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Toni McCaffery's Response to AVN Article, A Grieving Family and Baseless Accusations.

Toni McCaffery's Response to AVN Article, A Grieving Family and Baseless Accusations.

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Published by Peter Tierney
Anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey wrote a horrid blog post defending herself against her horrid actions and words.

Toni McCaffery was again forced to set the record straight regarding the events surrounding the death of her daughter, Dana, from whooping cough.

Toni should never have had to do this. But, Dorey and her cronies would not leave the McCafferys alone.
Anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey wrote a horrid blog post defending herself against her horrid actions and words.

Toni McCaffery was again forced to set the record straight regarding the events surrounding the death of her daughter, Dana, from whooping cough.

Toni should never have had to do this. But, Dorey and her cronies would not leave the McCafferys alone.

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Published by: Peter Tierney on Dec 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Toni McCaffery's Response to AVN article,
 A grieving family and baselessaccusations.
[published on Facebook, circa July 2010]
I am so distressed I have to do this. But Mrs Dorey from the AVN has justpublished another terrible article about us athttp://avn.org.au/nocompulsoryvaccination/?p=776It was a very difficult decision to make a formal complaint to theHCCC. It took us until December 2009 to decide, because we knew itwould put us back in the public spotlight. We did not make ourcomplaint public, for fear of further harassment, which has continuedunabated. This article demonstrates there is no protection forcomplainants in this whole process The subject of our complaint was that many articles published by Meryl Dorey,like this one, contain false information about Dana. This articledemonstrates why we made our complaint – and yes, this isdistressing and a form of harassment as it is full of false informationabout our daughter.In response:#1 We have never blamed any person for Dana’s death. See ourletter – we are all innocent victims in this. The ‘victim of ignorance’ isour quote that appeared in the Northern Star. It refers to the fact thatdespite record levels of Pertussis notifications, no-one knew that thisarea was in the grip of an epidemic, we did not receive one warning, awarning sticker on Dana’s Blue Book and adults did not know theyneeded a booster. We have been nothing but respectful throughoutthis. We do not know where Dana caught whooping cough from – allwe know is that it was everywhere we had been.#2 "Dana had presented to doctors several times before beingdiagnosed. Her mother said that her only symptoms were a runnynose and possible breathing problems." Yes, we stated this. This ishow whooping cough starts as per NSW Health Fact Sheet#3 "She was admitted to hospital with a simple runny nose and onlybecame seriously ill after her admission". No. This is dangerouslymisleading and I plead with any parent, do not delay in taking yourchild to hospital – 10 minutes later and I would have beenresuscitating my daughter on the side of the road. After a positivediagnosis of Pertussis, we went straight to hospital. We have stated inmedia that she started having little coughs. On the way to hospitalshe ‘bubbled mucous’ in the car. I was in the back seat. We were notworried at this stage. Once we walked into the ward, 10 minuteswithin arriving, Dana had her first coughing paroxysm in my arms.She stopped breathing, went blue and needed oxygen. Oxygen washer first form of treatment. She then coughed like that and kept
having apnea attacks up to 10 times every hour throughout the night.It was pure hell.#4 "She was diagnosed with whooping cough within a day or two of when she was admitted to hospital when a whooping cough diagnosisgenerally takes 10-14 days to produce a positive result." Yes, Danahad the PCR test. My doctor called with the positive diagnosis and wedrove straight to hospital. Thank goodness this test is so quick andreliable as it means quick treatment, and means people can betreated earlier with antibiotics so they don’t infect others. Thisstatement tears my heart out and is so offensive. My daughter did notsurvive another 10 days !!! Fact. Dana had Pertussis – end of storyand no-one should be stating otherwise. She had blood tests everyhalf hour in hospital for goodness sake, so yes we have toxicologyresults to prove she had Whooping Cough. It satisfied the Coroner,that should be enough for anyone.#5" The media and her family reported that her treatments hadincluded blood transfusions;" Yes. As per latest medical articles, whenPertussis turns fatal, doctors cannot ventilate a child’s lungs becausethey become like concrete, and the blood becomes so thick. Thismeans blood cannot be pumped to vital organs. The bloodtransfusions are a last resort to remove the toxin and give them achance. The other option is a heart/lung bypass machine – with verylow chances of success. I was alone, sat down with all the specialistsand given two options that I had to make then and there. Dave wasdriving up and I had not told him of how serious it was as I did notwant him to have a car crash. There I was being told my daughterwould die and given two choices, that specialists had consultedexperts all around the world. I chose the blood transfusion, and youknow what, she nearly made it. If you mean to hurt me by implyingthat I made a wrong choice, you have been successful.#6 "that her heart was twice its normal size" – We have never statedthis and it is completely false. We stated on Sunday Night, aired on 26April 2009, that Dana’s body was swollen. This is called odema, a signof multi-organ failure. Dana suffered myocardial dysfunction, thatmeans her heart muscle died and she had cardiac arrest due to thestrain of the Pertussis. If Dana had made it, and God I wish she had,we were facing future transplants, dialysis and brain damage.#7 "She had a systemic infection" – She had Pertussis – an infectiousdisease. What does systemic infection mean? We have evidence of yahoo forums where Mrs Dorey has made a statement that Dana diedof septicaemia. This is completely false and I do not know where MrsDorey got this information from. But, many babies that do getPertussis and develop pneumonia are at risk of septicaemia. Anyonethat develops pneumonia is. Doctors take blood cultures every half hour to monitor oxygen and C02 levels. That is why babies areventilated, because they cannot breathe on their own. If C02 levelsare too high, people can suffer toxic shock and die. However, Danadid not have Septicaemia.
#8 "none of which are normal with whooping cough". Actually – theseare all complications of whooping cough. As are broken ribs,pneumonia and brain damage. Parents need to know these are risksof the disease. 60% of young babies that catch whooping cough needto be hospitalised. 1 in 200 babies can die. These are facts.#9 Re: Dana’s medical records. No, we stated that Mrs Dorey rang MrPaul Corben the morning of 12 March 2009 seeking information onDana – this is her health record. She rang him after seeing theNorthern Star article on the morning of 12 March 2009. Mr PaulCorben confirmed in an email to us, which we initiated:"As discussed on 8 May, when Ms Dorey called me on 12 Marchseeking details of your daughter's illness and death, I advised herthat while there was laboratory confirmation of Dana's pertussisdiagnosis, I would not be providing to her any details in addition tothose provided in the media release as this would be, as she wasaware, in contravention of privacy legislation and NSW Healthpolicies. Ms Dorey contended that I had mislead [sic] the public inattributing your daughter's death to pertussis and in so doing had putall associated information into the public domain. I advised Ms Doreythat she should put any further questions in writing to the Area HealthService's Chief Executive to be considered under a Freedom of Information request. No request has been forthcoming. I will adviseyou if I receive such a request."We had not made any other statements about Dana’s reportedsymptoms or treatments – we did not appear on Sunday Night until 6weeks afterwards. No-one has the right to ask these questions. Cometo us and ask permission. This beggars belief, particularly when yourhusband saw the grief of our family that same day. The public wouldnot have known about Dana’s death only that we allowed it to beconfirmed anonymously in a NSW Health media release.#10 "The NCAHS told me that Dana’s death was determined by usinga ‘quick test’. At that time, I was unfamiliar with this type of test butsubsequent research has shown me that this is a test which givesfalse positives up to 100% of the time." NCAHS said they confirmedthe diagnosis was by laboratory diagnosis. Dana had both PCR andblood culture. Again, there is no debate here. Dana had Pertussis.Mrs Dorey, in a discussion on your Yahoo forum in May 2009 youstated the following false information:“I don’t know how or why, butshe developed speticaemia – blood poisoning. That is what may havecaused the swelling though it’s always possible that steroids wereused – that is a common ‘treatment’ for Pertussis and it can causemassive swelling. I would love to get a looka t this poor little one’smedical records. But that will never happen.”#11 "I have been accused of harassing this grieving family by makingthis call. It is my assertion however that the official from the NCAHS

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