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Volcano Health Club ENversion

Volcano Health Club ENversion



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Published by Volcano Health Club

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Published by: Volcano Health Club on Oct 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our philosophy at steps to perfect health isdevoted to encouraging and inspiring theindividual to take responsibility for their ownhealth and future well being by providing thetools and knowledge for self-empowerment.
destinationfor health and beauty
Inspiring environment, floods of natural light and cutting edge contemporary designfeatures differentiate Volcano from any ordinary health club and provides you with anexceptional destination for health and beauty.Volcano Complex offers wide range of services, the city’s top fitness equipment andtechnologies, outstanding diagnostic systems, rehabilitation, spa and beauty clinic andexperienced, friendly and certified staff.While relaxing or working-out you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Prokopske Valley naturalreservation. During the summer you have the option to train outside, enjoy our spa ora drink on the terrace.Our free and secure parking, along with a childcare, 24 hour reception service and personallockers, ensures that even the most hectic day can turn into a much more pleasant andconvenient one.Whatever your experience with an ordinary gym, spa and changing rooms might be, youwill be pleasantly surprised when you visit our facilities. All interiors are cozy, featuringattractive materials, highlighting wood and polished stone.
Easy Line
 Thanks to top diagnostic systems, technologiesand skilled, friendly and certified staff, we can offeryou the opportunity to ascertain your personalfitness level and use it as the basis for drawing upan effective training plan. A diagnostic fitness check provides a snapshot of your current level of physicalfitness. The results enable us to develop for you anappropriate training program, with which you willhave more fun getting fit.Inspiring environment, floods of natural light and cuttingedge contemporary design features differentiate ourCardio from the usual health club and provide you withan excellent choice. While working-out you can enjoy thecalming view of the Propose Valley natural reservation.During the summer you have the unique option to trainoutside. The on-board entertainment system is fullyintegrated into the cardio stations design, which enablesyou to plug-in your bipod, watch TV or listen to the radiowhile exercising. Wellness TV and radio is an integratedpart of the cardio stations.
WellnessSystem™Spa and BeautyClinicSupervisedChildcare
Kinesis™ introduces a new way of achieving balance andflexibility within a movement progression system. It can alsoenhance the movements of such classic forms of exercisesuch as Pilates and Yoga. Kinesis offers endless trainingpossibilities for everyone from the novice exerciser to theworld-class athlete. Catch a ride on the Kinesis Express.Whether you’re training for specific sports such as tennis,golf, basketball, martial arts, running, cycling, swimming, ortrying to get in shape and lose weight, you’ll get twice theworkout in half the time. Please consult one of our fitnessstaff members for private or semi-private lessons. Be oneof the first in the nation to experience the most innovativeresistance equipment ever designed. The Easy Line™ collection is designed forthe millions of people who want to loseweight and improve their health and physicalcondition, but are intimidated or dissatisfied bytraditional gyms.With these nine separate pieces of equipment,you can create a unique 30-minute circuittraining that will offer cardio and strengthtraining with a high rate of calorie expenditure. The FLEXability™ range enables an initial assessmentof flexibility and a continuous monitoring of yourimprovement. The comprehensive feedback helps to increaseyour motivation and prevent likelihood of dropout,offering you an easy, comfortable and quick approach to stretching.
Volcano Health Club is the only club inPrague offering Pilates, yoga, cardio andcore classes in a beautiful environment of natural reservation. Forget the dark studioswith bad air-condition, enjoy the healingand calming power of nature. The system provides each user with an individualfitness assessment, which provides the startingpoint for creating a personalized workoutprogram. The Wellness System Key simplifiesevery aspect of your experience. Memberssimply insert the Key into each piece of equipment, which then starts automatically, andfollow the instructions displayed.Pleasant, inviting and inspirational spaces,exclusive treatments along with a uniquephilosophy for well being are characteristicfeatures of our Spa and Beauty Clinic.Enjoy your stay at all the club’s facilities with theknowledge that our fully-trained staff is caring for theneeds of your children.Working with a qualified, certified and experienced personaltrainer can help you achieve levels of weight loss and fitnessyou never thought were possible.We combine cutting-edge technology with fun, innovationand proven methods that are designed to get results.Our team of certified personal trainers, physiotherapeutists,nutritional specialists offer several different program optionsand solutions, so we are sure you will find one that is right foryou.
CardioPersonal TrainingOut-Door training

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