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Greenspan UPDATE 2011-Q2

Greenspan UPDATE 2011-Q2

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: chrisinsingapore2011 on Dec 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Second Quarter, 2011
In this edion:
ENVAULT with mimic and image capture capabilies
Sample Tracking and Receival System (STARS) launch
Featured Project
Manitoba Water Stewardship
Solve dicult ow sites with surface velocity radar
Along with regular columns and announcements
is designed with aSCADA system at the core,many functions are available that are beyond the capabilities of traditionalweb based data presentation package.One of these is the ability to displayanimated graphical representations of sites, or “mimics” as they are named inSCADA terminology.The
mimics can:
Automatically update as newdata arrives
Graphics can be as detailed or realistic as desired
As values and current statesupdate, this can be used tomodify symbol colours or  behaviour 
Mimic symbols can be selectedor clicked, allowing pop
upwindows with more detailedinformation
 Network diagrams showing siteinterconnections work especially well, with
totalisation or mass balancing possible
The mimic features have all the samelicence features of the
subscription in that there is no limit tothe number of users that canconcurrently connect to the your stations. Additional engineering timeis the only extra cost, to allow for completely customised mimicsshowing your specific site arrangement
hile measuring environmentalconditions is the cornerstone of our business, some conditions are noteasily measured or quantified, or needto be visually verified to ensure a trueand accurate historical record. Imagescaptured at specific times or on
eventscan by used to qualify measured dataor quantify non measured information.A typical application is to capture a photo of the water surface when aturbidity reading is collected, or asample is taken to allow the operator tosee conditions that may be affectingthe reading. Other applicationsinclude images to supplement noiseand blast projection data, plant stressconditioning, security monitoring (asshown in the image here), wildlifeactivity or any parameter that cant beeasily measured. Images stored arearchived for future analysis
River Site 2
Not used
River Site 1
River Site 2
s part of the collaborative partnerships between Greenspanand Aquatic Informatics, Greenspanare proud to announce the latestrelease of STARS, the SampleTracking And Receival System,developed by Greenspan to integratewithin the Aquatic InformaticsAQUARIUS package. STARSextends the capabilities of AQUARIUS by streamlining the field processes involved in samplecollection and by making it easy toautomatically receive laboratory andfield test results.Focused on end
user productivity,STARS simplifies field data collection processes including:
Recording of field test resultsand sample bottle collectionwith a variety of fieldcomputers, including tabletPC’s
The ability to combine discretefield measurements with relatedlaboratory sample test results
Verify required sampling has been performed & laboratorytest results have been received
Display discrete field andlaboratory results together withreal
time SCADA data
Generate compliance reportsagainst a range of compliancetypes such as drinking water guidelines/regulations, trade
waste licence conditions, or confirming operation withinoperational control bands
Automated data forwarding toexternal stakeholders
The product is being marketed for Greenspan under the Aquarius banner.
reenspan is proud to announce thatwe recently won the NSWBusiness Chamber Award for Excellence in Business Innovation.With more than 1,800 companiesentered into the various categoriesawarded on the night, it is a prestige andan honour to be selected. While partially a recognition of the innovativeapproach Greenspan applies to solvingenvironmental problems, it also reflectsthe challenging problems that many of our customers face but still ambitiouslyattempt to solve.
Greenspan thanks everyone involved inthe winning of this award and looksforward to competing again next year.
For more information on the award, visittheBusiness Chamber  web page at:

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