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English Final

English Final

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Published by Annie Green

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Annie Green on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Green 1Annie GreenLarry NeuburgerEnglish 10214 December 2011Reflective Essay on English 102Although English 102-104 felt like every other English course I have taken; the instructormade a profound difference in what I took from this course. In terms of technical writing, I havenot learned a drastic amount of new information; i.e.: punctuation rules, tips on writing researchessays, or improving my spelling. However, this course has profoundly changed my perspectiveon writing.
This course focused on the technical aspects of writing. We learned the “laws” andstudied the “socially acceptable”
way to write at a collegiate level. Coming out of this course we
should be educated writers ready to take on resumes for a “real” college and for a “classy” job! I
feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of the laws of writing, but an even betterunderstanding of the art of writing.This semester we learned a lot about the Holocaust. I feel like I know more about theHolocaust than any other historical subject. The Holocaust is a rather depressing subject andmakes me question humanity, but leaving class and seeing what humans can do for one anothermade learning about mass extermination a lot easier. Taking the time to write an eight-pageresearch essay took a lot of disciple for me, but writing it was not all that bad. I wish I had morediscipline to perfect an essay, to sit down and revise and edit repetitively until I can find no moreerrors, but I will have to work on that as my college career progresses.
Green 2I really enjoyed learning how to blog and use technology. Honestly, twittering in classwas the most confusing activity of this semester. I had no idea what the hash tags were for, nordid I have a clue if the instructor was receiving my input! That assignment taught me I betterstick to Facebook. The most beneficial aspect of using technology in this class was learning howto write blogs and embed documents, because I know I can apply using www.scribd.com andwww.blogger.com for personal use. I am very pleased for that.The instructor, Larry Neuburger, has a very difficult last name to spell (I still have to look up the spelling on Blackboard), but he is a wonderful instructor! The time I did get to attendclass was extremely enjoyable and he provided a relaxed atmosphere for me. I retained a lot of the new things he exposed me too, and I am very grateful for that.Honestly, I cannot think of any complaints pertaining to this class. The teacher iswonderful, and the course provided me with the opportunity to gain writing skills. Not only hasthis course helped me with my college-level writing skills, but my personal writing skills as well.To me, language is beautiful. It is an art form as ancient as cave paintings. From the firstgrunts, to the hieroglyphics, and to our modern adaptation in our text messages and social mediasites; language is how we express our thoughts. It is how we can turn our thoughts into aphysical form. It can be just as beautiful as a sculpture, a portrait, or a simple doodle. I enjoylinguistics. I am a native English speaker, have four and a half years of Spanish lessons, and amcurrently learning French.Every culture has its own rules. You must learn those rules before you can take a more
“artsy” approach to something. In order to drive, you must learn the traffic signs and how to
operate a vehicle. The rules in language are the same. In order to write, without accidents, you

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