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Call for Participants

Call for Participants

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Published by philipjudeacidre

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Published by: philipjudeacidre on Oct 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student LeadCon 08 Call for ParticipantsPage 1 of 4
A R T Y L I S T 
NAME, DATE AND VENUE OF PROGRAMThird Eastern Visayas Student Council Leadership Conference
28 to 30 November 2008, Thursday to SundayVicMar Beach Resort, Baybay, San Jose, Tacloban City
Given the avenues for growth and development could enable the youth to vividly envision and channeltheir passion and energies into becoming effective agents in nation-building. With this in mind, the AN WARAYParty List Organization took the initiative to establish an active partnership with the youth in Eastern Visayas toharness their potential and be of service to the community.Hence, the opportunity to build closer ties with student leaders within the region urged a number ofyoung leaders to spur the creation of the
Student Council Leadership Conference
in the year 2006. Runentirely by the youth, for nearly three years now the conference has firmly established its niche in creating adialogue platform among student council leaders within Eastern Visayas and a forum that provides opportunitiesfor closer and more regular contact among student leaders who will become now and in the future leaders oftheir own generation. Young voices continue to be heard and plan of actions have thus borne fruitful projects.Through a consensual, consultative and principle-oriented process, student leaders are given thechance to discuss key student leadership issues, study the current trends and challenges confronting theirfellow college students, brainstorm possible solutions and responses to such challenges and enhancethemselves with the necessary skills in order to concretize and realize such solutions and responses.The
Student LeadCon process 
is composed of three “E” steps:
engage, enhance and empower.
During the conference, student council leaders from colleges and universities withinEastern Visayas are given the opportunity to gather together and form innovative, strong andsustainable networks, linkages and connections among themselves and collaborate in studying,identifying and formulating creative ideas and promising practices in the student development field.
Through talks, roundtable discussions, open forums and breakout sessions, the StudentLeadCon will enable student council leaders to learn from, teach, support and inspire each other inadvancing the in-school youth sector by expanding their leadership knowledge, strengthening theirmanagement skills and building positive connections among in-school youth.
The Student LeadCon also hopes to encourage both student leaders and organizationsto develop a student development plan for their respective campuses that would accentuate howyoung people can be viewed as valued resources and partners in the community. Student leadersare further empowered to fully perform their leadership role by sharing their energy, time, efforts andfocus to the pursuit of the development of the academic community.In fulfillment of its education and youth development agenda, the AN WARAY Party List Organizationhopes that with the diligence and persistence of the Student Council Leadership Conference, more youngdecision-makers will converge and be inspired with the united vision, and more challenging endeavors will beundertaken that will reveal the real value of their involvement and commitment in nation building. With thenumber of participants growing with every year, and with the guidance of mentors and delegates from theprevious LeadCon, the future is bright as they continue working together to realize their dreams of creating abetter future for our country.
Changing Ourselves to Change the World: Responding to the Challenge of a Global Ethic Leadership  
Student LeadCon 08 Call for ParticipantsPage 2 of 4
The objectives of the Student LeadCon are:1) To enable student leaders to enhance and empower their leadership capacities and potentials inresponse to the current and other developmental issues that confront the student sector;2) To provide student leaders with opportunities to study, find and formulate creative ideas andpromising practices in the student development field through talks, roundtable discussions, openforums and other learning activities;3) To encourage student leaders to explore concrete ways to better serve their communities througheffective community service, positive leadership roles and active community involvement.
The Student LeadCon is open to all
college students
who presently
hold key leadership roles in thecentral student councils
of both state and private colleges and universities within Eastern Visayas.Participants must be officially nominated by their respective student councils. Any student leader who hadalready participant in previous Student LeadCon cannot anymore participate in the Third Eastern VisayasStudent Council Leadership Conference.The applicants for participation must pre-register beforehand with the Conference Secretariat andcomply with all the requirements and questionnaires as required by the convenors.Each individual participant shall submit the following application requirements:1. individual application form with 2x2 pictures accomplished in triplicate2. letter of confirmation3. recent curriculum vitae or résumé (in triplicate)4. resolution of nomination by the school student council5. accomplished student leadership questionnaire6. accomplished study modulesEach school delegation shall submit the following group application requirements1. group registration form accomplished in triplicate2. organizational charter (or constitution and by-laws) (if any)3. vision, mission and goal statements (if any)4. past and current action plans (if any)5. accomplished student council leadership questionnaireThe registration forms, questionnaires and study modules may be reproduced. The accomplishedapplication forms together with all documents and pre-conference questionnaires must be submitted on orbefore the Student LeadCon. The Conference Secretariat reserves the right and the prerogative to excludeapplicants who will not meet the stated requirements.
The Conference Staff to be determined by the convenors will facilitate the Student LeadCon. TheConference Director shall head the conference staff and take overall supervision of the entire conference.
Keynote Talks.
At the opening of the conference, a keynote address on the theme of the conference willbe given by an invited speaker. The keynote address will set the content and the theme of the succeedingsessions. A closing session will end the Student LeadCon during which a closing speaker shall be invited toaddress the participants.
Roundtable Discussion.
During the conference, the roundtable discussion methodology will be utilized.At every session, a talk on a topic relevant to student leadership and to the conference theme will be given by aresource person or by an expert invited by the conference staff. An open forum will follow the talk, during whichreactors, selected from the participants themselves, will address questions to the resource persons or experts orshare their opinions with the body. After all the reactors have raised questions or express their thoughts and ifthere is still ample time, any participant then may rise to pose a question or make a statement of his opinion.The moderator will facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas between the resource persons and theparticipants and among the participants themselves
Student LeadCon 08 Call for ParticipantsPage 3 of 4
Breakout Sessions and Challenge Courses.
There will also be breakout sessions and challenge coursesduring which the participants will be divided into separate workshop groups. Trainings on varying leadership andorganizational skills will be conducted by invited resource persons.
Executive Session.
An executive session will also be held during the conference with the exclusiveparticipation of student council presidents. An agenda will be drawn by the conference staff. The conferencedeclaration will also be drafted during this meeting. During the executive session, the student council presidentswill also elect from their membership the chairperson, deputy chairpersons and floor leaders who will presideover the closing session of the conference.
At the end of the conference 
, the participants will draft a conference declaration encapsulating thevarious experiences and lessons learned during the event as well as a statement of commitment to pursue themafter the conference. The declaration will be made in the name of all participants and will be voted upon forapproval before it is adopted by the conference.
1. The term “participant" shall refer to a student council officer attending the Student LeadCon.2. All participants are required to attend all plenary sessions, assigned events or meetings, andconference activities. They cannot leave the premises of the conference venue or stay at the dormitorywithout the prior permission of the secretariat.3. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco, controlled substances or narcotics, in any form shall by consumed,possessed or used by a participant at any time during the conference under any circumstances.4. All participants must be prompt and prepared for all activities. During roundtable discussions andplenary sessions, they are expected to be in the session hall at least fifteen minutes before theschedule.5. All participants must honor the conference curfew. Curfew is at 11:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted in theschedule. At curfew time, all lights must be put off and all participants are expected to be in theirrespective rooms.6. There shall be no defacing of venue property. Any damages to property or furnishings in theconference venue must be paid for by the individual responsible. He will be billed directly by theconference venue for any damages.7. Identification cards must be worn at all conference events. Appropriate attire will be required duringplenary and breakout sessions. Inappropriate dress may not be worn at conference functions.8. Cellular phones must be turned off or be on silent mode when inside the session hall and during allplenary and breakout sessions.9. All participants agree to conduct themselves in professional and ethical manner at all times and to followthe directives of official conference staff and venue staff.10. English and Filipino shall be the official languages of the conference. All participants shall be courteousin addressing the speaker or the presiding officer of the conference.11. All participants who violate or ignore any of the conference rules shall be immediately notified of theirdemeanor. All participants should also follow all local school rules of conduct.
1. It is best to pre-register before the event. Preregistration can be done online throughthirdstudentleadcon@ymail.com.2. Things to bring:
Accomplished individual and group requirements. It is best to submit the requirements beforethe date of the conference.
Filipiniana or formal ethnic attire for the Opening Program.
Smart casual attire for the Plenary Sessions.
Comfortable casual attire and rubber shoes for the Challenge Course.
Formal evening attire for the Fellowship Dinner.
Cap and wide handkerchief for the challenge courses.
Medicines, towels, toiletries and special effects.3. Deadline for Registration is on November 26, 2008.

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