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EWEA Pure Power

EWEA Pure Power

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Published by Uğur Özkan

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Published by: Uğur Özkan on Dec 14, 2011
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Pure Power
Wind energy targets for 2020 and 2030
A report by the European Wind Energy Association - 2009 update
Pure Power
Wind energy targets for 2020 and 2030
A report by the European Wind Energy Association - 2009 update
Text and analysis: Prof. Arthouros Zervos and Christian KjaerContributors: Sarah Azau, Julian Scola, Jesus QuesadaProject coordinator: Raffaella BianchinDesign and production: www.inextremis.bePublished in November 2009
I am delighted to introduce this latest edition of 
, the most up-to-date scenarios on the futureof wind energy in Europe, produced by the EuropeanWind Energy Association (EWEA).Wind power has experienced dramatic growth overrecent years with more new installations than anyother electricity-generating technology, includingcoal, gas and nuclear, in 2008. We at the EuropeanCommission are keen to see an expansion of renew-able energies as a way to ght climate change, enhanceEurope’s energy security, and improve our competitive-ness, which is why we support this publication of windindustry growth scenarios. I personally nd it hugelyencouraging seeing more ambitious growth targets forthe sector than previously predicted by EWEA.In the European Union we have established the targetof achieving a 20% share of renewable energies in theoverall energy mix by 2020. To reach this we estimatethat 34% of Europe’s electricity needs must be metby renewable technologies, with wind power meetingmuch of the increase.Further benets will arise from the switch to greenenergy including signicant employment opportuni-ties. Creating energy from sources indigenous toEurope is also central to reducing our energy depend-ence on fossil fuel exporting nations in less stableregions of the world.The European Commission is convinced that there isa huge potential for wind energy in Europe, includingoffshore wind. However we are also aware of thesignicant obstacles the industry faces in meeting itstargets. Europe needs a Europe-wide electricity gridand interconnectors between Member States, andproperly functioning electricity markets, to cope withlarger amounts of wind power. Planning processes forwind farms also need to be streamlined.Reading this publication, a clear and concise analysisof the future projections for wind energy in Europe, haspersuaded me that wind energy is heading in the rightdirection, and one that is essential for the sustain-ability of our future generations.
Christopher Jones
European CommissionDirector, New and Renewable Sources of Energy,Energy Efciency and InnovationDG TREN

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