulsory) upon them in relation toda’wah and directing (other women) toeverything that is good according tothe best of their abilities, As Allaah
{Invite/call (mankind, OMuhammad
) to the way of yourLord (i.e. Islaam) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Revelation and theQur'aan) and fair preaching, andargue with them in a way that isbetter.}
[An Nahl 16:125]
{Say (O Muhammad
): "This ismy way; I invite/call to Allaah (i.e.to the Oneness of Allaah - IslaamicMonotheism) with sure knowledge,I and whosoever follows me..}
 [Yusuf 12:108]
(Continued on page 4)
Shaban1431 July 2010 Volume 2 — Issue 2 
lhamdulillaah, with the blessingsand Tawfeeq from Allaah, the Administration of Masjid AhlulQur’aan wa Sunnah is very pleased andjoyful to inform you that phase 2 of Major construction has commenced.and it is expected that the steelstructure will be completed by July 11.Once this work has been completed, we will be able to generate anestimated completion date. It is ourgoal to have this project completed intime for Ramadan and as such, we aremaking every effort to achieve thisgoal. However, we still need yoursupport – please continue to donategenerously of your financial and otherresources and continue to make Du’aafor the success of this project.In addition to the building project, thebrothers in the administration havebeen hard at work in organizing programs to help raise money. Alhamdulillaah, our last barbecue wasa great success. We served almost 1300plates and raised $15,000. We thank our
dear brother Shabhaz Ghani
Masjid Ahlul Quraan Wa Sunnah !
A house of Allaah being built only for the sake of Allaah Alone.
Page 2 Al Baseerah
eyes could delight in and you willabide therein forever.}
[43:71]It is well known that marriage is from what the souls greatly desire, and itoccurs in Jannah for the people of  Jannah - be they male or female. Asfor the woman, Allaah
gives her inmarriage to her husband who was herspouse in this worldly life; as Allaah
{Our Lord! And make thementer the 'Adn Paradise (everlastingGardens) which you have promisedthem – and to the righteous amongtheir fathers, their wives, and theiroffspring! Verily, You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.}
[Ghaafir 40:8]If she had two husbands during herlife, then on the Day of Judgment she
wasposed to the Shaykh
: Ithas been mentioned that for the menin Jannah there will be
so what about the women - will they havea spouse in Jannah? He replied by saying: Allaah
said regarding the bliss of thepeople of Paradise,
{Therein youshall have (all) that your innerselves desire, and therein you shallhave (all) for which you ask. Anentertainment from (Allaah), theOft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.}
 [Fussilat 41:31-32] and He
{(there will be) therein all that innerselves could desire, and all that
has the option of choosing the one she wants to be with and if she didn'tmarry in her life, Allaah
gives her inmarriage to one in Jannah with whomshe will be delighted. The bliss in Jannah is not limited to males only but verily if is for the males and females.From the many forms of bliss, ismarriage.However, one may say, Allaah
hasmentioned the
as wives andHe didn't mention spouses for the women. We say that He mentioned wives for the husbands because thehusband is the one who seeks anddesires the wife. Hence the wives werementioned for the husbands in Jannahand the spouses of women were not.However, that does not mean they donot have spouses, but for them arespouses from the children of Aadam.
 proprietor of Darbar Fried Chicken – for his generous and continuedsupport. We ask that Allaah bless ourdear brother Shabhaz and his wonderful family, grant them successand give them the best of this Duniyaaand the best of the hereafter. We also thank all of our dear brothersand sisters who helped make this agreat success specially those who
 worked hard in selling tickets
 who stood behind the grills
and despite the hot weather workedtirelessly so everyone can enjoy mostdelicious food. May Allaah bless themand their families and continue toshower His Rahmah upon them.Last – but certainly not least- theadministration of Masjid AhlulQur’aan wa Sunnah continue to striveto bring you knowledge-filled lecturesand classes. Since Last Ramdaan wehave successfully organized many many courses and programs. In ourefforts to educate our belovedbrothers and sisters in the community  we continue to bring Duaat andstudents of knowledge every weekend. We have fully committed to serve ourcommunity and we work day and nightto deliver this commitment. In additionto these programs, we are extremely pleased to announce that we now havea Haafidh of the Qur’aan – QaariRaadhi – who is currently conducting 
 Tajweed and Hifdh classes
on adaily 
at the Masjid. This is indeeda great opportunity for the community to memorize the book of Allaah.
Mates of Paradise
By the Noble Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-`Uthaymeen 
On top of this, the brothers in theadministration have worked hard toorganize a
“Summer of Knowledge
program. This month-long program
starts July 8th
and will feature
Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel
 – one of the students of Shaikh Muhammad ibnSaalih al-‘Uthaymeen – as thecenterpiece. These programs are freeand are open to the public. All youhave to do is come to the Masjid andbenefit from these activities. For moreinformation about these programs,please see the back page or visit http://
Page 3
Mar 2010 ~ Rabee’ ath-Thaanee 1431
Explanation of the Hadeeth: “Women areDeficient in Intellect and Deen.”
the noblehadeeth
"Women are deficient in their intelligence and in their Deen” 
andsome men use this hadeeth as a formof belittlement towards the women. We desire from you O noble Shaykh,clarification of the meaning of thishadeeth? The meaning of the hadeeth of theMessenger of Allaah ( 
“I have never seen anyone with a deficiency of ‘aql (intellect)and Deen (religion) who are more over-  powering to men than one of you (women).” So it was said: “O Messenger of Allaah,what is the deficiency in her intelligence?” He said: “Isn’t the witness of two women equal tothat of one man?” So it was said: “What is the deficiency in her Deen?” So he said: “Isn’t it the case that if she is menstruating she doesn’t pray or fast?” 
So the Messenger ( 
 ) clarified that thedeficiency of her intellect was from theangle of her weak memory and thather testimony is strengthened with thetestimony of another woman. This isbecause of the preciseness of the witness (in Islaam) and because shecould forget and make an addition ordeletion to the testimony. Just as Allaah says:
{And bring forth two witnesses from your own men. If there are not two men (available)then a man and two women, suchas you agree for witnesses, so that if one of them (two women) errs thenthe other can remind her…}
[Al-Baqarah 2:282] As for deficiency in her Deen, then itis because during her state of menstruation and postpartumbleeding, she abandons the salaat andfasting, and she doesn’t make up thesalaat. This is from the deficiency inher Deen. But this deficiency is notblameworthy upon her. Rather it is adeficiency, which happens as a resultof that which Allaah had decreed forher and this was done in a manner of leniency and easiness towards her. Forif she were to fast in a state of menstruation or in a state of postpartum bleeding it would harmher. So from the Mercy of Allaah(towards women) He has legislated forher to abandon the fast at the time when she is menstruating or in a stateof 
, and to make up the fastafterwards. As for the salaat, then without a doubt,the state of menstruation prevents herfrom purification. So from the mercy of Allaah, He legislated for her toabandon her prayer and likewise in thestate of 
. He also legislated forher not to make it up, because inmaking up the (salaat) is difficulty,because the salaat is tremendous, andrepetitious, five times throughout thenight and day, and the days of menstruation can be plentiful,sometimes seven or eight days or morethan that. And the
could reach40 days. So from the mercy of Allaahupon her and from His
(doing good) towards her is that He removedthe salaat from her whether it be theinitial salaat or the make-up. And thisdoes not necessitate that herintelligence is deficient in everything nor that her Deen is deficient ineverything!But indeed the Messenger ( 
 ) clarifiedthat the deficiency in her intelligence isfrom that which happens to her fromthe lack of precision in her memory and testimony, and that the deficiency in her Deen is from the fact that sheleaves off the prayer and fasting at thetime of her menses or in the state of 
. Also this doesn’t necessitate thatshe is less than a man in everything orthe fact that the man is better ineverything! Yes, generally the malegender is better than the gender of thefemales generally for many reasons. Just as Allaah the High and Sublimesays:
{Men are the protectors andmaintainers of women, because Allaah has made one of them toexcel the other, and because theyspend their wealth (to supportthem)…}
[An-Nisaa’ 4:34]But she can surpass him, sometimes, inmany things. And by Allaah how many  women surpass many men in theirintelligence, Deen and precision! But verily that which is narrated on theMessenger ( 
 ) is that the women aresurpassed by men, generally, inintelligence and in the religion only. There can proceed from her many righteous actions, in which, she can
(Continued on page 6)
she can surpass the men and in her taqwaa of Allaah 
and in her station in the Hereafter 
By the Noble Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Baa

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