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Wings to Fall

Wings to Fall

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Published by Whitney Olsen

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Published by: Whitney Olsen on Dec 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Whitney OlsenEnglish 208Daniel BerknerEssay #2October 31, 2011Wings to Fall8:16 a.m. I could hear the gentle pitter-patter of rain against the window. It was warm and safeunder my blankets. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted into the room, evidence that myroommates had already begun their morning routines. They were probably curling their hair andpainting their faces in the room next to mine. I blinked and attempted to focus my heavy eyes on thealarm clock. It took a moment for my sleepy mind to register the information. It was almost time
Spanish class! 
I bolted straight out of bed, sheets flying in all directions. A scramble for my toothbrush. Throwon a hat. Shove books in backpack. Pull on jeans and grab a jacket. Tie shoelaces. I quickly glancedaround.
Did I forget anything? 
Oh! My room key and wallet. Lock the door and run.As I power-walked up the hill to the building my Spanish class was in, I kept checking the timeon my cell phone, willing the time to slow down. 8:28 a.m. My shoulders and legs were tense fromstraining forward so hard. I barely noticed the bright colors of fall and the moody sky. Somewherein the back of my brain, beneath the panic of being late, I longed to slow down and enjoy the walk.My heavy backpack felt like dead weight and slowed me down as I tried to sprint up the stairs. I was
breathing hard and my throat felt parched. Water sounded like a wonderful idea, but I didn’t have
time for that. Breakfast also would have been nice.
Maybe today would be a good day to start a fast 
.Two steps at a time, I reached the top of the stairs feeling a little dizzy.8:33 a.m.
Only three minutes late
. I opened the classroom door as quietly as I could and tried toslither into my seat without being noticed. Azucena, my Spanish professor, continued making class
announcements as she glanced at me. A stern look flashed across her face that was pointed at me. Ilooked down at my hands, pretending to be occupied with my pencil.Disappointment.
What a great way to start my day.
This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness
and trust is y
our strength, but you would have none of it.” (Isaiah 30:15)
“Hang on for just a second, Mom.”
 I adjusted my cell phone, pinned between my shoulder and ear, as I continued digging around
in the side pocket of my backpack for money. I was standing in a massive line outside Einstein’s
Bagels, a busy coffee shop on campus. I was beginning to th
ink that I wouldn’t have enough time to
order something to eat before my next class started.
“Ok, sorry Mom. What were you saying?”
 As I studied the menu, trying to decide what type of bagel sandwich I wanted, I listened asattentively as I could to the phone. Mom was filling me in on how my youngest sister, Hannah, was
doing at her new middle school in Coeur d’Alene.
She was saying something about how Hannah
almost didn’t get into the school she wanted, but then there was an opening and she got in…
“What can I get for you today, Ma’am?” the woman at the cash register asked me.
“Just one more second, Mom” I said into the phone. Then with a louder voice, “Hey, may I have
a small hot chocolate with whip cream and a potato bagel sandwich with ham and cheddar? Thank 
I handed the woman some money as I said, “Ok, Mom. Sorry again for interrupting you. I’mpaying better attention now.”
 It was hard to hear what Mom was saying because of all the noise in the room. Coffee grinder.A hundred voices. The blender for ice drinks. A tray crashed to the floor. I was tempted to plug myother ear so I could hear the phone better. Jamie walked by and waved. I nodded her direction andsmiled.
“I’m glad to hear
that Hannah likes her new school. That sounds like a huge relief. How is work going for you
?” I asked.
“Order for Whitney! Whitney?”
 I picked up my bagel and drink as Mom explained to me that her job was getting more andmore difficult. Her boss had been overworking her and asking too much of his employees. Shebelieved she deserved a pay raise but was intimidated to request it.I started walking up the hill to my next class. Between bagel bites, I asked her a few morequestions. On the way to class, I passed Isaac and Josh.
“How’s it going, Whitney?” Josh called out.
I smiled, but didn’t a
nswer. They laughed awkwardly when they realized I was on the phone.I took another bite of bagel. I was almost to my classroom now.
“Mom, I’m about to walk into class now. I’ll try to call you back later this week if I get thechance…. Thanks
for talking. Ok.
Love you, bye.”
 I found my seat just as my history professor faced the classroom and began lecture. As Ilocated my notebook and turned my cell phone off, an image of Mom flashed through my mind, andwith it, a flicker of guilt in my heart. Just for a second, I could imagine my mom setting down herphone on the other end with a hurt look on her face. I shook my head and tried to focus on lecture.
only I wasn’t so busy all the time. But that’s just how life goes, right? Doesn’t she know that I’ll havemuch more time to invest in family after I graduate college? I’m sure she understands…

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