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Evaluation 7

Evaluation 7

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Published by lil-miss-meghani

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lil-miss-meghani on Dec 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluation 7Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progressionfrom it to full product?From doing our preliminary task I feel I have gained knowledge and experience of how touse
camera’s and video recorders. This has shown us
that even in such a short clip, there areessential skills that were necessary and without them, the film would lack professionalism.During the process of filming we experienced difficulties such as working with cameras andvideo recorders. This was because I had not really worked with cameras much prior tomaking our video. The first skill we that was priority were making sure I knew how to use acamera. As I would need to include various shots i.e. long shots, close up shoots to show arange of different perspectives. Also when filming we had to make sure the shots wereappropriate and also when it came to filming for our opening sequence of a thriller this gaveme more indication as to what would be expected and needed.Also when it came to editing, I found this as one of the
most challenging task’s as I had no
experience what so ever in this area. Also some of the software I struggled with using as itwas all new, and I had no experience of how to use. Once we had edited the film we had toinclude titles and fit the frames altogether to complete the preliminary task.After filming our preliminary task we had to focus on our opening sequence for a thriller. Asa group we decided to choose to do a thriller as this would enable us to us a range of specialeffects such as flashing images etc. We also had to analyse an opening of a thriller, this thenhelped me gain insight as to what people may expect to see or want to see. When planning Ilearned a variety of skills such as such as team work, being organized and many more.However one of thing that I noticed particularly was how time consuming some of thedocument took to complete. Also as a group we helped each other with work and also we
found that proof reading over members of the group’s work enabled us to give some of our
feedback.During the film process I played the sound person, also I had an advantage as in my year 11GCSE film, I also played the sound role therefore I already had knowledge and knew whatmay be expected of me. However I did struggle at certain times with collecting the music assome sounds would not fit in and so the music was hard to get access of.

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