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Animal Voice - Winter 2011-12

Animal Voice - Winter 2011-12

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The Winter 2011-12 edition of Animal Voice, the newsletter of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports.

Find out more about our campaign at www.banbloodsports.com

To make a donation, please click on the Paypal button at www.banbloodsports.com or send a cheque to ICABS, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland.

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The Winter 2011-12 edition of Animal Voice, the newsletter of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports.

Find out more about our campaign at www.banbloodsports.com

To make a donation, please click on the Paypal button at www.banbloodsports.com or send a cheque to ICABS, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland.

Receive Animal Voice by email every month. Send "Subscribe" to info@banbloodsports.com

Thank you for your support!

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Published by: Irish Council Against Blood Sports on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newsletter of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports - Winter 2011-12
Ward Union deerhunt ban secure
THE IRISHCouncil AgainstBlood Sports has welcomeda statement from TaoiseachEnda Kenny's office whichreveals that there is "nocommitment" to reversingthe widely welcomed ban onthe Ward Union hunt.
Speaking to the IrishIndependent, the spokesper-son dismissed a claim byJunior Minister, ShaneMcEntee that the hunt "will beback".In the report by PoliticalEditor, Fionnan Sheahan, theTaoiseach's spokespersonsays:* Mr McEntee was merelyexpressing "an opinion" andthere is "no commitment" toreverse the ban.* "He [Mr McEntee] wasn'tspeaking for or expressinggovernment policy in thatinstance."* "There is no such commit-ment in the Programme forGovernment."* "[Enda Kenny] would notresile from what's in theProgramme for Government.There is no commitment."The article goes on to quote aspokesman for HeritageMinister Jimmy Deenihan assaying "No, there isn't (a plan).There is no legislation in thepipeline."Also quoted is a spokesper-son for An Tanaiste, EamonGilmore who says "there is noplan to revisit the issue."ICABS greatly welcomes thisconfirmation that the WardUnion ban will remain in placein line with the majority viewthat terrorisation of deer for"sport" is unacceptable.We are now renewing our callon the government to introducea ban on the bloodsports offoxhunting and hare coursing.
Taoiseach Kenny: Won't bereversing ban on stag hunt
Labour Party commitsto keeping hunt ban
LABOUR PARTYleader andTanaiste, Eamon Gilmore,has restated his party's oppo-sition to any reversal of theban on carted deer hunting.
In an email, Mr Gilmore wrote:"The Programme for Govern-ment contains no commitmentto reverse the ban on stag hunt-ing. The Labour Party positionis as stated, we do not supportreversal of the ban."This stance was re-iterated bya party spokesperson who wasquoted in the Sunday Times assaying: "It has been passed andshould not be reversed."He was responding to a state-ment from Meath TD ShaneMcEntee that "the legislationwill be reversed as Fine Gaelsaid it would during the electioncampaign. There’s an under-standing between Fine Gaeland Labour on this."However Labour's spokesper-son told the Times that he didn’tknow where Shane McEnteegot the impression there wasany such agreement.
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Newsletter of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Winter 2011-12
Adidas asked to scrap offensivebullring television advert
Animal Voice is published by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath.Tel: 044-93 49848. Email: info@banbloodsports.com. Visit our websites at www.banbloodsports.com,scribd.com/banbloodsports, tinyurl.com/facebookicabs, youtube.com/icabs, twitter.com/banbloodsports
Editorial Team:
Philip Kiernan and Aideen Yourell.
Layout & Design:
Philip Kiernan. Please pass Animal Voice on to a friendwhen finished with it. Further copies can be downloaded freely by clicking on Newsletters at banbloodsports.com. Thank you.
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New campaign video asks you to helpmake foxhunting a thing of the past
Queen legend paystribute to Dick Power
Allianz Ireland asked to scrapinsurance cover for huntsDeenihan licences2011-12 coursing
Visit the ICABS online shop for car stickers,insurance disc holders, books, etc.Click on SHOPat www.banbloodsports.com
ANEWbook about formerICABS vice-president, thelate Tony Gregory TD, hasjust been published byO'Brien Press.
"This is the biography of atrue Irish political legend," thepublisher states. "As harsheconomic times return toIreland, it is time to celebratethis inspirational Irishman whomade his name as a grass-roots community activist andwent on to hold the balance ofpower in Ireland. TonyGregory's political life has leftan exceptional legacy."The book by Robbie Gilligan -a Professor of Social Work andSocial Policy at Trinity CollegeDublin - covers Tony's career"from local agitator to electedpolitician, and the campaignsfrom 1978-2009"."Tony Gregory", 256 pages,O'Brien Press Ltd (10 Oct2011), ISBN-10: 1847172261,ISBN-13: 978-1847172266
New TonyGregory book is published
Dear Supporters. Welcome tothe Winter 2011/12 edition ofAnimal Voice.
This year has seen anotherhistoric achievement with thepermanent banning of harecoursing in Northern Ireland.We take heart from this victory,as it's a step forward in thecampaign to rid the whole of theisland of Ireland of this bar-barism.Much credit is due to theLeague Against Cruel Sportsand indeed the Northern IrelandAssembly members, with theexception of Sinn Fein whovoted against the ban, and didtheir best to overturn it.Towards the end of 2011,there was positive news thatFine Gael will not reverse theban on the Ward Union deerhunt as they had pledged to dobefore their election inFebruary. We can now say thatthe chapter is finally closed onthis 20-year campaign.We had a sad event earlierthis year with the passing of afounder member of ICABS andone of our stalwarts, DickPower, at the age of 84.Dick was active in the cam-paign up until shortly before hisdeath, and was a regular at ourcoursing protests in Clonmel.Dick was deservedly honouredby a wonderful tribute in theIrish Times obituary column,and by Brian May of the leg-endary group, Queen, who is acommitted campaigner in theUK.Another sad event this sum-mer was the untimely and sud-den death of a truly committedanimal welfare activist, AnneFitzgerald, from Cork. Anne wasa great friend of ICABS and aregular at our protests. She isgreatly missed.The ICABS campaign for aban on hare coursing and foxhunting is ongoing, and we areencouraged by the number ofnew TDs in Dail Eireann whosupport our cause.Also we continue to push forbusinesses to quit sponsoringor associating with blood sports,and we have had a number offurther successes over the pastyear.Amazingly, some members ofthe clergy are still giving bless-ings to hunts, and sadly, somecharities are still taking fundsraised by hunts. The spotlightwill remain on these until it final-ly comes to an end.As always, fund-raising is vitalto our campaign, and we are sograteful to you, our loyal sup-porters, who continue to sup-port us, despite the gloomyrecessionary climate we findourselves in. Also, we thank youfor your messages of supportand encouragement.Finally, I would like to pay aspecial tribute to my colleague,Philip Kiernan, for all his greatwork and commitment to thecampaign. Our banblood-sports.com website, which hemaintains, and monthly e-newsletters are amazing cam-paign resources.We wish you all a very happyand peaceful Christmas and allgood wishes for 2012.
Aideen Yourell,Campaign Director

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