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Published by Prabha Duddley

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Published by: Prabha Duddley on Dec 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Disciple's Studyof the Great Pyramid ofGiza in Egypt
The Great Pyramid, on the Giza plateau in Egypt, has been theobject of scientific and archaeological study for over twohundred years now, in this modem era of discovery. It is thelast of the seven ancient wonders of the world, and the only oneremaining. Taking a closer look, you find amazing evidence, ofthe construction ability of the ancients. Whoever built it had tohave a superior knowledge of construction techniques that farsurpasses what we have now. Notwithstanding, there are manyexamples in the construction, that a superior knowledge of theuniverse, and of the earth, are incorporated into the buildingand it's measurements. This Great Pyramid is singled out fromall other pyramids. It is the oldest, and by the superiorconstruction techniques that far surpasses all the otherpyramids, makes it obvious that the Egyptians didn't build it.They tried to imitate this one, but they never were able to comeclose. More probably, whoever built it had some divine help andplanning. This study will prove to you the Divine Inspirationbehind the building of the Great Pyramid, and will correct thecurrent Egyptian statements about it.The Egyptians say that the Pharaoh Cheops, or Khufu, built itbecause of a Cartouche, or Kings Signature Symbol, was foundinside. All the pyramids in Egypt are covered with writings andpaintings, filled with statues and gold, all except one, the GreatPyramid. In this respect it is silent, except a few "quarrymarks" found over the top of the kings chamber. The Cartoucheand quarry marks have already been proven to have been a
forgery. The “discoverer” of these marks, Col. Howard Vyse,
was at the end of his expedition and money was running out. Hestill hadn't found any treasure, writings or anything in the GreatPyramid. Shortly before he made his "discovery", a publication
by Mr. Wilkinson, the “Materia Hieroglyphica”, published a
cartouche similar to the one found in Wellington's chamber overthe King's chamber. This alone is not proof that he forged it,
but there was one glitch, Mr. Wilkinson made a mistake in hiscartouche in the book, that was also incorporated into the onethat Col. Vyse had forged. The symbol "O" used correctly inKhufu's name was etched with diagonal lines inside it. The plain"O" was a symbol of a god and very sacred to the Egyptians.This was a fatal error in the signature, and a scribe of that daywould have never made that mistake, lest it cost him his life.
Just after Col. Vyse's discovery, the amended publication wasreleased, that corrected not only that symbol but many otherones that were incorrectly painted onto the walls of thechambers over the King's Chamber. But it was too late for theCol. to correct his mistakes. Also suspicious is the fact thatthere are marks on three of the four walls above the King'sChamber. Good old Col. Vyse just so happened to break into thewall with no writing's on it. His errors are probably the onlything that decidedly proves it's forgery. Herodotus, the "Fatherof history", said that Cheops was not buried there, but in anobscure place. There never has been a body in it. There are airpassages to the inner rooms which indicate that it is not a tomb.Tombs don't have a need for air passages, and they wouldthwart the idea of using a pyramid to aid in the translation totheir next life. The air circulation would promote decay of theKing. Plus, as we will see, the magnificent and prophetical valueof this monument far exceeds the possibility of it being a tomb.
Before we get into the spiritual and prophetical side of thepyramid, I want to show you some of the scientific perfection'sand measurements that are built throughout this whole pyramid.Throughout this letter are several diagrams, use them as youdevelop mental pictures of everything that I'll cover. The wayI've been taught, and probably the best way to learn, is by the

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