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Task8 - Questionaire Analysis

Task8 - Questionaire Analysis

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Published by Aaliyah Stretch

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Aaliyah Stretch on Dec 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I had 20 of my target audience (mixed ethnicity 18-28yrs) complete my questionnaire. Ibelieved having a questionnaire would explore the features I could include in my won magazineand the issues readers have magazines. The results of this will help when planning and creatingmy music magazine, the answers to each question is in
and alternative information is in
Light Pink.1.
Are you :Male/Female- aged 16-28 and interested in R&B/Hip-Hop music? (Circle Yes/No)100% of my target audience circled yes.What R&B/Hip-Hop music/artists/bands do you currently listen to?:The most common artists mentioned were:Nicki MinajJ ColeDrakeKanye WestWiz KhalifaRihannaWhen creating my own magazine I will make sure to make reference to these artists as it isimportant that a music magazine is up to date with the current artists that their targetaudience are listening to. This increases popularity and sales.2.
What attracts you to R&B/Hip-Hop music?
The lyrics of the songs
The instruments and vocals used
The image of the R&B/Hip-Hop genre
The artists/bands
Other (specify below)
100% of my target audience who answered ‘The lyrics of songs’, however 11 of these 20
also stated it was the image of R&B/Hip-Hop genre.
One questioner stated: “Hip
-Hop music gives artists a voice, so they can be heard beyondthe stero-types often associated with the black artists rapping/singing. It shows there ismore to them and so everyone
can relate especially black communities.”
How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? (Please circle)
Less than £1
More than £4
11 questionees circled, ‘£2
£3’, and 9 circled “£1
As there isn’t a clear
decision in the price range and the figures were reasonably close I willthink carefully as to what exact price I will charge as I understand my target audience arebetween the ages of students and working adults. Therefore, I would like this to beaffordable however the content will be worth the final pay.4.
Do you currently buy/read music magazines?
YES ( If yes, please go on to ANSWER question 5.8 circled here.
NO (If No please go on to answer question 6)12 circled here.5.
Specify which music magazine(s) you buy and /or read.The most common magazines described were:Billboard, Vibe (online) and NME. What do you like about this magazine?Questionees stated the content was good, promontional offers were of great interest, themusic charts included were extremely good and the magazines versatility/choice of artists.
6. Why don’t you buy and or read music magazines?(tick the answers that apply)
I don’t really know much about them
They don’t in
terest me
They don’t seem to be aimed at people like me
They’re too expensive
I don’t buy/read any magazines
Other reasons (please specify) ………………………………………
100% said they’re too expensive, and 6 added that the reason being they would
sometimes look to online magazine websites as R&B/Hip-
Hop magazines aren’t common
in most stores in the UK.7.
What would encourage you to buy a music magazine? (Please Circle)
Free gifts
Competitions (win CDs, tickets, etc.)
Exclusive news and interviews
Dates of oncoming gigs
Cheap price
other (please specify)
Competitions, Exclusive news and interviews, dates of oncoming gigs and cheap prices werethe most popular answers.8. Which of the following magazines do you find the most eye-catching/appealing? (circleresponse)A B C Dplease give reasons Why?The results were split with 25% of the 100, picking A,B,C,D.This tells me that each of these hold something which attract my target audience.A few stated it was the Choice of artists, Colours and Content (ie. Coverlines and images)9.
What would you like to see on the cover of a music magazine?Which of the following images would you like to see on the front of this music magazine?For each one could you tell me how strongly you agree(5 is top score) or disagree(o is bottom score)Preferred images/photographs for cover of magazine
0 1
2 3 4 5
Several images
one main image of keyartist/band
Musical instruments/props
Bright colours
Darker colours
Other-please specifyWhat specific images/photographs associated

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