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Table Of Contents

Changes from the Previous Release of this Guide
Related Documentation
Business Data Services Documentation
Typographical Conventions
Connecting with TIBCO Resources
How to Access All TIBCO Documentation
How to Contact TIBCO Support
Chapter1 Introduction to BDS
Business Data Services (BDS)
Chapter2 Concepts
Object Orientation (OO)
BOM Class
Business Objects
Business Object Scope
Business Object Creation by Factory
Retrieving and Setting Business Object Attributes
Invoking Operations on Business Object Attributes
BOM Relationships and Process Local Data
Specialization and Generalization
Assignment by Value and by Reference
BOM Native Type or Primitive Type Object to Business Object Attribute
Assigning a Business Object
Assigning a Basic Type Object to a Process Data Field
The Significance of the Script Boundary
Chapter3 Business Data Definition
UML Relationships Supported by Process Local Data
BOM Native Types
Value Spaces for BOM Native Types
Table 3: Value Spaces for BOM Native Types
Creating a Business Object Model (BOM)
Creating User-defined BOMs in the Business Objects Folder
Importing XSDs and WSDLs into Business Objects
Importing WSDLs into the Service Descriptors Folder
Importing a WSDL when Defining a Web Service Task
Generating a WSDL for a Web Service You Are Creating
BOM Design-time Model
Primitive Types
Regular Expression Patterns for Text Fields
Size Restrictions
Default Values
BOM Labels and Names
Label to Name Algorithm
BOM Class Label and Name
BOM Attribute Label and Name
BOM Package Label and Name
Reserved Words
Name Clashes
Chapter4 BDS Generation and Business Data Usage in TIBCO BPM
BDS Plug-in Generation
BDS Design-time Validations
Validations in BOM Editor
Process Validations
BDS Runtime Validations
BOM Versions
Process Migration
Compatible Changes
Using BDS in Tasks
User Task
Script Task
Web Services
Business Data Scripting
Supplying xsi:type Information in XML Sent to TIBCO BPM
Chapter5 Business Data Scripting by Example
Creating a New Business Object
Create an Instance of a Class
Create a Copy of a Business Object
Using the Special Value Null
Checking for Null Attributes
Assigning a Null Value
Using Content Assist
Working with Single Instance Attributes of Business Objects
Multiple Instances of a BOM Class
In a Process Data Field
In a BOM Class Attribute
Working with Temporary Variables and Types
Loops Within Scripts
Looping Through Lists and Copying Elements in Lists
Scripting Containment Relationships
Using the List set() Method
Removing an Item from a List or a Containment Relationship
Scripting on Business Objects That Use Inheritance
Working with Strings or Text Fields
Working with Booleans
Working with Basic Integer Numbers
Table 9: Operators for Comparing Signed Integers
Working with Basic Decimal Numbers
Working with Dates and Times
Dates and Times
Using Date and Time Types with Durations
Comparing Dates and Times
Working with Enumerated Types (ENUMs)
Working with Primitive Types
Return Values from Scripts
Scripting with Web Services
Passing Arrays to Web Services
Parse Functions
Chapter6 Advanced Scripting Examples
Working with Fixed Length Integers (BigInteger)
Working with Fixed Decimals (BigDecimal)
Creating and Initializing Fixed Decimal Values
Simple Operations
Comparing Fixed Decimals and BigDecimals
Object BOM Native Type
Using the Object BOM Native Type
Object BOM Native Type and ScriptUtil.setObject()
Chapter7 Business Data Modeling Best Practice
Choose Appropriate Data Types
Reference a Common Business Object Model
Do Not Split a Namespace Across Projects
Do Not Modify Generated BOMs
Business Data Scripting Best Practice
Keep the Scripts Small
Ensure Business Objects Are Valid Before Scripts Complete
Check for Nulls
Use Comments in Scripts
Use Constant First when Comparing a Constant with a Variable
Chapter8 Troubleshooting
Viewing BDS-generated BDS Plug-in Hidden Projects
BDS Plug-in Generation Problems
Troubleshooting BDS Scripting
BDS Classes Do Not Appear or Changes Do Not Appear
Break Script into Smaller Scripts
Examine the Server Logs
Write Variable Values and Progress Updates from the Script to the BPM Log File
Use the Process Debugger
Catch Exceptions
AppendixASupplemental Information
Data Type Mappings
BOM Native Type to BDS Type Mapping
XSD Type to BDS Type Mapping
Fixed Attribute Overwrite
Multiplicity at the Sequence or Choice Level
Group Multiplicity
Nested xsd:any in Sequences
xsd:any "##local"
Restrictions between Complex Types
Recurring Elements in Sequence
The "block" Function
Data Mapping
Converting Values Between Different BOM Attribute Types
Table 17: Converting Values Between Different BOM Attribute Types
Mapping to or from Process Basic Types
JavaScript Features not Supported in TIBCO BPM Scripting
New Operator
Switch Statement
try/catch Statement
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript RegExp Object
JavaScript Arrays
Using If, For, and While Expressions
Reserved Words in Scripts
AppendixBBusiness Data Scripting
Static Factory Methods
IpeScriptUtil (and ScriptUtil) Conversion, Date and Time, and String Functions
BOM Native Type Methods
•Fixed Length Integer (BigInteger) Methods
Fixed Length Integer (BigInteger) Methods
Fixed Point Decimal (BigDecimal) Methods
Date, Time, Datetime and Datetimetz (XMLGregorianCalendar) Methods
Duration Methods
Text (String) Methods
Other Supported Methods
List Methods
ListIterator Methods
Other JavaScript Functions
Math Methods
AppendixCProcess Scripting
Process Instance Attributes and Methods
AppendixDWork Item Scripting
Basic Type
Business Data Services
Business Object Model (BOM)
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