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Praying Door

Praying Door

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Published by Sid Williams
Exposing Tim Tebow, knee-praying. Genesis1.1,first translation.
Exposing Tim Tebow and Knee-praying. Behind the Door Prayer. First Translation of Genesis 1.1. Jesus -John 10.34 translated Right - MYHLA = plural Gods - Father/Son
Exposing Tim Tebow, knee-praying. Genesis1.1,first translation.
Exposing Tim Tebow and Knee-praying. Behind the Door Prayer. First Translation of Genesis 1.1. Jesus -John 10.34 translated Right - MYHLA = plural Gods - Father/Son

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Published by: Sid Williams on Dec 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“All [things] were given to Me under [authority] of the Father of Me, and no one fully knows the Son if not the Father, nor anyone does not fully know the Father if not the Son and [to] whom ever the Son willsto reveal [Him]” – Matthew 11.27.This is “Fundamentalism” of the message of God. NO ONE KNOW UNLESS TAUGHT BY GOD.“But the
natural man ( 
without the Spirit of the supernatural God
receives not the [things] of the Spirit of the God, for they are foolishness to him, and he is not able to know, for they are spiritually discerned” – First Corinthians 2.14.Logically, what this means is: “It will not do you any good to read the Bible if you are untrained – by“possessors of the Spirit.”The same message reads:“And the [ones] in flesh being not able seeking to please God. But you are not in flesh but in Spirit, if indeed, Spirit of God housing in you (
  o   i  o   io   i   o   i
). But if anyone does not have Spirit of Anointed (
),this [one] is not of Him” – Romans 8.9.[Also termed, “empty” – Matt 12.43-45; and, “dead” – Luke 9.60; and 1 Thess. 5.3-5 – “darkness versussons of light.” John Wesley, in the 1700s, taught to “seek the second blessing,” after being born fromwater; John 3.5.AND -- what is the Spirit of Anointed?Isaiah 11.1-4: 1) Wisdom ad Understanding (One Spirit), 2) Counsel (One Faith), 3) Might (One God), 4)Knowledge (One Hope), 5) Fear of ‘He Is’ (
),(One Dippig), 6) Judgment (One Lord), 7)Righteousness (One Body [2 Cor. 5.21] – Ephesians 4.4-6.
“And whenever you pray DO NOT BE JUST LIKE THE HYPOCRITES – for they love in thesynagogues and in the corners of the streets, standing to pray – so that they will appear ever ( 
 an an an an
 ) [to be praying] to the men. Truly, I say to you that they receive in full the reward of them” – Matthew 6.5.“But you, whenever you pray enter into the room of you, and having shut the door of you, pray to theFather of you, The [One] seeing in the secret will repay you in the open” – Matthew 6.6.
Albert Pujols, of the Saint Louis Cardinals baseball team, after getting a hit raises both hands, and hiseyes to heaven, and follows this by pointing with his right index finger to his God in heaven. And Pujolsgets more hits every year than Tim Tebow connects on passes. And, the Hispanic baseball players have been doing this for several decades. Some make, “the sign of the cross” before stepping into the batter’s box, or after digging in their batter’s stance and before the first pitch.There is a lot of “hype” about Tim Tebow, a college football quarterback, and the way he prays in public before each football game. He kneels on one knee and puts his forearm on the other knee. He even has avideo on YouTube.
SO THEN – When should we pray?“Therefore, on the one hand (
), Peter (Rock) was kept in prison;
but earnest prayer being made
under [authority] of the ‘From Calling’ (
ek klhsia
) to the God in behalf of him. On the other hand (
) whenthe Erod (
) was about to bring him forth …” – Acts 12.5-6.“Because of this,
we also give thanks, without ceasing, to the God 
, for receiving a word of hearing fromus of the God, you received not word of men, but just as he is truly, word of God, and he is at work in youthe believers” – First Thessalonians 2.13. [Both examples, “pray without ceasing.”] NOTE: When I would be tuning up my car, I soon learned that everything would go better if I “prayedmyself through the job.” Then another job would pop up, and prayer was a necessity.BUT THEN – the “test of faith” requires prayer.“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you” – Matt. 7.7.“The Hebrew language has 22 letters, all consonants, and even the letter, ‘A’ is a consonant” – ModernReference Encyclopedia, 1967.God has answered my prayer to learn to translate Genesis 1.1.This is the only translation of Genesis based soley on the Hebrew alphabet. In fact, it is the onlytrtanslation of Genesis 1.1 based soley on the Hebrew alphabet.
Crah taw mymvh ta myhla arb tyv arb
 1. Creating – ARB; Strong’s Hebrew #1254 = creating – 448 times, made – 1 time = participle. NOTE: most lexicographers and “alleged” Bible translators do not know what constitues a“participle.” A verb form (arb) with a “prefixed” Person Indicator (Y) is a verb of some tense (Hecreated)*; but a verb form (arb) without a “prefixed” Person Indicator is a “participle.” The PersonIndicators are – incomplete list – A = “I,” and T = “She” and “You,” and Y & N = “He,” and N = “We.”
A arb
= creating “Participle” & “W” (and).The Jews’ and all others translated, “God, He created.”But there is no “He” – prefix, “Y” and also there is no verb “created” = He with participle “creating” =“He created” (Genesis 1.21). GENESIS 1.1 = ARB = participle, “creating.” Revelation 21 & 22 =SEVENTH DAY (One Day – Isaiah 66.8) = founding New Jerusalem (AD 77-78). This ended the“Seven days of Creation.” Then, “There was no Night there”, for the “Evening of the Seventh” precededthe “Morning of the Seventh Day,” and there was nothing left to create. “The Evening and the Morningwere the first day” – Geness 1.5.
A arby
= “He created and” (Genesis 1.21, but He created” not in Genesis 1.1).* The stumbling block is: [plural] “Gods” -- “He (singular) created.The reconciliation requiresspeculation, but the letters and the words only require faith.2.
– setting – Strong’s Hebrew #1254 – 23 times.3.
– repeat of #1 = creating – 448 times.,4.
– Hebrew #430 = [plural] “Gods” (2,492 times) contrasted with [singular] “God” (
) (395times).5.
- “of.”
- the (H) Heavens. ”Heavens” is always plural because of “Day” & “Night.” NOTE: “OneDay” has “Two Heavens – Day & Night.”7.
and (W) of (AT).8.
– the Earth.THE JEWISH SUPERSTITION (So named in Preface to American StandardVersion, 1901).The Jews believe the name of God (
) [He Is] is too sacred to be pronounced. “When we come to itWE CHANGE IT TO
.” – JeruisalemPerspective.comDavid Biven is the writer on this web page. Also “Wikipedia a free encyclopedia on the web.”Plus – about 10,000 web pages telling this tale and bragging we (c. 1985) wrote the New Testament
 before the Greek Edition AD 67).
This miscalculation was because the Lamb of God and His apostles quoted the Septuagint instead of theHebrew text. Example:Mark 12.29: And the Iesous answered him, ‘For first of all the commandments [is], “Hear Israel, Lord theGod of us, Lord is one’”; supposingly quoting Deuteronomy 6.4 [for the Jews superstition stated their goal to change the name of God].
[mv larvy hwhy wnhla hwhy k xa
“Hearing Israel
, ‘He Is
) Gods
[plural] of us’ (
wn hla
) “He Is’
) brother 
) of you(
).”The Hebrew manuscrpts have all (in a very clumsy and obvious way) overwritten K(CH)A [BROTHER OF YOU] to appear to be D(CH)A reading, “one.” But “D” the letter for “one” has strokes twice as thick as the other strokes on the line – except in the first word:
.But that is another investigation. Why did Iesous quote this bunch of lies? Was Iesous a liar?Surely not!”No man can serve two Lords!”Deuteronomy 6.4; Septuagint:
 Akoue Israhl
o Qeoj 
hmwn Kurioj 
Hear, O Israel
, The Lord
our God
.1. “O” is ephemism, adding to the word to beautify it [as though God needed help.]2. “Israel”
is an error for,
larvy y
(Prince) [of]
(God).3. Also “Jerusalem” (
) is a misspelling for: He (Y) [is] Prince (R[s]) [of] Peace (MLS).RULE OF PREFIX: Consistently, a prefix “supresses from writing” the first letter of a word.R[s]Y is written RY.

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