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Manufacturing Dissent

Manufacturing Dissent

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Published by MasterPirate

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Published by: MasterPirate on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Manufacturing Dissent
I – Resist the Media
 Resist the mass media by questioning its legitimacy. Resist the media conglomerates, by goingout of your way to show the people, that the media is owned by scumbag billionaires. The massmedia is a disease spreading through humanity, their ideas are meant to pacify. You mustactivate yourself, you must stand up against oppression with your voice and your body. Do nothesitate to resist the powers that hide in mansions and penthouses. Do not hesitate to crush themandate of the powerful wherever it manifests itself.Freedom is the highest value in human existence and the media is trying to take the freedom of thought away from the people. Fight against the Ruperts and Turners, fight against those whoreduce human ideas to products that can be bought and sold.The mass media is a sick machination, aimed at undermining your very personhood andexchanging it for a stale corporate identity. Do not allow the mass media billionaires toindoctrinate you, shut off the television, puncture through the mental screens. The moreisolated you are, the more difficult it is to resist the indoctrination of the media, thus you resistthe media by organizing. You must resist the media by creating groups and events outside of manufactured mass media events.
II –Dissent as a Principle
  You must not treat dissent as a onetime event, it is a movement away from corruption andoppression. The citizen must stand as a symbol of dissent against the brutality of the rulingelites. The citizen must stand ready to crush the system which exploits him/her.The system will not be merciful, it will treat dissent as some kind of madness, but silence is theonly madness. Silence in the face of oppression is the cruelest of madness; resist, organize,undermine, do everything in your power to take your life back. Do everything in your power toshow the rulers, that their communication systems will be short-circuited by the will of thepeople. Do everything in your power to crush any avenues, any means by which the dictatorialcorporate rulers run your life.
III – Communicating Dissent
 The people must subvert the communication systems of the rich, in order to open up the humandialogue. The people must use communication systems to bring themselves closer to themessage of a universally humane structure. Do not allow the rich to maintain control of theirmass media empires. Do not allow Rupert Murdoch to maintain his grip on the minds of thepeople. Create content instead of merely consuming content, create stories, dialogues, plots inthe streets.The point of human communication is to open up the debate, not to sell a limited, circumvented, world view. At some point, you have to see yourself as a part of the human dialogue. You have to be ready to see yourself as an integral piece in the equation of free thought creation.The billionaires will lie to you about their balanced approaches, but remember that all 175editors at Murdoch’s papers supported the Iraq invasion. Remember that billionaires are notcreating content that creates humanity, they are creating disinformation patterns that are meantto drown all debates.There is no going back from dissent, standing up against corruption is the highest freedom thereis, short-circuit the mass media with your mind. Do not wait for the corporate news machines to become fair and balanced, make and report your own news to the people around you.
IV- Verbalize Dissent
 Do not be quiet when it comes to social injustice, remember that human language was created toequalize and humanize our existence. Human language was not created to sell products ontelevision, it was created to open up the democratic debate between the people. The dictatorsand corporate fascists are trying to control language and debauch the meanings of words, stopthem.The megalomaniacal self-help gurus are trying to use language against you, shut them up withthe glorious rhetoric of revolution. A human being cannot be happy while the system crusheshis/her soul, you must rise with every ounce of your energy. A human being cannot be happy if 
language is being reduced to a rudimentary tool in the hands of corporate advertisers. A human being cannot be at peace while mass media machines condone murderous military machines.Language is what separates humans from the beasts, always remember this, always rememberthat language is your most powerful weapon. Always remember that language is the purest weapon in the hand of freedom. Condemn the oppressors, denounce the greedy billionaires, use your words as weapons of mass dissent.
 V – Prototype of the Revolution
 Before the revolution arrives, our lives, the lives of singular human beings must becomeprototypes of the revolution. You must become revolutionary in the way that you see yourself and your history. You must become revolutionary in the way that you see human relationships,they are extensions of the revolutionary flow. You cannot execute an international revolution until there is a little revolution inside of yourheart. You cannot become a member of a revolutionary movement until the model of therevolution dwells in your consciousness.The revolution, the voice of the people, must become a structure within the people. Therevolution is not a skeletal exterior event, you must understand that the revolution is an internalmechanism inside the people. The revolution is an internal movement towards a profound justice, that manifests itself as an international struggle for freedom.
 VI – Redirection of Aggression and Energy 
  As long as your energy and aggression are focused on petty capitalist mascots, the cause will belost. You must learn how to redirect your energy and your anger from those around you, to thethematic structures of brutal power. You must learn to redirect your aggression from petty sporting events, towards the political struggle for a humane international state. You must learnhow to preserve your vital energies for what matters most: the revolution. The gloriousrevolution which is the moment of mass escape from the clutches of the capitalists.Redirect your energy from petty mass media distractions, towards the revolutionary flow of information. Redirect your passions from petty conflicts over billionaire owned sports teams,towards the cause. Always remember that psychological aggression is the greatest energizer of the humancondition, do not waste it away on nightclubs and sports.
 VII – Language, Power, Dissent
 The capitalists have turned language into an advertising machine for lifestyles and things. Youmust learn to take language back, you must find ways to reshuffle the disgusting status quoarrangements. Once language is back in the hands of the people, then it is a matter of time before the capitalist state crumbles.The capitalists keep the words locked in academic ivory towers, unlock, them bring them to thestreets. Learn the language of the people, the street lingo, learn how to revolutionize colloquialspeech.Do not wait for the academics to revolutionize language, because believe me, they are paid toobscure it. You must revolutionize your language, grab a dictionary, a thesaurus, look up wordslike resistance, uprising, use them. You cannot revolutionize your mind and your thoughts until you revolutionize the language that you use. Call the capitalists by their honest names, usurpers, thieves, criminals, labor parasites, bloodsucking leisure class.Redefine yourself and do not allow the mass media to label you as a consumer, you are a citizen,a human being, an active, conscious entity.
 VIII – Mass Media Rituals
 The mass media tries to implant consumptive rituals in your mind, extricate these rituals. Themass media tries to entertain you with thoughts of happiness while distracting you from themisery of the exploited worker. The rituals created by the mass media, whether it is AmericanIdol or the Super Bowl, are created with the intent of subverting resistance.Reality television shows such as the X Factor and Fear Factor are created with the intent of soaking up the anxiety of the exploited people. Reality television shows such as Survivor and BigBrother are created with the intent of creating a false, suspicious, community. Survivor is adespicable show which teaches people to distrust their fellow citizens and to keep your eyes onthe money. Big Brother is a nasty contraption designed to fill the hearts of the people withparanoia and fear.
Revolutionaries must avoid all paranoid thoughts, the system is not all knowing or all seeing, thesystem is actually very fragile. Revolutionaries must learn to invest their energy in creatingrituals that subvert the system instead of reinforcing it.The Starbuck’s morning coffee ritual, is a ritual which reinforces a brutally exploitivecorporations. The ritual of expensive weddings, encouraged by the Oprahs and Marthas, servesto turn human relationships into a commodity.Create your own rituals of resistance, whether it is a political book club or a meal with thehomeless. The mass media only creates rituals that serve the billionaires and their vile needs,create your own, take your life back.
IX – Destroy the Cool Machine
 The Cool Machine is designed by the mass media to put African Americans in cheap laborprisons. You must destroy all the conventional, generated, constructions of ‘cool’. There isnothing ‘cool’ about pushing drugs into the ghettos. There is nothing ‘cool’ about spending your whole life chasing ‘paper’, the flesh and cars. As long as the cool machine remains implanted in the heads of the people, change will bedifficult to instigate. As long as the children are brainwashed into believing in the cool machine,then they remain in the hands of the mass media conglomerates.There is nothing ‘cool’ about spending a third of your life in prison, serving corporations as alabor slave. There is nothing ‘cool’ about harming people’s minds with drugs that are imported by the CIA. There is nothing ‘cool’ about numbing the consciousness of the people with brandedidentities.The Cool Machine is as dangerous as the Military Machine because it transpierces the people’spsyche, extricate it, pull it out of your head. You must kill the cool machine by reevaluating yourpriorities as a human being, is a brand name logo really worth it?The ‘Cool Machine’ is designed in Hollywood and NYC, it is a machine which maims the mindsof the people. There is nothing ‘cool’ about falling into debt while chasing brand name dreams.There is nothing ‘cool’ about becoming a conformist to the consumerist doctrine. There isnothing ‘cool’ about holding an iPhone made by child slaves in Asia. There is nothing ‘cool’about holding a Coke mixed with the blood of South American union leaders.Cool is justice, cool is the struggle for freedom, cool is the ability to stand up for what you believe in. Cool is the willingness to examine society critically, to identify your oppressors andcrush them.
X – The Upward Information Flow 
 The problem with the corporate mass media is that information flows from the few at the top tothe many on the bottom. You must find ways to make information flow upwards from the peopleto the system. You have to reverse the information flow; as long as information is controlled andparceled out by the elites, there’s no hope. You must create your own information, your owncontent and you must force this content into the body of the system. You must use your mind, your ideas, your capabilities, to force authentic information into themass circulation process. By hook or by crook, you must find ways to revolutionize theinformation flow and in turn people’s understanding of the world.Create subversive channels of communication, which serve to deconstruct the capitalisthegemony. Create derisive ideological flows, which question the very premise of the rottencapitalist system. Socialize the media by debunking the privately owned media outlets.Most people agree that Fox News is vile, but you have to show them how all privately ownedoutlets are soul thieves. You have to show the people how all news organizations that are funded by foundations and corporations are tainted. News, information, must be created anddistributed by human beings, by volunteers, by people who put ideology ahead of salaries.Until you manage to reverse the information flow, then the people will remain subjected to thesick message dished out from the top. Until you erase the legitimacy of privately owned media,then freedom and justice will be suffocated by the hired capitalist agents, the journalist houseslaves.
XI – Debunk the Myth of Prosperity 
 To destroy the capitalist system you must debunk the crude myth of prosperity; show peoplehow the gap between rich and poor is growing. Millions of human beings are being killed each years by IMF and Wall Street policies, where’s their prosperity?

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