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December 2011

December 2011

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Published by John Corcoran

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Published by: John Corcoran on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioningwww.CorcoranHeating.com
Dedicated To Providing You A Healthier Home
December 2011
Unique and Bizarre Holidays:
- National Cotton Candy Day
- Ice Cream Day
- Bill of Rights Day
- National Chocolate Cov-ered Anything Day
- Forefather’s Day / Hum-bug Day / Look on The BrightSide Day / Flashlight Day / FirstDay of Hanukkah...
oy vey!
- Festivus...for the rest of us
- National Egg Nog Day
- Christmas Day
- Boxing Day
Monthly Awareness:
Bingo Month
Write a Friend Month
National Aids AwarenessMonth
Political Correctness Month
Above is the 19’ Balsam Fir that will be theofficial Christmas Tree at The White Housethis year. It was grown on a farm in Neshko-ro, Wis.. The Schroder’s who grew the treewon the National Christmas Tree Associa-tion's (NCTA) National Christmas Tree con-test to win honors. What a tree!
Based on my recent stack of e-mails and callsregarding the mystery that is a humidifier, Ithought it fitting to play
“Myth Buster”
and shedsome light on the confusion. Apparently there isgreat mystery and much misconception surround-ing de-humidifiers and humidifiers. Let’s start atthe beginning and move our way through it sothat you can become experts on your home’s hu-midification.De-Humidifiers are typically run in basementsduring summer months. They drain into a floordrain, or need to be emptied periodically. In ourclimate they help to remove some of the damp-ness and mustiness associated with basements.At the most basic of levels, humidifiers are at-tached to a furnace and add humidity during thewinter months. Although they are not code in thisarea, they are a fantastic idea. Humidity cutsdown on static shock, helps eliminate dry or runnynoses, can improve your indoor air quality andmake your house feel warmer. Adding the rightamount of humidity will ensure your hardwoodfloors don’t start to split, or that your wood furni-ture doesn’t begin to deteriorate. Homes with alot of hardwood, or households using fireplacesoften tend to suffer if their humidifier is not oper-ating properly.How they work is by taking water from yourhome’s water line and running that water across apad. A fan blows across that pad and humidifiesthe air stream as there is a call for heat. Howthey will continue to work is making sure they areexamined annually. This is to not only replace thepad, but to ensure proper water flow. Most hous-es in this area are on well, or have very hardwater. Either source can wreak havoc on the wa-ter lines to the humidifier. Neglect of humidifiersis the number one cause of their demise. Simplytaking care of them yearly will avoid the waterissues andsubsequentnightmarestorieswhich canoccur.Typically,you wantto set the humidifier at 35-40% humidity. De-pending on the construction of the house, you mayneed to adjust for more or less. The best indica-tor for judging is to look at your windows. If younotice water or dew building up along the bot-toms of them, you can turn the humidifier’s dialdown. You can even turn your thermostat down acouple of more degrees than you would thinkcomfortable because proper humidity can makeair feel warmer, Everyone’s home and situationis different, but an ideal system could run at 68degrees, but feel like 70 degrees.Some of the best stories I hear are those of howhappy people are with the addition of a humidi-fier. They have substituted this system for anti-quated methods which ran the gamut from keep-ing a fish bowl in the kitchen (hopeful that evapo-ration of the water would do the trick), to leavingTupperware containers of water next to the floorvents for moisture transfer. Creative and worth agood chuckle, but not the best solution.If any of the photos above are a match to yourwinter situation, let us know! Don’t go anotherwinter needlessly suffering. We can offer a solu-tion based on your needs.
Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioningwww.CorcoranHeating.com
24/7 Comfort Hotline: (847) 382-0444
With 2012 right around the corner it is a great time to reflect on theyear that you had both personally and professionally. Think about theyear you had, was it a success in your eyes? Where there things you wishyou would have done, or things you wish you had accomplished? Now isthe time to reflect on those things so that you can help outline your2012.Most of the reason we are where we are today is based on our focus and on our environment. To help snap you out of any ruts I am going to sharewith you an article about the three most common habits of successfulpeople. Maybe this will spark some action or help refresh your mind toideas you have shut out. I hope you enjoy and can get at least one nug-get to help in your life. To your personal and professional success in2012!
“HABIT #1:
They READ a lot... especially books.
In fact, when I first discovered "Planet Dan"way back in 1995 the first thing that I didwhen I figured out that this Direct Responsestuff really works is to become a veraciousreader. I first began with the classics likeJohn Caples, Robert Collier, David Ogilvy,Gary Halbert and of course everythingDan Kennedy wrote.Back then I got into a habit of reading abook a week and I've kept up with two amonth even though my schedule has become much busier. For example,as I write this I have this stack of books on my desk:
 Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin
The GO-GIVER by Bob Burg and John David Mann
The True Beleiver by Eric Hoffer 
Earl Nightingale's Greatest Discoveries by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 
Trump Style Negotiation by George Ross
The Patterson Principles of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer 
Ready Fire Aim by Michael Masterson
As you can see, I keep the topics somewhat diverse and many of thebooks are ones that members send me. They're not all about smallbusiness marketing and advertising. But I don't want you to miss thepoint I'm making here. This is not a habit that is specific to me. It's ahabit that I have identified as common to the Most Successful Entrepre-neurs I work with.
HABIT #2: They continue to work on their EDUCATIONin live settings.
After all, how did we originallylearn? We went to school and satin a classroom. It's always amaz-ing to me how many people stopworking on their education afterthey get out of school.It should not surprise you thatthose Members who attend ourlive events and participate in our coaching programs are much moresuccessful than those who do not. I'm not saying this because I'm tryingto promote GKIC. This is true of every event I have ever attended. It'sbecause people who continue to go to school, whether it's school at alive event, webinar, tele-seminar, or mastermind meeting, work ontheir continuing education.And of course the live events and mastermind groups are the best con-tinuing education because you not only can learn from the presenter orleader, but also from all of the other smart people in the room. Onceagain, I hope you don't take this a self serving, but I know of millions
How To Solve Sudo-ku Puzzles:To solve a Sudoku,you only need logicand patience. Nomath is required.Simply make surethat each 3x3 squareregion has a numberbetween 1-9 withonly one occurrenceof each number.Each column and rowof the large gridmay only have oneinstance of 1-9.
Corcoran Contest Corner: 
As you can see fromlast month’s issue weadded a new twiston our referral andtestimonial initiative.We have decidedthat from now oneveryone who sub-mits a testimonialgets 1 ticket, every-one who gives a referral gets 1 ticket, and a video testimonialgets 10 tickets (and we’ll even shoot it if you would rather).There are no limits on the amount of referrals you give out. Justbe sure they mention your name when they call, and you couldbe the next lucky winner.
Our winners: Michele, Avery, Evan, & Justin
Making 2012 Great: 3 Habits of Successful People
Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioningwww.CorcoranHeating.com
24/7 Comfort Hotline: (847) 382-0444
What the ---- is a tree doing inside my house, andwhy am I discouraged from playing with it?OK. About this same time last year I remember myparents dragging boxes from the crawl space. Thelargest held an evergreen tree which was set on atable, out of my reach. This year it graces a spot onthe
oor in front of our living room window.Strings of sparkling white lights encircle the branches. Dozens upon dozensof glass balls and tempting toys hang from each tip. I overheard them saythat it made for a colorful display. Being color-blind, I can’t appreciate that,but I was proud to hear that its spot on the
oor this winter was due to my“maturity”. Their optimism is kind of sweet, don’t you think?Mom and Dad’s excitement is contagious. They left enough room for me torun around and around their glorious display. With each rotation, its positionshifts a bit. That is verboten, I’ve been told. But they’re not always watching.I couldn’t
gure out how they discovered what I’ve been up to in their ab-sence until I learned the secret of the Patrick Kane ornament. (They thinkthey’re clever, I think they’re tricky). Patrick is lined up on the wing andwhen he end up at center it is forbidden by my parents and his coachQuenneville.Soon the base of the tree will have boxes wrapped in paper and bows. I sali-vate just thinking about the fun I will have ripping them apart. I love doingthat! I do not like to brag, but I am a professional! Some of the packages willhave my name on them. I’ll be given permission to tear into those. I surehope there are a lot of them. If there aren’t, I’m plotting to destroy a few thataren’t set aside for me.Then I’ll tilt my head give them my best wide-eyed and innocent look. Momand Dad are suckers for that. They will never know that I’m quite clever andtricky myself.From the bottoms of our great big hearts, Murphy and I want towish you a Most Happy Holiday Season. Keeps those tails wag-ging, and we’ll catch up after the New Year.
- Franklin
and millions and millions of dollars that have been made by the net-working that goes on at such programs
They create SMART GOALS for themselvesand write them down for everyone to see.
What are smartgoals? This is a termthat I learned frommy own ManagementMentor, Vince Zirpoli.S-M-A-R-T is an acro-nym for:There is no questionthat by creating smartgoals and writingthem down for othersto see, you have amuch better chance ofachieving them. I'malways amazed athow few people actu-ally do this everyyear and then updatethem throughout theyear.On the other hand,the successful Entrepreneur almost always does this. It's important topoint out that just writing them down seldom leads to getting themaccomplished. Accountability is what gets them accomplished. That'swhy you need others to see your smart goals.I learned this first when I was operating my own Menswear stores. Iactually posted our yearly goals and promotions for everyone in thecompany to see. It wasn't as much for them as it was for me. Becausethey saw them, I knew as the leader I had to set a good example andget them done.Okay, now that you've seen what I have identified as "The Three Com-mon Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs" I have two questions for you.You probably guessed the first one, which is:How many of these three habits are you currently accomplishing?But the second question will require just a little bit of thought and I'mgoing to leave you with it:If you're currently not accomplishing all (or any) of these three habits,what do you think would happen to you and your business if you did?(Think about it!)
By Bill Glazer member of: Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, owned and operated by internationallyknown marketing personalities Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, is THE place where truly smart, pro-gressive, aggressive entrepreneurs with a love of marketing, a sincere desire to get rich and richer(with no apologies for doing so), and an optimistic, forward-looking attitude, gather to exchangeand share timely information and "what's working today" strategies and examples.
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