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TOGAF8 Test Questions (v2)

TOGAF8 Test Questions (v2)



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Published by vanders1

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Published by: vanders1 on Oct 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TOGAF®8 Test QuestionsOverview
1)Which of the following statements best describes TOGAF?a)TOGAF is a tool for developing Technology Architectures only.b)TOGAF is an architecture framework and method for architecturedevelopment.c)TOGAF is a business model.d)TOGAF is a specific architecture pattern2)Why do you need a framework for enterprise architecture?a)Architecture design is complex.b)Using a framework can speed up the process.c)Using a framework ensures more complete coverage.d)A framework provides a set of tools and a common vocabularye)All of these3)Which of the following is not considered one of the three main partsof TOGAF?a)The Architecture Development Methodb)The Enterprise Continuumc)The Technical Reference Modeld)The TOGAF Resource Base4)Which of the types of IT architecture below is not commonlyaccepted as part of the enterprise architecture addressed by TOGAF?a)Business Architectureb)Data Architecturec)Applications Architectured)Technology Architecturee)Pattern Architecture5)The Enterprise Continuum is:a)An Architecture Frameworkb)A database of open industry standardsc)A technical reference modeld)A virtual repository of architecture assetse)A method for developing architectures.
Architecture Development Method (ADM)
6)TOGAF’s ADM is specifically designed to best address:a)Business Requirementsb)Technical Requirementsc)Social Requirementsd)Other Requirementse)All of the these7)Which of the following statements does not describe the phases of the ADM?a)They are cyclicalb)They are iterativec)Each phase refines the scoped)Each phase is mandatorye)They cycle through a range of architecture views8)Which of the following is not a phase of the ADM?a)Preliminary Phase: Framework and Principlesb)Phase C: Business Architecturec)Phase F: Migration and Planningd)Phase D: Technology Architecturee)Phase G: Implementation Governance9)Which of these is not a factor to consider when setting the scope of the architecture activity?a)The scope or focus of the enterpriseb)The set of architecture domains to be consideredc)The level of detaild)The time horizone)The Data Architecture10)Which one of the statements below best completes the followingstatement? Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions:a)Prepares the organization for a successful architecture projectb)Is used to develop the systems architecturec)Identifies the major implementation projectsd)Produces an implementation roadmape)Ensures that the project conforms to the architecture
11)Which one of the following is an ongoing activity throughout theADM cycle?a)Preliminary Phaseb)Requirements Managementc)Business Architectured)Technology Architecturee)Architecture Vision12)Which of the following is not a resource recommended forRequirements Management?a)Business Scenariosb)Gap Analysisc)Volere Requirements Specification templated)Requirements toolse)Volere “waiting room” template
Preliminary Phase: Framework and Principles
13)Which one of the following is completed during the PreliminaryPhase of the TOGAF ADM?a)Architecture Principlesb)Gap Analysisc)Impact Analysisd)Statement of Architecture Worke)Requirements Gathering14)Which one of the following is not an objective of the PreliminaryPhase?a)Ensuring that everyone who will be involved is committed to theproject’s successb)Identifying the people responsible for performing the architecturework, where they are located, and their responsibilitiesc)Defining the scope of the work and assumptionsd)Defining the framework and detailed methodologiese)Developing the Target Business Architecture15)Which of the following is a reason to adapt the ADM?a)All of the answers belowb)The use of TOGAF is being integrated with another frameworkc)The ADM is being used for a purpose other than enterprisearchitectured)The enterprise is a large federated organizatione)The IT governance model needs to be tailored.16)Which of the following statements does not apply to principles?

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