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CIP is Ready for the Future

CIP is Ready for the Future

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Published by TOPdesk
Our editors braved a congested Brussels by car to write this article. After a challenging parking experience (and being warned about an ‘exciting’ corner) the editorial team made it to the offices of CIP, the IT service desk for a complex and particularly varied organization.
Our editors braved a congested Brussels by car to write this article. After a challenging parking experience (and being warned about an ‘exciting’ corner) the editorial team made it to the offices of CIP, the IT service desk for a complex and particularly varied organization.

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Published by: TOPdesk on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Serge Morabito, CIP 
Customer in foCus
Nienke Deuss
Jonas Mertens
Our editors braved a congested Brussels by car to write this article. Ater achallenging parking experience (and being warned about an ‘exciting’ corner) theeditorial team made it to the ofces o CIP, the IT service desk or a complex andparticularly varied organization.
CiP is ready for the future
Customer in foCus
lthough CIP receives the type of incidents you wouldnormally expect, about the network or IT infrastructure, itis no average service desk. “We provide support primarilyto UNIZO (Union for Independent Entrepreneurs in Flanders) andZenito, the social insurance fund for the self-employed,” explainsSerge Morabito, TOPdesk application manager at CIP. “Our team of seven supports around 300 people.”
dv c
Several of the more than 120 professional associations arebased at the headquarters, where they represent self-employedentrepreneurs from particular sectors. Zenito has another half a
dozen regional relationship management offices for which CIP
provides services. “As you can imagine, in an organization like thiswe deal with a large number of people from a variety of business
fields,” Morabito continues, “This can make our work quite
complicated. Each professional association or service has its ownrequirements; and even the infrastructure can vary between thedifferent locations. Communication is of utmost importance. You
don’t want to travel all the way to an office half way across the
country when the problem could have been solved from our
own office.”
f l  toPk
Ten years ago, CIP decided to purchase a tool to replace the paperforms that were being used. “The tool we selected seemed to be a
great improvement at first; it was fantastic to be able to see who
was doing what. But as we continued working with the tool, wekept getting updates that took the tool in a completely differentdirection, or even crashed the application at crucial moments. Itno longer supported the working methods we had in mind. Whenwe realized that, we took our time searching for an alternativesolution. After all, we had just started working with this tool andwe didn’t want to give up on it straight away,” Morabito recalls.In 2006, CIP decided to further optimize the working proceduresby taking stock of and standardizing key processes. “And, of course,ITIL is never far away” notes Morabito. “We decided to look fora tool that would better support our processes and needed lesscustomization. An acquaintance told us that “TOPdesk lookedpretty good”. We attended a demo and were quickly convinced.You can tell that it is written from the point of view of a servicedesk employee. It is not a product that dictates how you shouldorganize your service desk.”
a vl   lpk   c
Once they had decided on TOPdesk, everything went very quickly.
A consultant implemented Incident Management, Configuration
Management and the Self Service Desk in twelve days. “It’snot often that I’m this pleased with a consultancy project,”says Morabito. The other help desk employees were also veryenthusiastic about TOPdesk, but what about the customers?Morabito has no doubts. “We organized several sessions to informour customers about our progress. Above all, customers expectan excellent service, and a tool is a matter of detail. However, wewere able to convince them of the importance of a good tool foreffectively following up their calls, which, ultimately, means solvingtheir problems.”
fg  sl svc dk
Even though CIP introduced the Self Service Desk immediatelyafter implementation, Morabito has found that most customersstill choose to call the service desk. “Because we have a relativelysmall help desk team, the line is often busy. It can take up to half an hour before you get through to someone. We continue topromote registering incidents via email; however, customers still
find it important to be able to explain their problems to a person
instead of a machine. It is not always easy for our customers toexplain exactly what the problem is. In such cases, having someoneon the line who understands the situation and can listen is an
advantage. We are slowly trying to encourage people to find their
answers themselves, in the Knowledge Base. That’s why we alwaysrefer to the Self Service Desk on the phone. A customer can thentrack the progress of their incident from registration through toclosure, which adds transparency to the process. Statistics show
us that more and more customers are finding their way to the Self 
Service Desk, something we welcome wholeheartedly.
Serge Morabito, CIP

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