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The Elephant Man Review

The Elephant Man Review

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Published by Shayne Foskett

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Published by: Shayne Foskett on Dec 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Elephant man
Fig. 1 Film Poster.
The Elephant Man film of (1980’s) was directed by David Lynch. This film has to be the most moving,and audience grabbing film of its time and even to this very day were all TV’s and films are actionpacked with CGI, colour and HD it doesn’t matter this fi
lm really makes us the audience completely
forgot the fact it’s even a black and white film. The film is based on the main character John Merrick
whose life since birth was always hard for him because of his disfigured body and the attack on hismum by an elephant while he was in her womb. The film shows the true feelings and reaction of theaudience of our everyday people in any generation would humans truly think of disfigurement oryou could even call it the unknown, basically humans not truly understanding the facts beforemaking assumptions.Fig. 2 Dr. Treves 1
reaction to see Elephant Man.The whole film is based on the true story of a man known as Joseph Merrick, an Englishman who wasborn with a disfiguring disease. There is a doctor known as Fredrick Treves who is amazed or evenfascinated with Joseph Merricks disease and throughout the whole film always see Joseph an a
everyday person and treats him like he doesn’t even have the disease.
Fredrick Treves is fascinatedwith Joseph Merrick when he goes to visit a circus and is fascinated by the fact that someone could
actually be called The Elephant Man, It’s then at this point when he sneaks further in to try get acloser look. He’s doesn’t make it for the look because there are police warning th
e circus people togo away due to the cruelty of the situation of what is going on. Police are relating the Elephant Man
as an ‘abomination’ which could also be the term of a disfigured, horrible looking being of some sort.
Eventually Dr. Treves takes Joseph Merrick to his hospital where he also finds out that the circus
man that was looking after him has also been beating Joseph Merrick which then Dr. Trevespersonally looks
after him, due to knowing what other people’s reaction will be if they f 
ind outJo
seph Merrick is there, Also as well the boss of the hospital doesn’t agree with him being there due
to him believing he is in-curable and should therefore not be admitted to the hospital because hebelieves only patients that can actually be cured should go there.Brutalised by a childhood in which he was hideously abused as a inhuman freak, was graduallycoaxed into revealing a soul of such delicacy and refinement that he became a lion of Victoriansociety. (Milne 2008)As the film goes on Joseph Merrick shows great intelligence, courage and proves to everyone that hereally is just as normal as everyone else but just with a different body, which also again brings the
point of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’
. Dr. Treves teaches him to speak and within a few minutesof trying to get Joseph to speak him eventually speaks and learns relatively fast. Dr. Treves thengives him a few more lessons and to prove to the boss of the hospital that he maybe curable after allif is managing to learn speech than surely t
hat’s a sign of improvement with ones
-self. Dr. Treves
gets Joseph Merrick to meet the boss and the boss doesn’t seem to impressed as he knows the
doctor has told him to only say what he has taught him, walking away disappointed and closing thedoor behind
them Joseph Merrick begins to speak religious view’s like as if he was reading themfrom a bible but in fact he wasn’t, he just knew them. Both the doctor and boss run back in at the
amazement of him doing that which at this point they realise he is a lot
more intelligent then he’s
making out to be.
It would take a heart of stone not to be moved by “The Elephant Man”. (Almar Haflidason)
 As the film goes on you see the difference of people within the world treating him badly from peopleaccepting him as a true perfectly normal human being. The film comes slowly to and end whenJoseph Merrick looks upon the wall of a painting of a small boy laying in his bed with his bodyperfectly straight and Joseph Merrick was never able to lay down perfectly straight he always fellasleep with himself propped up. So the film comes to an end when Joseph Merrick has beenaccepted into society, treated fairly and just wants to live like an everyday person. Joseph get readyfor bed and decides that he also wants to lie down just like the boy in the painting which sadlybecomes the death of him. This was a really strong point to the film that left the whole audiencewith a frog in their throat.Fig. 3 I am a human being!

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