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Apostolic Oversight and Covering

Apostolic Oversight and Covering

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Published by Kevin Kallsen

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Published by: Kevin Kallsen on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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14th December 2011Dear Bishop Chuck,Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the love and the peace of our Lord Jesus bewith you.Thank you for your e-mail which contains the information of the resignation of your good self and the eight other Anglican Mission in America Bishops from the House of Bishops of Rwanda..The eight AMiA Bishops are:The Rt. Rev. Sandy Greene The Rt. Rev. Doc LoomisThe Rt. Rev. Todd Hunter The Rt. Rev. John MillerThe Rt. Rev. TJ Johnston The Rt. Rev. Silas NgThe Rt. Rev. Philip Jones The Rt. Rev. John RodgersWe welcome your request for us to provide apostolic covering, oversight, and direction to you,the bishops, and congregations of the Anglican Mission.Earlier we have each responded to your request by our e-mails to you personally. We are clearthat God has called us to accept this responsibility of becoming the Apostolic oversight andcovering for you, the eight other AMiA Bishops, and congregations once again, until either thepresent crisis of AMiA which has been thrust upon you can be resolved or at such time whenAMiA can safely transit into a Missionary Society with a permanent and safe home again. Part of this Apostolic oversight and covering is to stand by you and to give you all pastoral care,spiritual protection and encouragement so that you can exercise the same care and protection toall our dear brothers and sisters in Christ given by God to be put under your charge. We assertour authority as founding primates who have had continual care and ministry with you but alsoand more importantly because of the accusations in the letter from the Rwanda House of Bishopsdated November 30 which violated their own canonical norms and processes as set forth in theircanon. Please see attached documents. Making use of the opportunity of our meeting together inLondon 12-14 December, 2011, we write you this first pastoral note as your apostolic overseersand spiritual coverings.There are many things we could and want to share with you. You can read some of these fromour official publication. In this e-mail we only want to pick up four matters:Firstly, we were and are heart broken over these turning of events concerning AMiA and PEAR.But more importantly still, we are more saddened knowing how much deeper our Lord Jesus hadbeen hurt by all these events, as His body is being torn and ridiculed and His name used in waysthat have brought Him disgrace rather than glory. We are also saddened by how all these hadfound their way to our attention and to the wider audience in the public domain of the cyberworld. We cry before our God. Humble ourselves to plead for His mercy, forgiveness and grace.In London (December 12 - 14, 2011) we devoted a long time every day in prayers and Bible
readings together while we were with you and a couple of other leaders who loved both our Lordand AMiA. The Holy Spirit consistently stirred and awaken our inner hearts and spirit. What weare going through is truly a spiritual battle! We clearly discerned that there were unseen stronghands behind all these with the clear and determined intention of destroying the goodrelationship between AMiA and PEAR. God's hand in providing this partnership in the Gospelof Jesus Christ has produced such effective Christ directed ministry and mission not only in theAmericas but also to many parts of the world. Under your leadership and sacrificial giving of yourself we have witnessed God's blessings and favour throughout all these 12 years. You andBishop John Rodgers, elected and presented to us by the First Promise movement, responded toGod's calling when no one else at that time was willing to make the sacrifice. God has used youand AMiA to uphold His Name and "to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to thesaints". (Jude 3) Now with all that is happening in creating discontent, vicious accusations,strained relationships where
God’s children are fighting each other 
in the public... we know "ourstruggle is not against flesh and blood, but against this dark world and against the spiritual forcesof the evil in the heavenly realm." (Ephesians 6:12).Secondly, we want to address the issue of character assassination. We were astounded by somein the family resorting to personal character assassination so publicly and by all the unethicalways of trying to destroy a servant of the Lord. This is certainly not the way that the Scripturesteach us. We are very saddened for you and your family. We have known and workedwith you for more than12 years. We are very troubled by the deliberate attacks which aim attotally destroying your character, integrity and ministry. Even in the secular world such tacticsare not looked upon with favour. God forbids this kind of tactics be brought into the Church.What sort of witness are we really presented to the world? Knowing how you and your familyhave sacrificed so much throughout these twelve years in serving the Lord and in putting God'sMission above yourselves, you do not deserve such treatments. We feel it is our God appointedresponsibility to refute all these accusations, we are asking you once again to sacrificeand surrender yourself to the call of God. Hence, we have unanimously agreed to designate you,Bishop Chuck Murphy, as the Lead-Bishop to lead this Anglican Mission in America. We arealso asking all of your other active bishops mentioned above to also respond to the call of God topartner with God in His Mission to share His love and His gift of Salvation to the world bygiving themselves as living sacrifices to the Lord. We are very proud of all of them. They werewilling to be focused on Jesus and stand together to reaffirm their commitment to God and to HisMission through AMiA in the midst of all these attacks. This is a great testimony of their Faith inGod and their confidence in you, your integrity and leadership throughout these past years. Maythe good Lord bless, reward and protect them always.Thirdly, we are proud of you and all the bishops working together with you because all of you,even when you were struck hard on the left cheek you were willing to let your right cheek to bestruck too. We praise God for your suggestion for us to work towards a Genesis 13:8-10 solutionwith those who will choose to part from us. Yes, we agree with you that this will be both aChristian and a God honouring act that will glorify God and help with our witnessing for Hisname's sake. Please pray for the strong leading of the Holy Spirit that if this is God's agenda forus we will work upon it unreservedly, obediently and with His peace and joy!

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