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TNC 155 M_instal

TNC 155 M_instal

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Published by georgecotora

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Published by: georgecotora on Dec 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Contents1. information4Combined technical specifications TNC 151 B/TNC 155 B and TNC 151 ‘Q/TNC 155 Q5Specific data for TNC 151 B/TNC 155 B6Specific data for TNC 151 Q/TNC 155 06Transducers for TNC 151/TNC 1558Transducers for TNC 151 B/TNC 155 B, TNC 151 Q/TNC 155 Q -8Transducers with distance-coded reference marks for TNC 151/TNC 1558Transducers for TNC 151 .R/TNC 155.R9Transducers and EXE-units for the X, Y, Z-axes9Transducers and EXE-units for axis IV9Transducers for TNC 151 .R/TNC 155.R 10Rotairy encoders for spindle orientation (axis V) 10Functions of control inputs/outputs 11External buttons “Start”,“Stop” and “Rapid traverse” 11External switch “Manual traverse” in conjunction with X, Y, Z, IV-axis-release11Feed rate release12M-, S- and T-functions, Strobe signals and feedback signal:“Auxiliary function completed”-12Output of M-functions 13Output of S- and T-functions within Tool Call-block 16Output of T-functions (tool numbers or tool store numbers)17Output of S-functions (spindle speeds)18Emergency Stop20Inputs “Reference end position” and “Reference pulse inhibit” 23Loca.tion of “Reference end position” - trip dogs when using linear transducers 24Loca.tion of “Reference end position” and “Reference pulse inhibit” - trip dogs when usingrotary encoders24Procedure for traversing over reference points in an axis25Traversing over distance-coded reference marks26Special sequence for reference mark approach26“Software limit switches”26External direction buttons and external feed rate potentiometer27Control “in operation”28Control in “Automatic” mode28Lock “Spindle on” 28I npuit for electronic handwheel-servos _ 29I npuit for electronic handwheel H R 150 or H R 250 29Input for dual-handwheel unit HE 310-29Input for touch probe systems29Nominal value-outputs30Wiring and grounding diagram TNC 151 B/TNC 155 B 31Wirin,g and grounding diagram TNC 151 Q/TNC 155 0 31External data input/output via RS-232-C l(V.24) data interface 32Program storage34Floppy disc unit FE 401 34ME lOl/ME 102 Magnetic tape cassette units35Connection cables 36Machline parameters / User-parameters _ 38Machine parameters determined by the machine design or freely determined parameters41.Selection of “controlled” axes, position display axes and/or inactive axes41Machline parameters for feed rates42Machine parameters for variable contour pockets 43Machline parameters for reference mark approach,44Machline parameters for output of spindle speeds 45Machline parameters for output of tool numbers and tool store numbers _48Machine parameters for other functions49Machine parameters which require optimization during commissioning and preliminary values- 51Common machine parameters for both ramp characteristics 51Machine parameters for the “linear characteristic” (machine parameter 60 - 1)52Machine parameters for “square root characteristic” (machine parameter 60 = 0)53Error message GROSS POSITIONING ERROR and POSITIONING ERROR54 parameters which are determined after compilation of the parameters for the rampcharacteristic54Machine parameters in conjunction with the PLC -56Machine parameters in conjunction with the RS-232-C (V.24) data interface 57F/S-232-C standard data interface via “EXT’‘-mode 59Operating mode “Transfer blockwise” 60“Transfer blockwise” using, the HEI DENHAIN Floppy disc unit FE 401 60“Transfer blockwise” via EXT-mode60“Transfer blockwise” from a peripheral unit to the TNC 151/TNC 15564Characters and block formats for various operating modes 65Hardcopy printout of graphics (TNC 155 only)66Machine parameters for handwheels and touch probe systems 67Machine parameters for 3D-Touch probe systems 677. in 2 languages 68Check list for commissioning 69Checks prior to machine switch-on 69Checks after switch-on of adaptor cabinet70Memory test after switch-on70Optimization of TNC 151/TNC 155-parameters71Adjustment check-list71Axis designation for NC-machines and “right-hand-rule”72Selection of machine axes73Assignment of transducer inputs to the control - internal axes73Axis switchover for axis IV73Designation of axis IV73Input/Output diagram for machine parameters74Read-in of machine parameters when memory erased74Alteration of machine parameters75Checking and correction of axis-traversing and counting directions77Setting software limit switch ranges78Offset adjustment78“Linear ramp characteristic” adjustment80Fine adjustment of trailing error for “linear ramp characteristic”-80Acceleration (linear and radial)82Adjustment of “square root characteristic”83Run-in behaviour with acceleration for “square root characteristic”-84Approach speed 1 urn before nominal position for “square root characteristic”85Position supervision for “square root characteristic”85Integral factor X, Y, Z, IV869. Customized macros879.1 Dialogue languages889.2 Testing of customized macros889.3 Repetition of customized macros889.4 Example of a customized macro899.5 Programming of a customized macro within the NC-program memory909.6 Nesting of customized macros919.7 Special function of parameters919.8Binary output of customized macros for programming a PLC-EPROM929.9 Customized macros within a machining program939.9.1 Example: Definition of the customized macro “Bolt hole circle” in a machining program-939.9.2Machining program using the macro “Bolt hole circle”9410. Spindle orientation (optional)9510.1Machine parameters for spindle orientation9510.2Spindle orientation with standard PLC-program9611.12.13.14.List of machine parameters97Adapter cables104

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