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Asymmetric Warfare Group "Sniper Awareness and Counter Sniper Reference Card"

Asymmetric Warfare Group "Sniper Awareness and Counter Sniper Reference Card"

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Published by Impello_Tyrannis

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Published by: Impello_Tyrannis on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do not forget the best way toSTOP the SNIPER:KILL the SNIPER!
    A   s   y   m   m   e   t   r    i   c    W   a   r    f   a   r   e    G   r   o   u   p
    2    2    8    2    M   o   r   r    i   s   o   n    S   t .   •    F   t .    M   e   a    d   e ,    M    D    2    0    7    5    5  -    5    3    5    5
    S    I    P    R   a   w   g .   c    i   s    1    @   u   s .   a   r   m   y .   s   m    i    l .   m    i    l    N    I    P    R   a   w   g .   c    i   s    @   u   s .   a   r   m   y .   m    i    l    A    W    G    A    K    O    W   e    b   s    i   t   e    h   t   t   p   s   :    /    /   w   w   w .   u   s .   a   r   m   y .   m    i    l    /   s   u    i   t   e    /   p   a   g   e    /    3    5    3    1    5    8
   S  n   i  p  e  r   A  w  a  r  e  n  e  s  s  a  n   d   C  o  u  n  t  e  r -   S  n   i  p  e  r   T   i  p  s
    T   a   c   t    i   c   a    l    P   o   c    k   e   t    R   e    f   e   r   e   n   c   e
   A   G  u   i   d  e   f  o  r   U .   S .   F  o  r  c  e  s   O  c   t  o   b  e  r   2   0   0   7
  F   O   R   O  F  F I   C I   A  L   U   S   E   O   N  L   Y
Let him escape,and he will attacksomeone else,somewhere else.KILL the SNIPER!
Proactive Tips
Maintain 360° security.DON’T SET PATTERNS.Deny enemy use o overwatching terrain.Remove rank insignia and do not salutein the eld in accordance with Area oOperation (AO) Guidance/Local Policy.Leaders should blend into element.Use observation posts (OPs) and aerialobservers.Use magnied optics to scan or snipers.Use small recon and security patrols.Limit exposure.
“Slice the Pie, Reduce Exposure” 
Wear protective armor.Use armored vehicles.Erect screens/shields or cover.Use smoke hazes or smoke screens toobscure the sniper’s eld o view and limit the eectiveness o his re.Stick to the shadows; use cover andconcealment.
What can be done to avoid being a “sniper’s target”? 
Reactive Tips
Take up covered/concealed positions(also conceal with SMOKE). Any woundedsoldier applies “sel aid.”Identiy sniper location and return re.Attack: Maneuver on enemy location andkill him.Reorganize and evaluate casualties.
What should be done once a sniper has engaged the element? 
Enemy TTP
Urban: 25 to 200 meters rom street levelRural: may operate at longer rangesThe enemy sniperWill wait to take ollow-on shots at anysoldier moving into the “kill zone”Will oten videotape the attack or propa-ganda purposesMay operate within a team with more thanone prepared vehicle/mobile shootingplatormMay use “D.C. Sniper Tactic,” completewith loopholes or markings, allowing him tomove unmolested past checkpointsMay attempt to assess success by drivingor walking by the target ater the shotMay use “bait” such as a dead body or IED to draw riendly orces into his “kill zone”Will engage the easiest target, such asa top gunner or stationary guard. “Keepmoving.”Will aim or vulnerable areas o body armorWill attack mostly during daylight hoursEnemy TTP can and will change.
1. Deliberate: planned using “bait” 2. Hasty: targets of opportunity 
Friendly TTP
Increase/change your security postureater 20 minutes in one location and con- tinue to change/upgrade.Use interpreters with radio on scan topick up enemy communications.Use cover and concealment wheneverpossible, e.g., camoufage netting over TCand gunners on Strykers.Stop and search suspicious vehicles seendriving by more than once.Plan to use roving vehicles that can fex toinvestigate suspicious vehicles.Keep personnel in CONSTANT motion,walking in “W” and “S” patterns.Use ISR platorms.Keep vehicles available or searches.
These have proven to reduce sniper activity and success.
FM 7-8: Inantry Rife Platoon and SquadBD 1A: Squad AttackBD 2A: React to ContactBD 4: React to Ambush
DO NOT xate on casualties!Kill the sniper, then attend to casualties.Have a PLAN and REHEARSE IT.Maintain 360° security.
The Enemy will change his TTP.Do NOT orget to change your TTPs.Keep rom setting predictable patterns.
Imagine that your unit islocated at the center oa circle with a radiusbased on the eectiverange o a sniper.
Locating Sniper Positions
Once the rst shot is red, an initialdirection can be determined,eectively cutting thearea o the circle in hal.Focus visual searcheson the suspectedareas.Following shots by the sniper willserve to urther narrow thecircle into a wedge.Again, ocus onsearching thesuspected wedge.Once detected and located, asecond element can maneuver todeeat the sniper or cut o the escape route.In the open, keep in constant motion. You shouldalways be moving in “S” or “W” paths.
P: Limit your exposure using walls, vehicles,and hard cover at your back and sides.P: Further limit exposure by using angles and corners to fanks.P: Reduce your exposure to a small “slice” o the “pie” that is also your sector o responsibility.P: I you must be exposed in the open due to METT-TC, then try to move oten and cover your partner’s danger areas.
“Slice the Pie”
P = Proactive 
Narrow the area o possible sniper locations, then search or engage in the most likely area.

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