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Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels

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Published by naveed

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Published by: naveed on Dec 17, 2011
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13 Ways to Naturally Boost YourTestosterone Levels
 By Ron Geraci
, Men's Health, December 25, 2000The normal level of testosterone in your bloodstream is between 350 and 1,000nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). Like combable hair, those quantities silently start to wanearound age 40. You lose about 1 percent a year -- a harmless decline in the short term, buta cause of obesity, brittle bones, muscle loss and impotence by the time you reach your 60s -- if you live that long. Testosterone levels in the low range (a blood serum score below 350 ng/dl) may increase your chances of dying of a heart attack.It's not just an old man's problem, either. Men in their 30s and 40s also fall prey to lowtestosterone counts. It's a disorder called hypogonadism, and it can be caused by anundescended testicle, a testicular injury, a pituitary gland disorder or even prescriptiondrugs. It usually goes undiagnosed until a man hits his doctor with a telltale complaint: "Ican't get an erection.""If you have reduced levels of sexual desire, have your testosterone level checkedimmediately," says Dr. Allen Seftel, a urologist at Case Western Reserve UniversityHospitals of Cleveland. You can replenish your testosterone stores with injections, gels, pills or patches, but these medical treatments are no panacea: Side effects include acne,high cholesterol, shrunken testicles and liver damage. Further, don't take supplements likeDHEA or androstenedione to boost testosterone; they might increase your risks of  prostate cancer and heart disease."For men with borderline testosterone scores, I advise them to try to raise their levelsthrough exercise and weight loss before going on testosterone therapy," says Dr.Goldberg. And it might pay to start young. "Since your testosterone declines at a steadyrate, it's conceivable that raising your hormone levels naturally in your 20s and 30s couldhelp you maintain higher levels later on," he says. Either way, the reward can be astronger physique and better bedroom sessions than you'd otherwise deserve. Below are13 tips designed to get your juice up -- safely.
Get Rid of the Flopping Belly
Or you'll grow a pair of fetching breasts to complement it. Carrying excess body fatelevates your estrogen levels, and that may cause your testosterone levels to sink, saysJoseph Zmuda, an epidemiologist at the University of Pittsburgh. Louie Anderson is proof enough of this. Two or three extra pounds won't cause this hormonal shift; it reallyoccurs once you're 30 percent over your ideal body weight. "Unfortunately, that's prettycommon now," says Dr. Dobs.
But Lose Only One Pound a Week 
When you want to trim down quickly, you probably starve yourself while exercising likea madman. One of the many reasons this stops working in your 30s, when your naturaltestosterone levels start dropping, is pretty simple: Cutting your calorie intake by morethan 15 percent makes your brain think you're starving, so it shuts down testosterone production to wait out the famine. "There's no need to reproduce if you're starving,"
explains Thomas Incledon of Human Performance Specialists in Plantation, Fla.Ironically, this dive in circulating testosterone stops you from burning body fatefficiently, so you're actually thwarting your hard efforts to melt that tire off your gut.
Skip the Atkins Fad
Research suggests that eating a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet can cramp your testosterone levels. High amounts of dietary protein in your blood can eventually lower the amount of testosterone produced in your testes, says Incledon, who observed thisrelationship in a Penn State study of 12 healthy, athletic men.Your protein intake should be about 16 percent of your daily calories, Incledon says. So,if you're the average 170-pound man who eats 2,900 calories a day, you should eat about140 grams of protein daily, which is about the amount in two chicken breasts and a 6-ounce can of tuna.
Have Morning Sex
German scientists found that simply having an erection causes your circulatingtestosterone to rise significantly -- and having one in the morning can goose your natural post-dawn testosterone surge. It's a sure bet you'll burn a little fat, too.
Stick With Tough Exercises
To beef up your testosterone levels, the bulk of your workout should involve "compound"weight-lifting exercises that train several large muscle groups, and not just one or twosmaller muscles. For example, studies have shown that doing squats, bench presses or  back rows increases testosterone more than doing biceps curls or triceps pushdowns, eventhough the effort may seem the same. This is why doing squats could help you build bigger biceps.
Make Nuts Your Midnight Snack 
 Nuts are good for your nuts. Research has found that men who ate diets rich inmonounsaturated fat -- the kind found in peanuts -- had the highest testosterone levels."It's not known why this occurs, but some scientists believe that monounsaturated fatshave a direct effect on the testes," says Incledon. Nuts, olive oil, canola oil and peanut butter are good sources of monounsaturated fat.
Squeeze Out Five Repetitions per Set
Throwing around 5-pound dumbbells won't help you effect a rise in testosterone. Start off  by using a heavy weight that you can lift only five times. That weight is about 85 percentof your one-repetition maximum. A Finnish study found that this workload produced thegreatest boosts in testosterone.
Do Three Sets of Each Weight-Lifting Movement
Researchers at Penn State determined that this fosters greater increases in testosteronethan just one or two sets. Rest a full minute between sets, so you can regain enoughstrength to continue lifting at least 70 percent of your one-rep maximum during thesecond and third sets.
Rest Harder Than You Work Out

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