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Banishing Spells

Banishing Spells



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Published by wildwiccan9399

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Published by: wildwiccan9399 on Oct 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TO RID YOURSELF OF AN UNWANTED LOVERSome people are wooed by persistent would-belovers, those who won't take no for ananswer and who won't leave them alone. This isthe ideal spell for such a situation.It should be done during the waning cycle of theMoon.Have a roaring fire going, then go outside andpick up two handfuls of dry vervain leaves(you can place them on the ground ahead of time,if necessary.)As you pick them up, shout out the name of theone you wish to be rid of.Turn and go into the house (or cross to the fireif this is all done out in the open)and fling leaves onto the fire with the words:Here is my pain;Take it and soar.Depart from me nowAnd offend me no more.Do this for three nights in a row. You will hearno more from the unwanted ones. TO GET SOMEONE OUT OF YOUR LIFEThis ritual is used to get someone out of yourlife that you just can't seem to get away from.You'll need: a string of hemp a small disha red, black, gray or black candle with the wickremoveda cut burnt through to the candle's center.Slip the hemp through the crevice in the candle,and, holding both ends of the string with onehand.Begin to burn through the center of the wax,where the crevice starts.Channel energy into the candle based on whatnegative things the source has given or done toyou.Then, as the wax cascades into two pieces andthe hemp burns through, visualize yourselfand the other source like the wax. Two separatebodies.A regular circle needs to be cast for thisritual, and you have to make sure youwant no ties with this person again when theritual's through.BANISHMENT SPELLThis is a spell for love gone wrong, for endinga personal, family or businessrelationship that you no longer wish to be in.It is a fire spell. To work it, gather herbs ofprotection and an image of the person(photograph, poppet, etc.)Something written in their own hand, a lock ofhair, a piece of clothing or a personalobject will also do.Put everything into a fireproof container - iron
cauldron, marble mortar, whatever -and set fire to it as you perform the spell.It should make a very satisfactory blaze thatreduces to ashes.The ashes can be buried or washed down a drain.Flush them down a toilet if you are very angry.Dispose of all the objects that connect you tothe person: gifts, letters, photographs, etc.It is especially important to get rid ofjewelry. Move house if you have to.Be careful with this spell. It's permanent, sodon't use it unless you really mean forever.By the crimson and the goldby basilisk and bloodstoneby the garlic in the fieldsby the poppies and what they yieldinvisibly I make my shieldto detect thee and deflect theeand keep thy harm from me.By dragon's blood and salamandersby horses when their hooves strike sparksby the dragon breathing flamesfrom the Book of Life I erase thy namesI cut the cords and unlock the chainsI sever all the ties by which we were boundand with impenetrable walls myself I surroundagainst thy power and its sourceagainst thy evil and its sourceVesta, Pele, LilithKali Kali KaliI banish thee forever from meand any harm from thee to medoubles back and tables turnedthou shalt by thyself be burnedLilith, Vesta, PeleKali Ma Kali Maby the power of three times threeI banish thee, I banish thee, I banish theeI am set free So mote it be!TO END UNWANTED ROMANTIC FEELINGSFocus your thoughts on the person you want to nolonger have feelings for.Think of all the reasons of yours & traits oftheirs that you can, to back up your decision.Write this person's name on a small slip ofpaper.Cross out the name with deliberation. Say:You no longer hold a special place in my heart.You are not the right person for me.I will bury my feelings for you here & make afresh start.Bury this bit of paper & all your feelings aboutthis person outside under a waning moon.TO MAKE A LOVER LEAVEThe following is an effective and simple spellto encourage the end of a relationship
if you are no longer interested in the person asa lover.a black candle a white candle salt, waterdragon's blood incenseand a picture of the person you wish to end therelationship with.It also helps if you have something of theirs (aring, watch, etc. that they will wear at a latertime, and wear often).Arrange all these items on a table or altarsomewhere quiet that you will not be disturbed.Write your name and his side by side on a pieceof paper.Before casting this spell, it is important thatyou realize the meaning behind the variousthings involved.Each item represents something, and all fourelements (earth, air, fire and water) are alsorepresented.(1) The white candle represents good will, asyou do not wish the person any harm,you are just no longer interested in a lover'srelationship with them.(2) The black candle represents 'ending' or'finality'.This signifies the ending of the relationship asit currently is.** Both candles represent the element of fire.The dragon's blood incense represents theelement air.The bowl of water represents the element ofwater.The salt sprinkled around your table representsthe element of earth.The picture and personal items from the personhelp you to concentrate on the person,and the item that they might wear later willfurther infuse them with the power of the spell.To cast the spell:Light the candles and incense, going around thetable from North to West to South to East(this represents diminishment or decrease, andyou wish to decrease the love binding youand your boyfriend/girlfriend.)Cast a circle, paying tribute to thelord/lady/dragon/guardian of each of thewatchtowers,again going from NWSE in direction.Repeat the following chant 3 times, and on thethird time tear the paper that you've writtenyour names on in half."O fire and flame of candle dark, I call yourpower to free his/her heart.As I tear this paper with our names inscribed,separate his/her (name) love from me apart.Bring to him/her not one ounce of charm, butfall him/her to another's charms.Nevermore as lovers shall we two be, but forever

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