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The Insurance Goddess - How She Created Her Own Brand

The Insurance Goddess - How She Created Her Own Brand

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Published by Ted Janusz
How an insurance agent used social media to create her own brand.
How an insurance agent used social media to create her own brand.

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Published by: Ted Janusz on Dec 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Professional Insurance Agents/January 2012 23 
 Agency Solutions
The Insurance Goddess: Howshe created her own brand
By Ted Janusz 
is a professional  speaker, author and marketing consultant. Formore information,visit www.januspre- sentations.com.
“The average consumer thinks that all insuranceis the same,” says Carrie Reynolds, co-owner o AlanGalvez Insurance o Belleontaine, Ohio. “And let’sace it, we’ve done it to ourselves. The industry hasbasically stated that there is no dierence in coverageexcept or price—so we sell on price.“How does the average insurance proessionalseparate him or hersel rom the pack?” asks Carrie.“By developing a personal brand.”And that is exactly what Carrie did, by creatingthe personal brand o the Insurance Goddess. TedJanusz, who has spoken on social media or PIAo Ohio, caught up with Carrie Reynolds.
Ted: How did the Insurance Goddesscome about?
It all started with social media. I hadheard those words, but I didn’t know what it was allabout, so I took a class at the local career center. Ilearned a tremendous amount, but learning is uselessunless you do something with it. At that point, Icould both be scared and not do anything, or I could jump right in. Many people are so araid o socialmedia. They don’t want to do it wrong. But youwon’t understand social media unless you experienceit hands on. I just saw social media as a naturalextension o what we insurance agents already do.It is just another way o developing relationshipsand connecting with people.
Ted: What happened next?Carrie:
Since I like writing, I started a blog. ButI needed a title that would interest people so that theywould want to read urther, so I thought: let’s make itintriguing. That’s how ‘Conessions o an InsuranceGoddess’ came about.I was writing or about a year when my agency,Alan Galvez Insurance, co-hosted a neighborhoodnetworking event. A riend o mine said to me, ‘Youreally need to build on your blog’s name—perhapsdevelop a character.’ So I asked the seamstress nextdoor to the ofce, ‘I I fnd a pattern and somematerial, could you help me bring this character tolie?’ She said okay, and I debuted the outft thatevening. I also made cookies and placed them intoplastic bags with an insert that read, ‘Ahh, nothing likecookies, milk and reading a good … blog???????’ Igave the cookies out that evening. I was surprised tofnd that people were so receptive!Here’s how I’ve developed the character since:
customers) and posing or pictures
business and writing a blog post about my experience
a $1 donation in exchange or a picture
Halloween Ring o Lights where I give out ree trick-
All o these activities help to promote thecommunity, local businesses
my business. Rightnow, I’m doing a ‘Where’s the Insurance Goddess?’contest. I post clues on our agency Facebook page andpeople submit their guesses. We have prizes to awardat the end o the contest.
Carrie Reynolds, co-owner o Alan Galvez Insurance inBelleontaine, in her Insurance Goddess costume aterbeing a panelist at PIA’s 2011 Agency Managementand Proftability Conerence.
  —Reprinted with permission from PIA Management Services, Inc.— 

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