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100 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

100 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

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Published by Redza
Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of their current state of consciousness or what even defines consciousness.
Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of their current state of consciousness or what even defines consciousness.

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Published by: Redza on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100 Ways to Become More Conscious:How to Raise Your Consciousness 
1. Connect with nature
– Go for a walk in the forest, jungle, field of daisies, or wherever you feel likegetting a connection with nature. It is possible to feel at deep sense of peace and oneness whenyou attempt to connect with nature. As you learn to connect and appreciate nature, you allow your consciousness to rise up.
2. Get your body moving
 – Exercise and dancing will raise your consciousness by promotinghealthy brainwave patterns, healthy neurotransmitter levels, and great circulation throughout your nervous system. Help yourself rise up and break the pattern of not exercising by going for a friendlywalk with one of your friends or even going to the club to dance. Both examples are: easy, fun, andempowering.
3. Simple meditation
– Whether you are an advanced meditator or a beginner, the benefits aretremendous and will allow you to tap into your highest state of conscious functioning if you stickaround long enough. It is an act that will definitely raise your conscious awareness and allow you toattain greater focus, discipline, and develop a deeper joyous connection to life.
4. Spending time with true friends
– Find only friends that align with who you are, your beliefs, andyour values – they will make you more conscious. These are your true friends, and though they canbe tough to find, they should definitely be cherished. Give some of your true friends a call and makeit a habit to spend more time with them.
5. Have the intention to “raise your consciousness”
– If you have the intention to raise your consciousness and state of awareness, you are on the right track. Having the intention alone willmake you more focused on finding ways to raise your consciousness.
6. Tell the truth
– Anytime you tell the truth, you raise your level of consciousness. Why do peopletell lies? To protect themselves in lower states of consciousness. People in higher states of consciousness don’t lie because they want to be true to themselves, others, and make relationshipsin humanity more conscious.
7. Find and live your purpose
– Searching for a purpose will help you find your true purpose hereon Earth. When you find your purpose and are able to share it with the rest of the world, you willcontinue to raise your level of consciousness.
8. Take conscious control of your decisions
– When you take conscious control of all your decisions, you are actually activating certain neural pathways in your brain that help promote self-control, calmness, and inner peace. Every time you allow others to dictate your decisions or youdon’t take full conscious responsibility for your decisions, you become slightly conditioned to be lessconscious when making choices.
9. Always be open-minded
– Being open-minded is a key aspect in the process of becoming amore conscious individual. When you haven’t accepted the diversity that our planet has to offer:ranging from different cultures, religions, wildlife, and beliefs, you will stay in your same state of consciousness or drop to a lower state. Being open-minded doesn’t only need to be for beliefseither. It can be having an open-mind to try something new such as: a new exercise routine, spiritualpractice, or trying a new food.
10. Pursue higher intelligence
– There are many ways to become more intelligent. Not everyone is
intelligent in every area of their life. Some people are more emotionally intelligent, some have ahigher I.Q., while some are more spiritually intelligent. All forms of intelligence increases andenhancements will help you on your journey towards expanding your awareness and becoming amore conscious human being.
11. Treat yourself with respect
– Having respect for yourself and your actions will ultimately boostthe amount of love that you express towards yourself and others. Make wise, respectful decisionsthat reflect your values and have strong respect for your personal beliefs. Treating others withrespect will help you become a more conscious human being too, but before you can respect othersproperly, you must first learn to show the utmost respect towards yourself.
12. Practice forgiveness
– Forgiving yourself can be very difficult sometimes: especially if you areoperating in a lower state of consciousness. Realize that in order to rise up, advance, and become amore conscious person, you must be compassionate and forgiving towards yourself. Any hatefulthoughts or pent up negative emotions that you may be holding towards yourself need to bereleased. Negative thoughts and emotions can easily lower our level of consciousness if we do notpractice compassion and forgiveness.
13. Cultivate a “high-performance mind”
– Cultivating a high-performance mind is a very fun,invigorating process that involves consciously accessing the brainwave state that you consciouslychoose, whenever you feel it is appropriate for a certain situation. Since their is no single bestbrainwave state to live life in, it helps to train our mind to consciously be able to “switch” states uponcommand. For those who want to understand more about developing a high-performance mind, Irecommend that you go check out the book The High Performance Mind by Anna Wise.
14. Connect through prayer 
– The act of simply closing your eyes, folding your hands and saying aprayer will raise your level of consciousness. There are many different ways to practice prayer andthere are many different practices, that when combined with prayer, enhance the power of your conscious message. Overall, prayer is a great experience that has potential to aid in your consciousawareness.
15. Challenge your belief system
– This one can be difficult for many individuals due to theinfluence of imprinted beliefs by their parents or guardians during childhood. Some examples of beliefs that you could change include: dietary (changing to a vegetarian), spiritual (from Christianityto Atheism – or vice versa), emotional (from sadness to happiness), etc. By changing your belief system and experimenting with new beliefs, you make yourself more conscious of life’s endlesspossibilities.
16. Befriend like-minded individuals
– On your journey towards becoming a more consciousindividual, befriending like-minded people can be extremely helpful. If you are going through manyspiritual, emotional, and mental changes without the company of others, the process can be muchmore difficult and confusing than when you have a guide, guru, or some friends that are traveling ata similar pace to you. Not only is being around like-minded individuals healthy, and optimal for your consciousness, it will ultimately give you more joy in life!
17. Pursue a path of spirituality
– Pursuing a path of spirituality and becoming more spiritual willaid you considerably in the process of becoming a more conscious human being. Never be afraid toadd a new spiritual practice to your arsenal – you never know what may be most effective or a lifechanging experience.
18. Express gratitud
e – Expressing gratitude on a daily basis is a very positive, fulfilling exercise topractice. Ways to express gratitude on a daily basis include: giving thanks for your food, expressinggratitude for yourself and others through prayer (as discussed earlier), complimenting others, andletting another person know that you are thankful for having them in your life. By sharing andexpressing gratitude, you feel extremely satisfied and will become more consciously aware of thethings that you truly appreciate in life.
19. Make yourself happy
- What sort of things make you happy? The answer is usually different for everyone. You can do yourself a favor right now by making a long list of everything that makes youhappy in life and acting on your listed items. Feeling and experiencing happiness in your life alsowill give you the powerful drive that it takes to make yourself more conscious.
20. Act on your desires
– Simply having any form of desire will raise your consciousness. Desireencourages us to take action to advance consciously. The state of apathy, or not caring about your consciousness, will naturally lower your consciousness. Desire is a powerful way to raise your consciousness.
21. Boost your brain power and functioning
– There are many helpful exercises that you can do toboost your brain power and overall level of functioning. One of my most popular articles, 50 WaysTo Boost Your Brain Power, should get you on the right track if you are currently confused about thetopic. Raising your level of consciousness will naturally boost your overall brain power, andboosting your brain power will raise your level of consciousness; both affect each other in equalproportion.
22. Take full control of your lifestyle
– Are you living the lifestyle that you feel is most beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing? Maybe there are certain bad habits that you need to get rid of or certain good habits that you’d like to implement in your daily routine. Don’t be afraid to act nowand make necessary positive changes in your lifestyle to help you take full conscious control.
23. Choose empowering beliefs
- In the process of changing beliefs, choose beliefs that areempowering to your soul. A good way to know what belief will be empowering is to simply askyourself how you feel about adding the new belief. If you feel a strong connection with a new belief,such as feelings of excitement, it will probably be a very good choice of a belief to implement. Makea conscious effort to purge all beliefs that are less than satisfying. Understand also that as youbecome a more conscious human being, changing your beliefs will become a much easier, morenatural process.
24. Avoid physical fighting and abuse
– Physical fighting stems from emotionalmisunderstandings, hatred, and negative emotional expressions. Fighting can be described as theopposite of peace. Physical fighting and other forms of abuse can really do a great job at distractingus from becoming more conscious human beings. Anything that you can do to stop physical fightingand abuse will ultimately make you and the individuals involved more consciously aware.
25. Be aware and accepting of your emotions
– No matter your current emotions, you willprofoundly help yourself if you are accepting of them. Going through life resisting your emotions andtrapping them inside yourself makes life much more difficult. Trying to escape from our emotionslowers our awareness. When you accept what you feel and consciously understand why you feel acertain emotion, your level of consciousness rises.
26. Speak compassionately
– When having conversation with others, do you choose your wordswisely? Or are you the type of person who could care less what you say? The truth is, people whochoose their words wisely and consciously think during conversation are the ones who showgreater respect for themselves and more compassion for others. Make a conscious effort to speakcompassionately and positive results will follow.
27. Think positive, act positive, be positive
– Being a positive influence sets a good example for others and for yourself. Positivity and states of being positive are direct effects of raising your consciousness. I highly recommend trying to be a more positive person in all areas of life; you willnotice and feel the beneficial changes in your awareness.
28. Have sex with your partner 
– Having sexual intercourse is a great way to spread and shareyour love with another person. The best way to have sexual intercourse is with another positive,healthy, person in which you fully love and trust. Having sexual intercourse is a loving way of transferring and sharing energy with another person. No matter who you have sexual intercoursewith, there can be significant conscious benefits.
29. Identify with your soul
– Realize that at your core, you are a spiritual being who is living in aphysical body. In lower stages of consciousness, this concept may seem unrealistic and may bevery difficult to grasp. As you become better at identifying with your soul, you become better atworking your way up the mountain of consciousness.
30. See perceived faults as a “mirror image”
– When you look at the faults of others and identifyfaults in other people, use them as a teaching tool for yourself. The people that are in your lifeweren’t put there by mistake, they were put there to teach you something about yourself. By being

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