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Waternet Makes Waves

Waternet Makes Waves

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Published by TOPdesk
After implementing TOPdesk, Waternet asked itself, “How do we motivate our employees to actually use the tool?” The answer: a Self Service Desk promotion campaign.
After implementing TOPdesk, Waternet asked itself, “How do we motivate our employees to actually use the tool?” The answer: a Self Service Desk promotion campaign.

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Published by: TOPdesk on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Nienke Deuss
Rik Roelofsen, Waternet 
Rik Roelofsen - Waternet
Kees Muizelaar
aternet, one of Europe’sbiggest water companies,is based in Amsterdamand is the only company to deal withthe Netherlands’ entire water chain.
Waternet puries waste water, produces
drinking water and keeps surface water
clean and at sufcient levels. The latter
is contracted out by the water boardWaterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht andthe Amsterdam city council. Waternetsupplies clean and safe potable water to1.2 million people in the central andwest Netherlands. Waternet is also
responsible for rivers, ponds and lakes
in these regions.
IT ad Faciliti
When Waternet was founded some ve
 years ago, TOPdesk emerged as the besttool for IT management. Rik Roelofsen,TOPdesk application manager, worked
closely with colleague Jody van Kerwijk
from the start. Jody was manager of the
facilities service management system
at the time. Roelofsen explains thesituation. “There came a point whereFacilities wanted a system more attuned
to the department’s developments.
Waternet wanted to reduce the number
of applications and improve support of internal employees, so we formed a project
team to select a single central systemfor our Assets sector, which spans
several departments.’
Th ‘At’ pojct
To ensure optimal results, project leadersCynthia Anas-Roose, Jody van Kerkwijkand Rik Roelofsen involved as many
departments that deal with Assets
in the project as possible. Roelofsen
explains further. “To be able to select a
system, the project team rst evaluatedthe advantages and disadvantages of 
the packages that were already in useat Waternet. Among other things, the
positive experience with the Support
department, the existing knowledge of the system and the pricing model made
TOPdesk the obvious choice.” Many of the
processes surrounding Asset management
have been included in TOPdesk, offeringgreat improvements. “For example new,
relocating and exiting employee processesare now dealt with entirely within
TOPdesk.” Roelofsen explains.
Choosing a tool was relatively easy,
but integrating it into the existingmethodology was something else entirely.After introducing TOPdesk, Waternet
began using the Self Service Desk toreserve meeting rooms and parking
spaces. “But introducing a new way of 
working isn’t quite that easy,” explains
Roelofsen, “especially when new TOPdeskusers react sceptically to the tool. The ITdepartment was already used to workingwith TOPdesk. Employees from the
Facilities, Documents and Records and
Human Resources departments on the
other hand nd human interaction more
important than IT employees do. Because
of this, some people viewed the tool ashindering their service.”
Atttio to couicatio
In order to turn his colleague’sreticence into enthusiasm, Roelofsentook a structured approach to theimplementation. “At the start of theprocess we discussed our approachand wrote a product description for
communication that would serve tointroduce the Self Service Desk,” Roelofsen
recalls. “No matter how much you organizeor how often you post on the intranet,
the impact will never be big enough. Withsuch a big change, you have to be more
direct when communicating. That’s whywe discussed the role our communicationwould play at such an early stage of the
project and why communication was animportant part of the project
Roelofsen also included the internal mediachannels that would be used to
After implementing TOPdesk, Waternet asked itself, “How do we motivateour employees to actually use the tool?” The answer: a Self Service Deskpromotion campaign.
WATerneT mAkes WAves

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