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Season Three, Episode 11

Season Three, Episode 11

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Published by Toni Roman
"Whole cities made naught by the bomb." -- unattributed quotation
"Whole cities made naught by the bomb." -- unattributed quotation

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Published by: Toni Roman on Dec 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Season Threeepisode elevenDay Zero
"The water is naught and the ground barren." -- Bible, Second Book of Kings Chapter 2 verse19"The future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. I wish I could believe that. My name is John Connor. They tried to murder me before I was born. When I was 13 they tried again. Machines from the future. Terminators. All my life, my mother toldme the storm was coming. Judgment Day. The beginning of a war between man and machines.Three billion lives would vanish in an instant. And I would lead what was left of the human raceto ultimate victory. It hasn't happened. No bombs fell. Computers didn't take control. Westopped Judgment Day. I should feel safe . . . but I don't. So I lived off the grid. No phone, noaddress. No one and nothing can find me. I've erased all connections to the past. But as hardas I try . . . I can't erase my dreams . . . my nightmares. I feel the weight of the future bearingdown on me. A future I don't want. So I keep running . . . as fast as I can. Anywhere. Nowhere." -- prologue from Terminator 3"Whole cities made naught by the bomb." -- unattributed quotation
S.K.Y.N.E.T. (full acronym)
Strategic Kinetic Y-prototype Nuclear Emergency Technology command. Legend says that thisis where The Resistance got the inspiration for the name "Technical Command" or Tech-Comm].It is also known as the Sky Network Defense Initiative system being built for the United StatesDepartment of Defense. 'Kinetic' refers less to directed energy weapons and more to mass driverand rail gun "brilliant pebbles" in the SDI or 'Star Wars' program intended both to bankrupt theSoviets as well as make intercontinental ballistic missiles obsolete. However, nuclear backpackscarried across the Mexican border by terrorists have made SDI obsolete. But the idea of nextgeneration military technology persists. Skynet is the result.
countdown to Judgment Day - Skynet development milestones
1981 - system definition before John Connor was born1985 - Skynet project begun and John Connor born
1987 - during exploratory phase: concept studies1990 - during the demo phase: systems analysis and competition between software companiesbidding on the contract1996-2002 research and development phases: coding, beta test and debug2003 - award of the contract
Thursday 9 April 2009the very recent past in this timeline
weapons scientist: "Hydrogen bombs are indiscriminate. They vaporize everything at groundzero. They kill humans with radiation sickness. They wreck the ecology. They cause nuclearwinter. And they even put life-sustaining machines and technology out of commission. Neutronbombs are peculiar in that they kill all life but leave buildings and cities intact -- presumably forthe enemy to move into when they arrive. Singularity bombs are even more selective. Theysingle out particular timelines and wipe them out of existence."admiral at the Pentagon: "Why would a previous Secretary of Defense authorize such hellishweapons?"weapons scientist: "To stay one step ahead of our enemies. The problem of course is nuclearproliferation. We have given countries and terrorists incentives to want them instead of makingthe devil's workshop too unpleasant, too expensive, too time consuming, and too laborintensive."admiral: "I thought these weapons already were that way."weapons scientist: "No. Even if we ended democracy and turned the USA into a police state,which the Patriot Act has effectively done anyway, we can't stop nuclear proliferation as long asthe nuclear power industry is making fissionable material for dirty bombs cheaper and easier toobtain. Fission power plants are factories for M.U.F. And even police states like Russia letunemployed physicists sell their services to terrorists. Sixty Minutes has done stories about howcareless the Russians are in not guarding their NBC stockpiles."admiral: "The human race doesn't have a future does it?"weapons scientist: "If we get a world leader with vision who will shut down the fission industryand stop the construction of breeder reactors, we might survive. If we start building fusionreactors to make fission reactors obsolete, we might survive. If teenage jerks stop thinking it isfunny to create computer viruses and if anybody with a Petri dish can restrain themselves fromcooking up biotech germs, we might survive."admiral: "That's a lot of ifs and we aren't going to get any politicians with vision. Why don't yourun for office?"weapons scientist: "The voters prefer presidents with low IQ's who can be easily bullied by theoil, fission and coal industries. And I can't afford to be assassinated for the crime of having abrain. I have young children."admiral: "I have young children too and I don't want them killed by these weapons."
weapons scientist: "Then retire from the navy and run for office. You're a warrior so duckingbullets is what you do."The admiral says nothing as he looks at a family photo on his desk of himself surrounded by hiswife and children.weapons scientist: "I don't think the assassin's bullet bothers you. I think you don't want to putyour family through the wringer of national politics."Hopelessness is the expression on the admiral's face.weapons scientist: "Then you've answered your own question. The human race doesn't have afuture."
 FBI field office
Agent Lila Ellison and Agent Greta Simpson stared at the computer screen. They had at leasttwo things in common. One was a habit of noticing deaths with odd circumstances as they werereported. And the other thing in common walked into the office.

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