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Evaluation Question 1

Evaluation Question 1

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Published by lil-miss-meghani

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lil-miss-meghani on Dec 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluation question 1
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia products?The title of the film
We chose the title of our film to be ‘Thehaunted’
as Jessica our protagonist getshaunted by a ghost who was her best friend inan isolated and abandoned building. The titleHaunted gives an idea to our audience whatour sequence will be about, also emphasizingour sub genre; supernatural thriller. TheHaunted is a short, direct and succinct name tomake it easy for our audience to remember
and it’s also inviting as it leaves the audience wondering what will happen in the film as it doesn’t
give too much away.
The location of our sequence is in a secluded, empty andmysterious school. I
t’s set in the corridors, on the stair case
and in the school library. Our sequence was set in a schoolbecause we thought it would add to the mystifyingatmosphere as a school is usually a place filled with peoplehowever the school we filmed in was silent and lonely tomake it more ironic for the audience making them want to
watch our sequence, showing how changing a setting’s
atmosphere can change and emphasize a pacific genre. As thesetting is in a school which is big it gives the impression to theaud
ience that it’s hard to escape as she runs around the school looking for a way out but doesn’t getout, as none of our shots include doors to go outside it emphasizes the fact she’s alone and there’s
no way out. Another element to add to the loneliness of our sequence is our last scene which is setin a library which makes it ironic for our audience because a library is usually a safe place to gohowever in our production danger occurs, also as a library is very quiet and usually empty ithighlights the fact our protagonist may be alone with no one to save her.
Costume and Props
is dressed all in black to add to the gothic, mysterious daunting
appearance. We got her style idea from the film ‘women in black’
as the women in that film is made to look secretive, covert andenigmatic, we wanted our audience to keep questioning ourantagonists; the ghostly figures motives. Black representing anegative dull colour implies to the audience that the antagonist hasa destructive soul and possible troubled past. We used black and
white make up with a phantom mask to enhance her eerie look, giving a more dramatic intimidatingimpression.Our
is dressed in school uniform to accentuate her vulnerability and to make the
audience think it’
s a normal day for her, unaware of what could occur, also as we filmed in a schoolenvironment we felt school uniform would best support her young susceptible role. This allows ourtarget audience to relate to our protagonist more as its set in a location they are most familiar with.This supports the typical conventions of a thriller as we have made her look deliberately normal andinnocent to make the audience sympathize with our protagonist.Props we used consisted of an iPod touch and blackberry phone. We used the iPod to highlight howJessica is alone and unaware of her surroundings as she is avoiding paying any attention to the realworld, this creates an enigma for the audience as they wait in anticipation wondering what couldhappen to her. The blackberry phone in our production had no battery when our protagonist went
to use it which adds more tension to the situation as she can’t get help from anyone; preventing her
from communicating with anyone again emphasizing the fact she is alone. Our target audience arevery accustomed to both of these items again allowing them to relate to our production.
Camera work and editing
We used many different shots and angles throughout our production to create certain atmospheresand enigmas.We used this close up shot to show how our protagonist is unawareof what is happening around her as the antagonist appears behindher. This also makes it tenser for our audience as they can see theantagonis
t; wanting to tell the protagonist and warn her of what’s
behind her encouraging the audience to carry on watching our
production as they will want to see if the protagonist finds out about this ghostly figure and how shereacts if she does.This over the shoulder high angled shot, showed the audience what ourprotagonist could see from her view point also revealing the door to theoutside free world. This is the first shot where you can see a door whereshe could escape out of, but the antagonist is standing in her way staringat her in a mystifying way making the audience feel tense as to whetherthe protagonist will be able to escape creating another enigma,questioning will this ghostly figure be blocking all her possible exits toescape.We used a long shot here to show the location and to confirm theprotagonist is alone accentuating the point she has no one to help her.This shot creates an additional enigma as the audience question wherethe antagonist and protagonist has dissapeared to.We edited the video near the end by adding a rewind effect to show all the events that haveoccurred in the production creating another enigma for the audience as they wonder what couldhappen next. We also used different non-diegetic music to highlight certain elements of theproduction and engage the audience; making them shaken and shocked when for example Tiaappears unexpectedly with a loud piercing sound in the background to make the audience jumpultimately keeping them interested and absorbed in our production.
Title Fonts and Style
The first element on our opening sequence is our production title
‘The Haunted’, the font used is
called 'Al Bayan' and it is red with a black background to make our title stand out as its bright, withthe black background emphasizing this factor. The black background back linked back to our
protagonist’s outfit and the
idea of a gothic mysterious tone relating to our production genre
‘Thriller’. The colour red is usually associated with blood highlighting danger, inferring ourprotagonist is in endangerment. It’s also clear and easy to read
for our audience, making it easier forour audience to remember our title. The credits we used are also in red font again highlighting thefear of danger and risk in our production and making the credits noticeable; standing out to ourviewers. We wanted our logo to stand out and be remember able so that our audience canremember our production name hoping they will recognise it if we made another film. Again red is
incorporated in our logo to remind the audience of our thriller genre, with the font type as ‘bleedingcowboys’ as its un
usual, strange and rigid striking the audience.

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